Yu Long secretly thought that Jinfeng was right. The professional evaluation was indeed a status symbol. After wandering around for a long time, he finally got an intuitive understanding of Duanmu City. The main features of the whole city were similar to those of China in the ancient Tang Dynasty. Apart from their status as monks, this place is actually a microcosm of ancient society, but the building materials are all big rocks, which are all strongmen. I don’t know how they used such a big rock at the beginning.

It needs to be explained that although Yu Long thinks Duanmu City is similar to ancient society, this does not mean that the living standards of people here are low.
On the contrary, from the intuitive feeling of Yu Long, the living standard here is not low at all. After all, they are not ordinary human beings. They are here without any modern technology or even basic facilities.
It was not until noon that Yu Long stopped wandering around and checked in at a famous Yuelai Inn. The whole inn has six floors made of big rocks, and there are several columns folded by two people in the lobby on the first floor.
When checking in at the inn, Yu Long grew a mind’s eye. Instead of paying the bill with RMB, he took out a flashing white wolf Dan.
Responsible for the registration of the receptionist saw Yu Long took out the attitude of Warcraft Dan and immediately made a 100-degree turn with a big smile. I couldn’t wait to stick myself over and make Yu Long very uncomfortable
Where is Yu Long? There is a special currency form here, which is called Xuanbi. It is very real. Paper currency is the same in the world, while all kinds of Warcraft Dan are hard currency outside Xuanbi, which is similar to real world gold and silver.
Think about it. You go to a hotel, you throw a piece of gold, can people not be enthusiastic about you?
Of course, in the real world, it seems to be exaggerated to pay in gold, but in the mysterious world, it is definitely a symbol of status and status for you to pay in money.
It is said that the population of Xuanjing is over one billion, while the number of real monks is tens of millions. There is a big difference between them. Monks in Xuanjing have always been respected and can hunt Warcraft, while half of them say that they can pay the bill with Dan, which must be senior monks.
Chapter XXIV Division of occupations in Xuanjing
-red snow summons recommended votes, collection—–
It is said that there are a billion people in the whole mysterious territory, not counting the dragon and phoenix, and a considerable proportion of them are indigenous people, and most of these indigenous people practice Buddhism. Just like ordinary people in the real world, they will go through the reincarnation of birth, illness and death, and only a few people can practice Buddhism.
Among the monks in the mysterious realm, except for a small number of indigenous people, the rest are from the real world, and this population is the main monastic force in the mysterious realm.
Of course, it took several years for this part of the population to show up
There is another special feature of the Xuan realm. Although most of the indigenous people practice the law, they can live undisturbed in the Xuan realm, and their strength is born with a tripod realm. On the contrary, people who practice outside can live in the Xuan realm for an unlimited period of time unless they gather the spirit realm, that is, the tripod realm of the Xuan realm is divided into three tripod realms. Otherwise, they will be stunned by the dominance of the law in 20 days.
This is why outsiders have to have the realm of gathering spirit to enter the mysterious realm-another reason has been said before, that is, they have the realm of gathering spirit to bear the pressure of crossing the enchantment.
The difference between indigenous people and outsiders will be like this, and the reason why people know it is always the case.
It is said that theoretically speaking, it is impossible for the metaphysical realm to fail to cultivate people.
This is also the reason why Qian Jinfeng saw at a glance that he was an outsider.
According to the grade, the white wolf Dan can be exchanged for 10 thousand Xuan coins, while the accommodation in the inn is 200 Xuan coins a day
After consulting Long Yu, the sister at the front desk stayed for three days, and then transferred the remaining Xuan coins into a red metal card.
According to the front desk sister’s explanation, this is the mysterious currency card. The whole mysterious territory is accessible except the Dragon Cave and the Phoenix Nest. He can swipe his card.
Yu Long gasped. Who said that there is no technology here? People have credit card machines, and they all exchange them … It’s that technology here is completely different from the real world.
Yu Long know for xuan condition this special he knows too little.
Rowling, of course, has had enough horsepower to keep collecting information about Duanmu City. After she analyzes and calculates, Yu Long can thoroughly understand the Xuan territory through Duanmu City.
