At present, there is a stream. Yu Long quickly undressed and jumped into the stream to wash it up. Soon, the black impurities have been eliminated. Yu Long’s skin is white, red, pink and tender. If it is seen by women in the real world, it will definitely envy her to death.

After washing and drying the clothes, Yu Long successfully captured a rabbit as big as a wild boar and set up a fire to barbecue.
Yu Long secretly laughed at himself. This fire power is definitely a must-have for home travel. At least with it, you can’t lose your belly.
The mysterious creatures are as delicious as ever, even though the barbecue is still delicious and greasy, it tastes very refreshing and can quickly restore physical strength.
After a rest in the middle of the night, Yu Long decided to continue on his way. Now Xiu has reached the yellow realm. According to Rowling’s calculation, he can now repair his fighting capacity and practice with the fangs and rats.
Fang-toothed rats are the lowest level of Warcraft in the biological chain of Death Forest. They also belong to social creatures and racial groups. Generally, they are kept at 100. All the aggressiveness is not very strong. They are most suitable for novice monks like Yu Long to practice their fangs. The general appearance of Fang-toothed rats is almost the same as that of mice in the real world. They have a pair of sharp fangs and are bigger than real-world cats.
Looked at the navigation. The nearest place where fangs and rats gather is twenty miles away from here. If Yu Long speeds up, it will take about ten minutes to get there.
The breeze rustled the dense branches and leaves, and the dead leaves fell to the ground, and then they were blown by the breeze, and everything was obviously very quiet.
Deep in the jungle, two men and a woman are on their way to see if they should be in a group to come to the dead forest for adventure. Judging from their costumes, one of them is a warlock and the other is a sword fairy. There are many cases of women walking among them. Judging from her costumes, it is a way to tell her occupation.
"Danger-!" Suddenly, the woman’s face changed into an alarm, "Pay attention to the strong wind …" The so-called strong wind is actually a kind of bird living in the mysterious environment. It looks like an eagle in the real world, but its size is five or six times larger. A pair of wings is seven meters long and extremely fierce, especially those claws. It is said that it flies more than the wind. The mysterious environment calls it strong wind.
"Strong wind?" Holding a sword, the man frowned and said, "Jinfeng, are you kidding … how can there be a strong wind here? I don’t feel anything …"
It suddenly became quiet all around.
"There is something wrong with it …" The man with the wand and the warlock’s costume frowned and said, "Be careful. The forest of Warcraft has always been strange, even if there is a strong wind here …"
Known as Jinfeng, the woman ignored her two companions, and she looked alert. Judging from the breath induction, this gale level is definitely not low.
Suddenly, a loud noise came from the depths of the forest ahead, followed by a large group of birds flying out of the surrounding forest, some of which were stunned on the spot, and the branches around them were also shaking.
Anyone with a little common sense knows that this is a strong wind whistling.
With lesbians, swordsmen can’t help but tighten their nerves, hold their weapons in their hands, and stare at the front with four pairs of eyes. One of them, the swordsmen dressed up as a man, has a cold sweat seeping from his forehead because of nervousness.
I heard the strong wind coming in front of me, the roaring giant trees and the luxuriant leaves kept shaking, and some low realms, birds and animals scattered and fled.
Even the three of them felt a strong pressure, but it was obvious that the woman named Jinfeng didn’t seem nervous.
"South from the fire-!" Suddenly, the warlock dressed up as a man and recited a spell. The staff in his hand pointed to a golden flame and immediately rolled out toward the front.
"Idiot, don’t take the initiative to attack …" Jinfeng drank too little, but unfortunately she couldn’t come. Nanli Fire, her companion, has attracted the attention of the strong wind.
The original didn’t want to attack human beings, and the wind suddenly became angry. After a few screams, a hurricane appeared in the first half of three days with a wave of his wings.
"Is it really windy?" Warlock male quiver said
Huge eyes stared coldly at the three people, and there was a disdain in their eyes. Warcraft is wise like gale.
