The windy eyes turned blood red and slowly fell from the middle, moving his legs slowly towards the two men to see if it wanted to devour these two humans who offended his majesty.

Rand and Fu couldn’t help but close their eyes and wait quietly for death to come, but Jinfeng was still in the same place at this time, looking at Rand and Fu coldly. From her expression, it can be seen that her heart is contradictory.
"Beauty, I’ll save you-!" At this time, a figure fell from the sky and fell in front of Jinfeng.
Smiling at Jinfeng, the man gave a fierce drink to the gale. "Don’t you dare to be evil again, Master Evil Livestock …"
Strange to say, as the man drank lightly, the fierce and abnormal wind actually stopped and there was a deep fear in his eyes.
Rand and Fu couldn’t help gaping.
They imagined in France that a 10-year-old young man could control the strong wind with a light drink.
Jinfeng’s face changed and changed. Her eyes were fixed on Yu Long’s back. It seemed that she sensed a familiar smell from him.
"Roll-!" Yu Long saw the strong wind while the iron was hot, and he was very arrogant in himself. He immediately drank a great drink and saved the hero from the end.
Strange to say, in Yu Long’s explosive drinking, the wind was shaking and flapping its wings and flying high, and it disappeared in an instant.
"Saved!" Rand and Fu suddenly heaved a sigh of relief, a little happy for the rest of their lives, but they were full of vigilance against Yu Long, the savior.
They are worried that Yu Long is here to fight for a woman.
Watching the wind fly away, Yu Long seems to have heaved a long sigh of relief. If there were no people at the scene, he would have collapsed to the ground.
"Master, your performance is very successful-!" Rowling praised Long Yuyi through consciousness.
Yu Long consciously responded, "Rowling, Rowling, I almost killed you. Do you know that I almost couldn’t hold on to my knees just now? Although Rowling activated the breath of the Phoenix Order to scare the strong wind, Yu Long still suffered from the coercion from the strong wind. Fortunately, he made a breakthrough after entering the mysterious territory. Otherwise, this heroic rescue play may not be performed.
Yes, what Long Yu can do is to drink away the strong wind, relying on the phoenix to make the wind smell. The strong wind belongs to the mysterious environment of birds. In other words, the strong wind was scared away because it sensed the phoenix smell from Long Yu.
"Beauty, are you not frightened?" When I was calm, I turned around and fixed my eyes on the’ rescued’ beauty. Her head was black and long in a bun, and two strands of silk floated gently in the wind. There was a golden flame mark on her forehead, which was very eye-catching. The crimson lips blew and broke her face, and her delicate waist was like a fairy. The most amazing thing was that her body always exuded a sacred atmosphere.
Rowling still uses that smell to analyze and calculate, but the amount of data is too large and it seems that there is no result.
Chapter 21 Jiuding said
"Who are you from …" Looking at Jinfeng in Yu Long, Jinfeng is also looking at him. His appearance is very general, but he is also able to bear or endure looking. She has some doubts about how a monk like him can live independently in the mysterious environment, especially since he just scared off the strong wind.
All kinds of questions surfaced in Jinfeng’s mind.
Of course, she is most interested in the fact that he came to scare off the strong wind before.
Rand and Fu may not know the goods, but unlike Jinfeng, she clearly sensed that the smell came from the phoenix, and it was impossible for Warcraft, a fierce bird, to retreat without taking it.
Jinfeng felt that the young people in front of her were full of mystery.
She felt close to the young man to find out.
"Thank you, my hero-!" Jinfeng came slowly and thanked Long Yu lightly. Her eyes were full of smiles, but the dignified and charming form made Yu Long feel a quiver.
"Jinfeng, let’s go …" Fu saw that his same-sex companion had a good impression on other men, and suddenly it was not the taste, hoping to leave this place as soon as possible.
Although Rand is paying a competitor, he has to be consistent with the outside world now that he has come out halfway.
"Jinfeng, it’s getting late. We have to continue our adventure … why don’t we continue our journey now?" Rand also said
Long Yuwen’s heart suddenly became angry. You’re an old fairy board, and somehow it’s also your savior … You don’t appreciate tears, even if you’re still full of vigilance against yourself, as if you always want to rob your woman …
Yu Long was extremely dissatisfied.
Just then Jin Fengkou looked at Rand and Fu seriously and said, "I regret to tell you that you are no longer my adventure partners from now on …"
"What?" Pay silly asked.
