Yu Long remembers the time when Ma Xiaomei’s grandfather Ma Zheng blew over. This is the forest of death and a gathering place of Warcraft.

At this moment, Rowling also received the phase data: "Master, this is the forest of death, which is the place where we have been for the second time … I have detected the breath of three dials of Warcraft …"
"I can deal with Warcraft by Rowling’s navigation screening …" Actual combat is the best practice method. Yu Long decided to select some weaker Warcraft to practice.
After receiving the instructions, Rowling immediately calculated the screening and made an accurate navigation map.
Following Rowling’s navigation map, when it was dark, Yu Long came to the stream deep in the forest. The aura here seems to be more abundant than anywhere else.
Yu Long decided to practice here tonight and wait until he broke through the orange realm to find Warcraft practitioners.
In order to ensure that Yu Long is not disturbed when practicing, Rowling has taken the alert and warned Yu Long at any time, but from the current information analysis, it is relatively safe here.
Long Yu took a deep breath and sat cross-legged by the stream, silently lifting the Tianshi sword and definitely introducing the aura of heaven and earth into his own body. the twelve meridians’s strange meridians finally merged into Dantian for compression and transformation into Daoli. Recently, his Dantian volume has expanded a lot and Daoli has also increased. Although the increase is not great, it is already good for Long Yu.
In other words, practicing here for one day is equivalent to practicing in the real world for a hundred days.
Yu Long believes that he can enter the yellow realm in a few days.
The aura of heaven and earth poured into Long Yu’s body, and after a big Sunday cycle, it became a Taoist force and finally returned to the body’s abdomen. Most of the Taoist force was absorbed by Rowling. At this time, Yu Long seemed to fall into the realm of consciousness and absorbed the aura by the body itself.
With the passage of time, Long Yu’s physical strength has become stronger and stronger, and Dantian has reached the limit of Nadu’s strength, and there is a slight pain.
In the pain, Yu Long suddenly woke up, and at the same time, Rowling also started the auxiliary cultivation system to absorb the aura of heaven and earth more quickly
The same method has been used by Rowling for many times in the practice of the real world, and every time it has made Yu Long die, but the final effect is that the toughness of the meridians and the abdomen has been enhanced a lot
But this time it was different. When Luo Linqi assisted the cultivation system to speed up the absorption of aura instantly, he almost passed out.
You know, the aura concentration here is a hundred times that of the real world.
In other words, Yu Long is suffering a hundred times more pain than in the real world, but for his firm mind, he really wouldn’t have made it.
"Master insists on … insisting on going …" Rowling kept cheering in Yu Long.
"In order to become stronger and explore the mystery of parents’ life and death … I will definitely stick to it …" Yu Long also shouted in his heart
never cast aside and never give up
With a firm belief, Long Yu stood up, but the severe pain in his body and mind still made his cheeks too distorted and his body was soaked in sweat in an instant.
Rowling encourages her master to practice while constantly absorbing a steady stream of Daoli. At this moment, Longyu Dantian has reached the limit, and almost 90% of Daoli’s Daoli has been absorbed by Rowling, and its energy is constantly being supplemented.
I don’t know how long it took before Yu Long almost wanted to give up. Rowling finally got the auxiliary training system. She knew it was the limit of Yu Long.
Pack up the sword tactic Yu Long collapsed to the ground as if he had died once, panting and sweating on his forehead.
This pain is not the end, but a
In the following days, Yu Long continued to practice in this way at Rowling’s urging, which lasted for nine days. For a long time, she suffered pain that she had never suffered in the past ten years.
Pay always pays off.
By looking at Yu Long’s surprise, he found that the amount of abdomen and the width of meridians were one-third higher than before, which was an improvement he had never seen before.
Seeing this result, Yu Long felt that the pain he had suffered before was worth it.
Today is the tenth day after Yu Long entered the mysterious realm, which means that the real world day has passed. He has a hunch that practicing tonight is likely to make him enter the yellow realm.
As usual, after Yu Long experienced near-death pain, he took a short rest, and then he meditated to urge the body force to wander around the meridians, making him uncomfortable and comfortable everywhere.
Gradually, the change of other body force has changed from orange to yellow. In other words, Yu Long’s efforts have paid off.
Chapter 19 Warcraft gale 【 recommended votes, collection 】
The qualitative change of Tao power is also a painful and happy process. Pain is due to the great pain caused by the whole transformation process, and happiness is due to the transformation of Tao power.
Taoism practices the seven realms of refined qi, and each realm will exclude some impurities from the body in the transformation force, and at the same time, the impurities of Longyu body are slowly discharged.
When the last force transformation is completed, Long Yu’s body surface is covered with black foul impurities.
For a while, Yu Long closed his eyes and slowly opened his eyes, bursting out with breathtaking golden light, which marked that he had entered the yellow realm.
The joy in my heart is hard to suppress Long Yu’s unbearable whisper. A few unknown birds in a forest suddenly flapped their wings and flew to the sky.
Calm down. Yu Long looked around. Now it’s getting late. His body is full of stench and his stomach is growling with hunger.