"Jinfeng, don’t be afraid … I will protect you …" The man with a sword looked at Jinfeng patting his chest and promised that his tone was weak.
"I will protect you if I pay." The warlock man is obviously not to be outdone.
Jinfeng smell speech corners of the mouth raise a smile seems to be very satisfied.
"Kill-!" Rand is a sword fairy, and his nature is belligerent. Although he is facing a strong wind at the moment, the sword fairy is proud, and he is still determined to fight. Besides, there is a beauty beside him that makes him fall over.
Fu is a warlock, melee is not his strong suit, but he is not to be outdone in front of his rival in love. Before Rand attacked, he once again sprayed a southern fire from his staff and hit the strong wind directly.
However, the strong wind didn’t escape at all, and the flame hit itself. In the middle of Mars, the strong wind took up a thick smoke.
"Hit-!" Pay a proud toward jinfeng naonao mouth signal yourself.
"Did you attack-!" Jinfeng said flatly
Fu was about to distinguish something, but now after the smoke, the wind still stood still in the middle, showing no signs of injury. In other words, his attack failed
It was windy, but after the attack, a strong anger flashed in its eyes.
Chapter 20 Sharp-edged budding
Fu and Rand are good friends. How fierce Fu Nan is from the fire? He clearly saw that Nan was from the fire and even the wind feathers were not lit, and his heart suddenly became afraid.
After a slight hesitation, he hurried back.
Wariness is the nature of the sword fairy, but fear of death is the nature of Rand.
By paying the attack, he already knew that he was not a strong wind opponent, so he made a wise choice and stopped the attack.
Fu was also scared silly at this time. He is the best attack skill, but he still can’t hurt the strong wind.
The two men were dumbfounded, but they never thought that the wind was so severe this time.
"Why? Are you afraid? " Jinfeng corners of the mouth raised a laugh. "Before leaving, you all patted your chest and told me that you would protect me …"
By a woman, she gave an army of Rand teeth and said, "Fight with it …" The fact is that even if he doesn’t try very hard to estimate the strong wind, he won’t let him go. Everyone knows that the strong wind is the most brutal and bloody Warcraft.
I heard him roar with a psychic force, clutching a sword with both hands, and Ling Yueqi shot a blue sword to cut into the strong wind.
And the wind seems to be dismissive. Open your mouth slightly and spit out a whirlwind toward Rand. In the middle of the road, several wind blades swept towards three people.
When the wind blows out of the ground, the wind blade is extremely fast. It is because the warlock’s strength is weak and his posture is not fast. The root is unavoidable. He is about to be hit by the wind blade. He almost cried.
At this moment, a figure flashed with pay from the figure impressively is female jinfeng need their protection.
Rand’s degree is not slower than Jinfeng’s, but it finally escaped the attack of the wind blade.
Fu visited Zhang Zhang and didn’t see clearly who saved him. When the danger was lifted, he drank a spell and went toward the strong wind again.
At the same time, Rand also inspired the sword mans to cooperate with his companions to attack the strong wind.
Jinfeng is not in the distance to mean.
She looked at Rand from time to time, her eyes flickered and she didn’t know what was going on.
The attack power of the two men is not weak. If it was a general gale, their attack would have worked, but this gale is obviously different from the general gale.
Their attack is nothing to the wind root in front of us, just to tickle it.
The wind saw these two humble people coming and dared to fight back. Immediately, the wind blew out of the mouth and the wind blade attacked them.
With several explosions, Rand’s heel-and-toe attacks were resolved by the strong wind blade, while the remaining wind blade still came unabated and attacked them directly.
This time, the wind was obviously angry, and the wind blade was much faster than before. Neither of them came to avoid being hit by the wind blade and flew out like a broken kite.
After landing, the two men looked pale and blood oozed from the corners of their mouths, which showed that they were both injured.
Pay a cold heart andao finished today, I’m afraid I will die. If I had known this, I would have patted my chest and followed that woman to the forest of death for adventure.
I regret it.