The sub-mysterious journey has gained a lot for Long Yu, not to mention just getting the Tianshi sword from Jinfeng.
Tianshi Fa Jian Tianshi Jian definitely as the name implies, the two are inseparable. When practicing in the Xuan realm, Yu Long has already practiced Tianshi Fa Jian in hand, and when practicing Tianshi Jian definitely, it will soon become a feeling of getting twice the result with half the effort, and it will be much more powerful to break the demon dragon when Tianshi Fa Jian is released.
Yu Long wondered if what had happened to him should have been answered.
Think about it carefully. His fate has changed dramatically since he died, especially when Rowling appeared, which made him full of confidence in his future.
Of course, his body is a loser, which is an indisputable fact
So even with Rowling now, he must make a hundredfold effort to suffer.
Long Yu Xuan Jing Brigade has only been in the real world for two days, so his disappearance has not attracted anyone’s attention.
On the night of his return, he went home to sleep and have normal classes the next day.
At lunch, Yukime came to ask him why he didn’t take the opportunity. Yu Long lied that he went to the back to practice and there was no signal.
Yukime stared at Yu Long for a minute, and his face was surprised. In just a few days, Long Yuxiu had reached the yellow realm.
"Xiaoyu, come with me …" Yukime promptly took Yu Long’s hand and ran all the way to the teacher’s apartment.
After closing the door, Yukime looked surprised. "Xiaoyu, tell me how you did it. What did you do? You grew so fast …" Before Yu Long was ten years old, Yukime had always been Yu Long’s generation, and even it was difficult to break through the orange realm. But now he has cultivated to the yellow realm. It is really incredible.
"Sister Yukime, don’t worry, I’ll tell you …" Yu Long broke free from Yukime’s hand and sat in the sand slowly and explained, "Sister Yukime, the thing is … the other day when I was practicing in the back, I found a Gu Jian. Later, I carefully studied that Gu Jian was actually a heavenly sword …"
"What? You said it was a heavenly sword? " Yukime suddenly screamed and jumped at Yu Long, holding up Yu Long nervously and asked, "Tell me again that you said you got the Tianshi Sword …"
Yu Long was pressed by a woman to feel the soft heartbeat of a woman, which could not help but speed up a little, especially when Luo Hou peeped at him. He realized that he had broken the thing that made him ashamed, and his strange feelings for Yukime slowly developed.
"Why are you blushing?" Yukime seems to have realized something. He quickly got up from Long Yu’s body, stretched out his hand and lifted his forehead. "Children are not allowed to think about it. Please tell me that you really found the heavenly sword?"
"It’s true-!" Yu Long primly said, "It can’t be fake any more …" Then Yu Long took out the heavenly sword that Jinfeng gave him.
Yukime quickly took the primitive simplicity sword from Yu Long. When she saw the hexagram pattern on the hilt, she almost confirmed the origin of the sword.
That’s right. This is what the Xuanmen said about Zhongtian learning from the sword.
Yukime didn’t doubt Yu Long’s lies, and he didn’t delve into the origin of this sword, because none of these matters. What matters is that it is indeed a heavenly sword.
"God has eyes-!" Yukime’s mood seems a little excited. She will suddenly hold Yu Long up and say happily, "Xiaoyu, your luck is turning … hello day is coming. According to the past experience, the masters of Tianshi’s sword are all mighty …"
"Strong?" Yu Long secretly chanted a few words, and his heart suddenly rose with great pride. "Sister Yukime, don’t worry, I will work hard … You once told me that my parents are strong and I will not lose face for them."
Chapter 20 Red Moon Practice
"Xiaoyu’s efforts … you must show a few hands at this Xuan door party to show those snobs how good our descendants of the Dragon Family are. Xiaoyu remembers that you are no longer a waste from now on." There is a sense of pride in Xue Yi’s tone
"Well, I know-!" Yu Long nodded seriously.
Yi Long Yu stopped and suddenly asked, "Is there any news from Yukime’s sister and uncle recently? Will he be in any trouble?"