"It’s very simple … because from now on, the beauty is going to board with me …" Yu Long said with a smile, "If you want to walk with the beauty, you have to have the power to protect the beauty. Two of you are too weak. A bird with a bigger head has already scared you with fear … I’ll give you a word to come out and mix it by strength …"
Long Yu’s words are somewhat arrogant, Rand and Fu are extremely dissatisfied, but in their view, Long Yu’s land is indeed arrogant, and although there are many talented people, there are only a handful of people who can drink the wind back.
Thought of here, Rand and Fu secretly sighed that they met a strongman.
But then again, it’s no loss to lose in this man’s hand
"Green hills never change … heroes believe that we still have time to meet again …" As the saying goes, men don’t eat short-term losses. Rand couldn’t figure out Yu Long’s route. After careful consideration, he finally decided to quit. Anyway, Jinfeng is not the only beauty in heaven.
Fu was with Rand, and when he saw Rand quit, it was not good for him to go alone and turn around and follow Rand.
Looking at the lonely back of the two people, Yu Long was so cool in his heart that he secretly thought that I still have the talent to be a lover … These two handsome men than me are all willing to worship the wind …
Where did Yu Long know that Jinfeng never judges a book by its cover?
If she looks at people like Yu Long, she can’t look in her eyes.
She’s asking to be with Yu Long now because she wants to find out the doubts in her heart, especially where he comes from. This is the key.
After Rand and Fu were unwilling to leave, Yu Long and Jinfeng introduced themselves to each other and decided to continue their adventure in the forest of death together.
Long Yu kept asking questions all the way, and it was not easy to meet an indigenous person. Naturally, he would not miss the opportunity to inquire about the mysterious environment.
Jin Fengyuan also has a lot of questions to ask, but he doesn’t want to be robbed by Yu Long.
Fortunately, she is not in a hurry and patiently answers all Yu Long’s questions. It is also considered that Yu Long is lucky to ask the right person. People know more about the Xuan Jing Jinfeng than the average person.
Through a series of questions, Yu Long learned that the mysterious realm is different from what he imagined. It is said that this mysterious realm is an ancient man of God, Huaxia Jiuding, whose enlightenment lies in the special reality. In other words, without Jiuding, this aura will cease to exist.
Of course, Jiuding is the one who says that even Jinfeng can determine whether this is true after all.
"Phoenix sister …" Yu Long Tian face wishful thinking to recognize the younger sister "you said that Jiuding is really there? Is the ancient man of God there? Isn’t it said that the supreme leader of the Xuanjing is the Lord of the Five Kingdoms? Are they all ancient gods and men? "
"Nonsense-!" Jin Feng heard this and said softly, "Don’t talk nonsense … The five lords are the kings who dominate one side. Will they become vassals of others?"
Speaking of which, Jinfeng seems to have remembered something. "You just called me Sister Feng … Please know how old I am this year … I am more than enough to be your sister …"
"Really?" Yu Long’s eyes flashed a sly guess and asked, "Are you already hundreds of years old …"
"Don’t tell you … always call me Xifeng from now on, or else … hum …" Jinfeng waved an arm and looked cute.
Sister or younger sister makes no difference to Long Yu.
He was halfway to the Fang-tooth-rat colony, and it was because she was indigenous that he didn’t mean anything less. He hasn’t been philandering yet
"Well, since you like it, I’ll call you Feng …" Yi Long Yu stopped and then asked, "Feng, I still have some questions. Can you answer them for me?"
"Of course-!" Jinfeng said, "I can answer your questions, but you must also answer some of my questions …"
"No problem-!" Yu Long readily promised.
Paused Yi Long Yu asked, "Feng, how did you get mixed up with those two wretched men? I think you, Feng, are also a good family and should not be with them? By the way, I think their clothes are a little strange. Is there anything to say about it? "
After hearing what Yu Long said, Jinfeng immediately gave a sloped smile. "You know that it hurts people … in fact, the two of them are not bad. They are willing to accompany me to the forest of death for adventure, unlike those cowards who dress up in their clothes. That’s a professional dress. By the way, you are not a mysterious native, are you? Otherwise, you wouldn’t ask so many laymen? "
Yu Long gave a quick laugh. "Sister Feng, why don’t you answer my questions first and I’ll answer your questions later? Shall we come one by one?"