"Tell me, what strange things have I not seen or heard since I met you?" Han Yue has prepared herself psychologically.

"The queen has completed the perfect evolution, and now it is parasitic on the body of teacher Nalan Shuqing in the Institute of Physical Education … it shouldn’t be said that Nalan Shuqing is actually the queen. Unfortunately, we have no evidence to take further action against him …" Fang Haoyun simply made things clear.
Han Yue smell speech frowning slightly Rao is that she is ready for psychological preparation, but at the moment, her heart is still a little surprised. Nalan Shuqing, my uncle, often vice mayor of the city, wants to move him. If there is not enough evidence, it is impossible.
But who can prove that he was possessed by a special evil creature? This is a headache.
"So what should we do now?" Han Yue asked.
"Wait for an opportunity …" Long Yudao "In this situation, we can keep an eye on Nalan Shuqing and don’t let him continue to harm people … wait until he gives the clues before starting work … There is another problem. After the queen ant supplements the blood, her strength has also been enhanced, and it is more difficult to kill him."
"Then what can I do to help?" Han Yue didn’t doubt Yu Long’s words. The fact is that she has accepted these mysterious things since hell. She realized that the world is not as calm as it seems, nor as simple as it seems.
"Monitor Nalan Shuqing-!" Yu Long said flatly.
"This base is difficult … Nalan Shuqing is the nephew of Qin Zhongze … Qin Zhongze’s person is the most justifying one’s faults. Before there is no definite evidence, it’s hard for me to say that the bureau will take monitoring measures against him … but I can do this in private. Anyway, I am also the person in charge of murder now …" Han Yue said.
"I said what to do. That’s your business … Teacher, police officer, I have to wake you up. The queen’s attack ability is particularly strong. No matter what you do, you must be careful and careful, otherwise I won’t be responsible for anything wrong …" Yu Long kindly woke up.
"Thank you-!" Han Yue thanked Long Yu for the first time. Judging from her expression, she was serious.
"If there is nothing else, I think I should go … if I continue to stay, I will be jealous of the school boys …" Yu Long got up and took a photo.
When he went out, he suddenly turned around and revealed a little ambiguity in his mouth. "Police officers, teachers, teachers and teachers, can you not throw your clothes around?"
It’s a shame that Han Yue, who followed Yu Long’s eyes, took a closer look at the lace underwear that he had bought early.
Comrade police flower face a slight red light Chen "go your way, I don’t care …"
"What I call it is beautiful anyway" Yu Long hey hey smiled and turned and went out.
"Xiaoyu told the teacher the truth. What did Han Yue want you to do? Why did you stay in the office for so long and shut the door?" Yu Long touched a face of hexagrams right against the face. Yukime listened to her as if Yu Long and Han Yue had done something shameful in the office.
Yu Long curled his mouth and didn’t good the spirit said, "Teacher, can you stop being such a hexagram … I’m pure and free with Teacher Han … By the way, if I have money and owe you debt, I’ll call your account directly and pay attention to it …"
The next day, Tianhai University seemed to be quiet again. Nalan Shuqing was exactly like a normal person, and even his colleagues and classmates didn’t feel that he was abnormal or inappropriate.
However, Ma’s father and daughter did not relax their monitoring on him to prevent him from coming out to harm others again.
This time, Ma Xiaomei also prepared a mini digital camera with an extra heart. She planned to record the image of Nalan Shuqing as evidence when he turned into a clue.
At the same time, Han Yue also scientifically monitored Nalan Shuqing through private resort.
Long Yuri is still so nervous, except for studying, sleeping and eating. It is much harder to practice Tianyi Tiger than he thought. Until today, in the real world, he has simulated Tianyi Tiger for the second time.
He has also made remarkable progress in Taoism, but it will take some time to break through the orange realm and enter the yellow realm.
Of course, if you can enter the Xuan realm, breaking through the orange realm is just around the corner.
According to Rowling’s latest news, it is theoretically not difficult to enter the mysterious realm through the power of the Phoenix Order in Lingze Lake.
It’s Friday again in a flash.
According to the plan, Yu Long intends to enter the Xuan realm for two days from Lingze Lake in the evening. In other words, this time he will practice in the Xuan realm for twenty days, which is the limit that ordinary human beings can bear in the Xuan realm.
Chapter 10 Re-entry into the Xuanjing
In the middle of the night, Yu Long sneaked into the Lingze Lake area alone, took a deep breath, and consciously ordered Lolinda, "I’m ready …"
"Master, I’m 99.9 percent sure now … Are you sure you want to start?" Rowling asked again
It’s 99.9. What are you worried about? It’s so unlucky that Yu Long doesn’t believe in himself. It’s that point one.
To tell the truth, it is already a profit for Long Yu to survive to this day, even if something really happens, there is no regret.
For Long Yu, life was originally a gamble. Once he won the bet, he believed that he would not lose it.
"Come on!" Yu Long Shen said.
After getting a definite answer from Yu Long, Rowling immediately opened the Phoenix Order without hesitation. After the opening of the Sino-French array, a white hole suddenly appeared on the surface of Lingze Lake. Yu Long took a deep breath and jumped in. In a blink of an eye, the white hole disappeared and Yu Long disappeared.
When Yu Long entered the passage, she lost consciousness in an instant because of poor repair. Rowling started the protection procedure to guard Yu Long from being hurt by pressure.
By the time Yu Long woke up again, he was familiar with the scenery around him, as if he had been here and rubbed his eyes. Yu Long looked at the scenery around him carefully. He was almost sure that this place was the second time. He had been there with Ma Xiaomei.
Obviously, Rowling analyzed and calculated that the channel was still along the coordinates of the former dark fixer.