Yukime thought for a moment and said frankly, "Xiaoyu, I won’t tell you that Long Tianze has no news recently, but please rest assured that he will be fine. There are not many people who can find him in trouble because of other things. Besides, your uncle’s friends were all over the world, and most people dare not provoke him … Xiaoyu, I know your mind, but I have to warn you that it’s not your turn to intervene in your parents’ affairs. Now it’s urgent to learn and practice with strong knowledge …"
"I know-!" Yu Long is a wise man. He knows exactly what he should and shouldn’t do.
At night, the moon hung high in the half-bright moonlight, shining on the earth, and everything became quiet. Long Yu sat cross-legged on the bed and bathed in the moonlight, silently transporting Tianshi’s sword tactic to practice.
Today, during the daytime, after listening to Yukime’s words, he has strengthened his belief that he must work hard and try again.
Tianshi sword tactic slowly guides the essence of heaven and earth to flow in meridians, and everywhere meridians will give birth to a cool feeling.
But after a cycle of Sunday, the original cool breath became hot, and he felt the burning sensation of meridians.
The burning pain made Yu Long almost want to give up practicing, but he stopped Tianshi’s sword and decided that the essence of heaven and earth was still entering his body continuously.
Gradually, earthworm Yu’s face turned red and sweaty, and the meridians were as uncomfortable as fire.
"The master is the red moon …" Rowling suddenly woke up without any movement. "Tonight is the once-in-a-century red moon … Master, you have absorbed the red moon and spread it out … You can’t bear it now …"
Yu Long secretly lose yourself with fire power incredibly method under the red moon essence visible this red moon main flow to bully.
Of course, the main reason is that his fire power has not been stimulated. If it were Long Tianze, he would certainly be able to bear it.
"Can’t stop …" Yu Long was so anxious that his forehead was sweating, but he couldn’t stop Tianshi Sword from hesitating. He was almost on the verge of being possessed.
Rowling really wants to help Yu Long, but her energy comes from the same roots of Longyu, so she can’t help him.
What Yu Long needs most now is Zhenyuan, who is contrary to his attributes, to help him suppress the fiery red moon.
"Master, I’ll help you contact Yukime and ask her for help-!" Rowling made the smartest choice in the shortest time and connected directly to Yukime dialect via satellite.
After the words were connected, Rowling simulated Long Yuyin and asked her for help. After Xue Ji heard the words, he hung up and flew in the moonlight.
Yukime came in by jumping out of the window. She looked nervous behind Yu Long and prepared to help if something was wrong. Long Yu learned that Yukime had come to her heart through Rowling and immediately gave a sigh of relief, but he couldn’t be busy at this time and there would be no mouth to say hello.
Enduring the pain of body meridian fire, Yu Long leads the flow of this hot gas in the meridians and slowly leads it into the transformation force in the abdomen, and then the hot breath will become stable.
Today, the degree of transformation is a little slow. Yukime dare not make a move. He is anxiously watching Yu Long’s changes, and his mind keeps speculating about his current situation.
Yu Long felt that his body was getting hotter and hotter, and the strong stabbing pain in the meridians almost made him unconscious. At this moment, he was struggling with tenacious will.
Rowling thought that Yukime would help when she came over, but she didn’t seem to see the clue of the problem and was afraid to do it.
In this way, going to Yu Long will be untenable, but she can’t wake up directly. It is a taboo and a secret for this world.
It has negotiated with Yu Long that it will never easily expose it in secret unless it is necessary.
At this moment, Xueji also showed that the situation was wrong. She gritted her teeth and finally reached for Yu Long’s back to send a soft and cold force into Long Yu’s body.
As soon as Xue Ji Daoli entered Long Yu’s body, she was almost overwhelmed by the strong and hot airflow in the meridians. Obviously, she had some scruples about Long Yu’s body.
Take a deep breath. Yukime tried to hold his power.
Yukime majored in Shuishen Daofa, and the Daoli was soft and negative. When her Daoli entered Long Yu’s body, the hot feeling of the intersection of Yin and Yang suddenly eased, and some Yu Long consciousness recovered. He hurriedly gave me the opportunity to do his best to control the body’s hot air flow and Yukime Waterway Force, which neutralized and blended with each other.
Soon he took control of the physical situation and quickly squeezed those forces into the abdomen.