After three days of self-cultivation, Long Yu Daoli’s power finally returned to the previous level.
It turns out that the key to recovering so quickly is that he has been exercising for three days.
After unremitting efforts, he has been able to complete the standard movement with 100%, and the special breathing and breathing is really great for restoring Tao power.
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Chapter 16 Wuqinxi Tianyi Tiger
Long Yu took a look in the mirror when he got up early, and the snake mark on his forehead had completely disappeared, which also means that his chaotic snake and five birds play has been completed.
In the era of cosmic era, wuqinxi is a simulation of five kinds of the most powerful monster beasts, namely chaotic snake, tianyi tiger, nine-headed lion, flashing beast and proud dragon.
According to the order, Yu Long will come to practice the Wuyi Tiger.
"Rowling, please teach me how to practice Tianyi Tiger?" I personally felt the effect of Wuqinxi. Yu Long is very much looking forward to taking the initiative to contact Rowling for the practice of Wuqinxi.
Rowling agreed immediately after receiving her master’s request.
"Master, since you are now practicing with the spirit for the first time, the training method of Tianyi Tiger must be completed in my virtual master. Please relax and close your eyes …" Rowling said.
Long Yuwen quickly followed Rowling’s instructions to relax and repose, and Rowling took the opportunity to bring Yu Long’s consciousness into his own virtual.
It’s not the first time for Rowling’s virtual Yu Long to come in, but what Yu Long saw this time is somewhat different.
These days, Rowling has collected a lot of information from the world, and this is the European villa she created with modern flavor based on the information she received.
At the moment, their location is the villa training room. At first glance, it has a size of 200 square meters, and the decorations around it are extremely gorgeous and dazzling.
"How does the host feel … this virtual scene is all arranged according to the aesthetic standards of human beings in your time …" Rowling is dressed in a black leather coat and skirt … The leather coat is bare-bellied and pink, and the belly button is dazzled, just like the spider essence in the Journey to the West. The black leather skirt missed covering her slender legs, and her legs were almost exposed in front of Long Yu’s eyes … plus the delicate and lovely ground, Rowling is simply a real hero …
Yu Long thought that if his future wife could have half the beauty of Rowling, she would be satisfied.
"Master Rowling can be your wife …" Yu Long seems to have forgotten one thing. Rowling is a mind reader in this virtual world.
Yu Long a depressed brain to marry a human, what is that?
"According to the laws of the era of the universe, human beings can marry biological objects with the consent of the parties …" Rowling said solemnly.
Yu Long looked at Rowling and thought to herself, "Although beautiful, I can’t see it … and I can’t have sex …"
"Hey?" Rowling was puzzled by the vocabulary in Yu Long’s mind.
"That’s the thing … men and women do things in bed …" Yu Long explained a properly.
Rowling understood this time. She quickly said, "Master, if you have physiological needs, Rowling can help you to have sex in the virtual world … In the future, when I reach the ultimate form, we can do it in the real world … My body material is the most advanced biological material in the era of the universe, and it is almost strikingly similar to human tissue …"
The words sound just fell and Rowling’s clothes suddenly disappeared. She was completely naked in front of Yu Long.
Looking at the glistening body, Yu Long took a breath, but the thought that she was a brain and a program made Yu Long lose her appetite.
Anyway, he can’t give himself to a program for the first time, can he?
Thought of here Yu Long quickly motioning with his hand "dress … we practice … practice …"
There is no denying that Rowling’s figure is indeed comparable to that of human beings, but after all, she is a brain, even if it is a humanoid brain. There is no emotional program in the end. It is absolutely impossible for Yu Long to pin his feelings on a program.
Yu Long mind Rowling naturally know.
But a brain without feelings, she fundamentally understands Long Yu’s thoughts.
Although she has intelligence quotient and analytical calculation ability that human beings can’t, she will never analyze and calculate emotional matters.