The next morning, the sunshine outside the window shone through the window and Long Yu turned over. He slowly opened his eyes, and the branches outside the window were colorful and the birds were singing happily. The leaves were covered with crystal dew, and the sky was blue in the sunshine.
Yu Long got up and pushed the window, and a breath of fresh air suddenly came to the sight.
Take a deep breath of Qi Longyu and immediately start the Tianyi Tiger on the balcony. Third, since I heard that Tianyi Tiger Seven was completed, I can hatch the ten-level monster beast from the era of the universe. Yu Long’s cultivation momentum is even greater.
Xuan Jing is a special world of Warcraft.
He is really looking forward to how much surprise he can get from hatching Tianyi Tiger.
For one thing, Long Yu is sweating like a pig, but when the practice is over, his energy will soon be restored, which is really refreshing.
The biggest feature of Wuqinxi is that the process is painful and the effect is obvious.
Long spit out a foul breath. Yu Long finished his training. He plans to finish his professional evaluation today and wear a suit of professional clothes.
According to the information received by Rowling, the Xuanjing Professional Association will divide the professions according to the difference between Taoist Taoist powers and Taoist powers. Sword fairy warlock, celestial master, bounty hunter, mage, alchemist, alchemist … These grades are the actual evaluation tools for measuring Jiuding Stone according to your Taoist powers.
According to Rowling’s analysis, Yu Long is not qualified to do professional evaluation according to the classification of being elected to the Ding level.
However, the two have already agreed to have Rowling’s Tao power amplifier when evaluating, so that after the Tao power is repaired, it can reach the level of three tripod.
Of course, Erding professionals are nothing in the Xuan territory, but compared with those who are not qualified to do Ding-level evaluation of Xuan territory indigenous people, it is already good.
Yu Long has made up his mind that he will report to Tianshi for his career. Anyway, he has already started this business in the real world.
After leaving the inn, Long Yu inquired all the way and finally came to the professional union.
Long Yuxian, a tall building at the entrance of the professional union, is almost the most magnificent and rich building in Duanmu City. There is a solemn and sacred atmosphere here, which makes people feel awe-inspiring. This also shows the mysterious position of the professional union from the side.
There are two sword-fairy-like people guarding Yu Long in the towering gate, and they look at their sword-fairy facing with six big ding.
Obviously, they are six tripod sword immortals.
Seeing Yu Long coming, one of the six tripod sword fairy horses greeted him politely and asked, "Do you want to make a career evaluation when you go to the professional union?"
Long Yuwen hurriedly replied, "Yes, please introduce me to this big brother?"
"Well, I’ll take you in-!" The man didn’t talk nonsense. He took Yu Long in at a glance and went in.
After entering the door, the layout of Yu Long’s current hall is strikingly similar to that of the real world letter business hall. A group of neat counters each represents a different career evaluation.
There is a staff member in charge of evaluation in the counter, but unfortunately, the evaluation staff in the counter is a white-haired old man over half a year old rather than a beautiful young girl.
It seems that there are few three or two monks in the hall, and most of the counters are inside, and the evaluators seem to be listless and almost asleep.
"What occupation do you choose?" Lead Yu Long in. Six Ding Jian Xian asks politely again.
"Tianshi-!" Yu Long should be one.
"Please come with me …" With that, the Six Ding Sword Fairy led Yu Long to the appraiser who was responsible for evaluating the Tianshi counter. He sat upright, but his eyes were closed and he snored slightly. It was obvious that he was asleep.
"The master is in business …" Six Ding Sword Immortals shouted at the appraiser until the appraiser woke up and he turned and left.
Chapter 25 Sanding Professional Tianshi
"You are here to do Tianshi evaluation …" The old man slowly raised his head and carefully looked at Yu Long’s eyes flashing with expectation.
"Well-!" Yu Long nodded his head and took the opportunity to sweep a few eyes. Although the old man was still dozing before him, he was in good spirits at the moment, especially those with bright eyes and wrinkled faces, but the overall feeling was quite spirit.
"I see you … with all due respect, you haven’t perfected the realm yet. Do you make an evaluation?" The old man’s eyes were sharp and he saw through Long Yuxiu’s realm instantly.