When I heard that Taizu of Tianxuan promised to accept Yang Xiu Shimuyi’s head, I suddenly felt a complicated and difficult look, envious and fascinated, and a little faint.

I think he made this door, and he was so tired that he didn’t even have to do things when he was practicing. Grandfather Xuan promised that he would "give you some advice in the future" and that he might not be able to teach other teachers but he didn’t want to Yang Xiu. Fortunately, he was also feeling at the moment that it was unfair for Bai Shi to speak of.
"If that’s the case, we should congratulate Teacher Yang first." He also said that no one dares to laugh at such a thing. "Well, I will take you to Tianxuan Taizu’s abode of fairies and immortals" Yunge "and you can go in by yourself when you get there."
"So that’s annoying brother Zhang" Yang Xiu heart a pleased way.
All the way through the clouds and fog, through Hongfei ditch, carefully bypass some prohibitions or pass through some law periods. Mu Yi’s head is very enthusiastic about Yang Xiu but not explicit. Be careful about which side is in danger. He also told Yang Xiu that after practicing Dan, he should pay attention to it. Dan is still in the clouds and fog, and Yang Xiu has a feeling of breaking the clouds and seeing the light.
Yang Xiu, of course, also knows why the other party is so hot. After all, if it really becomes a surname of Tianxuan, he will be assigned a position in Nanling, which is higher than him.
Therefore, he also took this opportunity to consult a Mu Yi leader who didn’t understand the science of uniting and told Yang Xiu to shout.
In this way, one person will not talk. When he came to Tianxuan Taizu’s abode of fairies and immortals, Yang Xiu still had some unfinished business.
Grandfather Tianxuan’s ancestral abode of fairies and immortals is on a cliff. From the outside, there is nothing special about it. It feels very steep. The cliff is just a look at the abyss, where clouds are like magic.
Although Yang Xiu has a final repair at the edge of the cliff, he still feels that the Gangfeng is cold and biting, and it seems that he will be blown away if he is not careful.
Mu Yi’s boss obviously came to check once. He took out a piece of operator and said a few words to the operator, then threw it out of the cliff opposite Hong. Then it suddenly turned into a flash of light and disappeared into the stone wall.
After a wick of incense, I saw a sudden ripple on a stone wall in the cliff, from which a shek mun-like hole came out
Immediately afterwards, a girl in her thirties flew out of the room. She had a knot in Dan’s mid-term repair. Seeing that Yang Xiu and Mu Yi were indifferent, Yang Xiu directly asked the head of Mu Yi, "I wonder if the head brother is here for something important?"
Mu Yi, the head of "Meng Shimei", has long known her personality, so it is not unusual to say politely, "It is this young martial brother who has something to find with Uncle Tianxuan who just brought him here."
The monk named "Sister Meng" couldn’t help but take an unexpected look at Yang. "You’re a man. Don’t you know what you want to see my master?"
"In Yang Xiu, please ask Elder Martial Sister Meng to give this bag to Martial Uncle Tian Xuan, and say that Yang Xiu successfully came to inquire for it after Dan." Yang Xiu was ready when Martial Uncle Tian Xuan gave him the purple and gold bag and gave it to Elder Martial Sister Meng.
Although Uncle Tianxuan promised that he would accept his disciples when he reached the Dan-knot period, he couldn’t say for himself, so he came up with such a plan to do the baby repair. Seeing this bag, he should think of the original things.
Elder martial sister Meng secretly took a look at the purple and gold bag in one hand, but it was not abnormal now, and so was it. I didn’t know that Yang Xiu took out his purpose.
However, she thought that since the head of Mu Yi brought him here, it should not be targeted, and who in Nanling sent a joke here except that person? So she said to Yang Xiu lightly, "You wait here for a while and I’ll ask Master if I can see you."
"Please, Elder Martial Sister Meng," Yang Xiu said gratefully. "Teacher Yang, don’t take it for granted that this younger martial sister Meng is also a day’s uncle. People are aloof and will be white after you become friends."
"Of course not." In fact, there are still some unpleasant feelings when people look at the bottom of my heart. However, others have nothing to complain about even being indifferent to the wooden head of Jiedan’s later period.
"Now that Teacher Yang has arrived here, I’ll go first." Mu Yi’s boss left without meaning, so he left.
"It’s really troublesome today, Brother Zhang. I’ll come to thank you another day."
"Let me congratulate Yang Di here first."
See Mu Yi owners disappear in the clouds, Yang Yi, etc. There are also some seven people here who are afraid that Martial Uncle Tianxuan will forget what happened in those days and make an own goal. When it comes to time, it’s a small problem for people to think that he cheated.
However, he also knows that this possibility is unlikely. After all, how can a monk who promised himself in infancy forget it?
Just as he was thinking here, a new hole appeared on the cliff opposite the cliff. Sister Meng said, "Father agreed to see you and come in with me."
"Want to see" means that Yang Xiu’s heart suddenly flew to the mouth of the cave with great joy and honestly said "Sister Xie Meng"
"Don’t walk around behind me and touch the law." The teacher elder sister Meng ordered her to walk in front of me.
"Thank you, Teacher Meng, for waking up." When I arrived in the park, I had to be a man, with my tail between my legs. Yang Xiu didn’t dare to be careless
Seeing the mouth of the cave drifting, there are still several flashes of light from time to time that imply tyranny.
He can’t see clearly ten feet away, and he feels that the whole day is gray and full of silence.
Yang Xiu also knows that this is in a law.
Dare not venture to probe around, but follow Meng’s lead and behave.
The elder martial sister Meng saw that his old clever face had not changed, and her heart was recognized, so she woke up again. "This is the" disillusionment array of life and death ".To enter the array, life and death are extremely powerful. You have to follow me closely, and you don’t know the truth. You are puzzled by the illusion. We are now walking on a temporary route. If we are trapped in it, we will not be in danger, but it will take some hands and feet to figure it out."
After that, Elder Martial Sister Meng drew a golden symbol with her hands moving together, and waved the golden symbol in a certain direction in the array, and a golden channel appeared in front of her.
Flying in the passage is surrounded by the same Jin Mengmeng, and a piece of Yang Xiu can’t see any rules to follow closely behind Sister Meng.
In this way, when the big column incense was fully gone, it was only out of the golden passage.