"Practice-!" Rowling once again simulated the fur coat and skirt, and the practice method of Tianyi Tiger was the same as the second time. The practice method was directly printed on the sea of consciousness in Yu Long.
The so-called mild pain once again made Yu Long toothache.
After receiving the story, he calmly imitated Tianyi Tiger first.
Soon he found that it was not difficult for Tianyi Tiger to be the first one, which was much simpler than the sixth set and the seventh set of chaotic snakes, and Tianyi Tiger had no matching breathing and breathing method.
When Yu Long stopped practicing, Rowling explained, "The master … Wuqinxi has different emphases, and each exercise area is different. You can’t take it lightly."
Long Yuwen quickly primly said, "The teacher has taught the students …" Yu Long’s words are serious. Although he is the main Rowling and a servant, he has always been very grateful to Rowling for bringing him benefits. Every time he practices Wuqinxi, he treats Rowling as a teacher.
Yu Long took pains to practice Tianyi Tiger again and again until Rowling passed the acceptance test.
Rowling suddenly said, "Master, when you finish Tianyi Tiger Seven, you can hatch a new Tianyi Tiger by collecting Tianyi Tiger Monster Dan … Of course, Tianyi Tiger needs a lot of reiki to nourish when it is born … I suggest that we complete the incubation in the mysterious environment …"
After hearing what Rowling said, Yu Long immediately felt very anxious, darling Tianyi Tiger. That’s a monster beast from the next ten levels.
Mind this Yu Long uniting the energy in my heart is even more sufficient.
After Nalan Shuqing was parasitized by the queen ant, it seems that there is nothing wrong with it on the surface. He did not leave school and still worked as his physical education teacher.
Ma Yu and Yukime didn’t find it inappropriate after many contacts, even some exorcism spells didn’t work.
It gives the impression that he is still a normal human being.
This Ma Yu and Yukime decided not to take action to monitor the Lord for the time being.
Yu Long worried that Zhang Daniu had an accident and specifically told him to be careful about Nalan Shuqing and not to contact him as much as possible. Zhang Daniu didn’t ask what happened. He never doubted Longyu’s words.
At the end of the law class, Han Yue called Yu Long in the lecture hall to talk in her office.
Chapter 17 Police flowers invite each other
In the face of the class boys envy Yu Long a bitter face, "I testify that I didn’t sleep today …"
"My good brother, please don’t get cheap and tell the truth. Be careful. Brothers can’t help but rise up and attack …" Zhang Daniu quickly gave Long Yu a push. "Why don’t you go and enjoy it?"
Enjoy a fart. Yu Long estimates that it must be a bloody case for Han Yue to call herself in the past.
Although things have been made, it seems impossible for Yu Long to explain to Han Yue how to let her arrest Na Lanshuqing.
There must be a reasonable reason to arrest a suspect.
Judging from the current situation, Long Yu’s reasons are not valid. Tell the procuratorate comrades that Nalan Shuqing was parasitized by parasitic blood ants from the Xuan territory and requested to be arrested. It is estimated that before you finish your words, the people’s procuratorate comrades will be arrested on suspicion of libel.
Parasitic blood ants although this is a bloody reality
But for the average person, this doubt is a fantasy.
After coming to the office, Yu Long met Xue Jixue NaoNao mouth and asked, "Is it going to be criticized again? You didn’t mean to be young, did you? Do you want to take the opportunity to contact my beautiful colleague … "
"Yu Long come in-!" Just as Yukime questioned Yu Long, Han Yue had called his independent office and called him in.
Wait until Yu Long Han Yue closed the office door again after taking the door and said, "After so many days, you don’t have any present? You said that you took people’s money to eliminate disasters for others. You did take money but I didn’t eliminate disasters. How do you explain that? "
"Teacher, police officer … if you really want to know, I don’t mind telling you, but you must have enough acceptance …" Yu Long didn’t want to hide the fact that Na Lanshuqing was parasitic, otherwise Han Yue would be slacking off instead of taking the money.