The wind is whistling and Long Yu’s attire is fluttering. Although he has officially become a professional Tianshi of Sanding, he has no time to stay in the Xuan realm to show off.

If he has to return to the real world as soon as possible, he will bear the pressure brought by Jiuding.
The professional suit is very comfortable and soft to wear, but the size seems a little inappropriate, especially the sleeves are a little long and it feels like singing, but Yu Long doesn’t care about these. From yesterday to today, he has shown the beauty of Tianshi suit.
Strictly speaking, the Tianshi suit is not simply a lichen, but a battle suit similar to armor, but it is made of a special material and feels similar to ordinary cloth made of lichen.
Just yesterday, Long Yu fought fiercely with fangs and rats, and the Tianshi suit played a very good role in defense. Even fangs and rats broke through in Sanding suit.
Of course, it doesn’t make much sense if you meet a strong suit like the strong wind in Sanding Tianshi.
"Little brother-!"
At this moment, suddenly there came a familiar sound behind Yu Long, and he stopped and looked back.
Not far behind him, there is a big tree with a white girl as snow, and it is cute to look at his watery eyes with a smile.
"Jinfeng-!" Long Yu just recognized the woman after thinking.
"Call feng …" Female see Yu Long recognized himself seems to be psychosomatic gently falling down in front of Long Yu.
"Oh, Xifeng …" Look at the Tianshi Fa Jian. Yu Long didn’t care too much about the birthright of his sister and brother.
"Yes, you actually passed the Sanding professional evaluation …" Jinfeng noticed Long Yushen Tianshi suit early in the morning and couldn’t help wondering more. When she woke up, she went to do the evaluation, but it was easy to say that she was not sure that Yu Long could pass the evaluation, but now he did complete the professional evaluation.
In a word, the boy is full of mystery.
"Feng, you don’t mean to wait for me here …" Yu Long asked with a sly tone in her eyes.
"Fuck you …" Jinfeng cocked her mouth and snorted. "Who are you? How can I wait for you here specially? I was going to go home and suddenly sensed your breath, which made you stop …"
"Go home?" Yu Long thought for a moment and asked curiously, "Sister Feng, where is your home?"
Jin Fengwen’s face flashed an alert and stared at him for a moment. "I won’t tell you … and I won’t allow you to inquire … and when you look at people, can you stop that kind of bedroom eyes?"
Yet a rao is Yu Long this cheeky guy couldn’t help but face a red quickly change the subject and asked, "Feng, since you want to go home, I want to go home, why don’t we leave here … regret later …" Although the beauty is beautiful, Yu Long is also in a hurry to go home.
Jinfeng thought, "Are you free to travel to and from the outside world and the mysterious realm?" Jinfeng wanted to ask this question for a long time, and she knew that Yu Long was not a middleman in the mysterious realm because the question didn’t come when she met her today, so she naturally wanted to ask a clear question.
Yu Long’s face also showed a hint of vigilance. He smiled and said, "I can’t tell you about Xifeng, and I forbid you to inquire …"
Jinfeng’s face suddenly showed a charming smile like flowers in full bloom. "Little brother, you are dishonest. What can’t you say to your sister and me?"
I don’t know how Yu Long couldn’t help but stay in her heart and feel hot after seeing the female expression, and then she wanted to tell her everything.
"Master, wake up-!" At this moment, Rowling stopped drinking and appeared directly in Yu Long’s mind. A pure spiritual force immediately protected his mind.
Yu Long didn’t wake up until this time. Before he came over, he was a little white. Jinfeng charmed him. Thanks to Rowling, he protected his mind, otherwise he would have caught her way.
"Little brother said, answer the question of Xifeng …" Jinfeng asked again with charm.
Yu Long is a smile "feng this is can’t say a secret …"
Jinfeng Xiumei was slightly surprised, and then she showed her thinking expression, "Well, since you won’t say it, I won’t be forced …" She was very surprised by Long Yu’s performance of Jinfeng, and she never thought that he could not be disturbed by his seduction technique in such a way, which was really surprising.
After a pause, she said, "Little brother, how about this? Let’s exchange secrets … You tell me what you can do to get back and forth between the mysterious world and the real world, and I’ll tell you where my home is?"
"So I wouldn’t be hurt by your family … I don’t know …" Yu Long flashed a sly eye.
"My family’s secret is not necessarily better than yours … almost half of my younger brother’s mysterious people want to know where my family is?" Speaking of which, Jinfeng made a pair of thoughts. "Mom said that you can’t tell strangers my home address, especially the bad guys … By the way, are you a bad guy or a good guy? Forget it. I don’t ask you. I know you must be a bad person. Otherwise, how can you have so many secrets … "Said Jinfeng and she chuckled.
Chapter 27 Jinfeng Doubt
Yu Long couldn’t help wondering after hearing so many messy words from Jinfeng. Is this woman mentally ill? Do you want to take her to the real world to find a mental hospital for treatment?
"If you are a good man, we will exchange secrets …" Jinfeng cocked his head and said.
"I’m not a good man …" Good people are not popular these days. It’s easiest for girls to give me a good card. Men are not bad. Women don’t love Yu Long. "I’m a bad man … Feng, in fact, I’m out of time this time. Let’s discuss these issues again when we have the opportunity. I have to go back as soon as possible …"
"I know that if you delay any longer, your body will be under the pressure of Jiuding … I’m curious. How did you pass the Sanding career evaluation?"
"Can’t tell a secret …" Yu Long once again turned down Jinfeng’s question.
After a pause, he arched his hands. "I regret seeing you later …"
Jinfeng awkward but ultimately didn’t speak. Fang Haoyun left and thought for a while. Jinfeng suddenly jumped up and chased him in the direction of Yu Long.
Fang Haoyun galloped all the way to the front foothold, that is, the edge of the forest of death. Rowling hurried to detect the information and locate the coordinates.
Long Yu quickly changed his professional suit and put it in his carry-on backpack together with Tianshi Fa Jian.
"Master coordinate positioning is successful. Do you want to start the Phoenix Order Array to leave here …" Rowling has made all preparations to ask.
Yu Long quickly said "-!"
Rowling punished the Phoenix Order immediately after she got the order, and the legal circle opened the channel. A strong force attracted Yu Long in, and Rowling hurriedly opened the protection.
The whole process was completely seen by Jinfeng who was hidden in the dark.
At this moment, she was completely stunned, and her mouth opened as if she were transfixed. It took her a long time to faint and say, "It’s incredible that he actually got the order of the Phoenix … The order of the Phoenix actually fell into the hands of a human being. His repair was so poor, but why can he activate the order of the Phoenix?"
A series of questions emerged in Jinfeng’s mind.
Yu Long, an ordinary human being, has become a mysterious pronoun in Jinfeng’s mind at this moment.
"I will find out these problems once …" Jin Feng muttered to herself and then disappeared in the same place in a flash.