Come outside the wooden house and walk in the direction of the spirit pool. If you want to find mobs and fog-controlled spirits over the years, you must find them here.

There is not much difference between the monster and the fog-controlled soul beast from decades ago. The monster beast will not grow fast when it grows in length. These two monsters are even still in their infancy now.
And the cloud-and-fog spirit-controlling beast has not been parasitic for years. Although soaking in the spirit pool all day is helpful to its growth, it still has no parasitic time.
Two spirit beasts feel Yang’s arrival and immediately rushed over here. Yang Xiu’s heart is also a little happy. Let the fog control the spirit beast plate pull up the mobster in a bun and go to another cabin next to Lingchi Yi.
In the wooden house, it is the ghost king who is meditating and practicing. He is born to practice some ghost clan skills, and no one needs to teach him. Now, not only has he been hit by the sky, but his injury has already healed, and he has improved his repair over the years, and he has given Yang Xiu the "white bones" refining as it used to be, like a sickle.
But he didn’t understand it as if he were a ghost that day. For example, in the past few years, his magical powers have not increased much, and he is a little poor in dealing with the monks in the Dan period. It seems that he can’t help much after that.
Then he slowly walked around the medicine garden to see those elixirs that were protected by law before he returned to the training cabin in high spirits.
Sitting cross-legged, I feel that the success of Dan in less than a hundred years depends on opportunism, but it still makes him feel gratified. If he hadn’t been distracted by practicing alchemy or learning array, he wouldn’t have succeeded so quickly. After that, there will be more preparations for the knot.
He didn’t practice at once, but planned what he should do in the future.
After entering the Dan-knot period, the first thing to do is to immediately worship the ancestor of Tianxuan, so that you can truly have a relationship with the ancestor of Tianxuan, and you will no longer worry about seeing through your identity.
The second thing is to forge a set of magic weapons for life. During the pre-construction period, there was no magic weapon for refining because of the lack of contact with the high-order magic weapon refining method and the fact that it can transport real fire, and the materials were not convenient to find after Dan.
Now you can finally make a fire, and you can have some more choices for refining the magic weapon of life after worshipping the ancestral gate of the heavenly Xuan.
And this is an urgent matter. After all, the power of a magic weapon depends on the length of the body sacrifice besides the material, so the sooner it is refined, the better.
The thought of having food in his hand, the patron of Grandfather Xuan one day, made him full of expectations for Houxiuxian Road!
What we have to do now is to consolidate Jiedan thoroughly and then go out to study.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Day Xuan
Fairy wild Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Day xuan 【 subscription 】
One more six thousand today]
Five days later, Yang Xiu flew out of the abode of fairies and immortals and flew straight to Yunfeng.
Tianxuan, the ancestral abode of fairies and immortals, lives at the second highest and highest peak of Yunfeng. Of course, it is a sensation.
It won’t be long before Yang Xiu builds it now, even if it doesn’t fly to Yunfeng.
However, after reaching the main hall of Yunfeng, you can’t move on. It is forbidden for idle people to enter at will in the mountain peak.
Among them, there is a ban on three feet, and there is a law that is full of machines everywhere. If you are not careful, it will be shattered. This is no joke.
But after Dan Cheng, he has to go to the head office to remember Yang Xiu. You can ask Mu Yi’s head to take him to see Tianxuan, a surname, or he can’t really see it by himself.
Because there is an array to prohibit the protection of the main hall, there is no post outside, so I first sent a message to the main hall and waited quietly outside.
But I saw a middle-aged Confucian scholar in his forties flying out of the hall. It was Ge Muduo.
Ge Muduo already has a foundation. When he saw Yang Xiu, he couldn’t help but feel a little familiar. But he didn’t come to look closely when he felt Yang Xiu’s venting. He respectfully said, "I don’t know if I have something to do when I visit Martial Uncle?"
"Brother Ge, why don’t you recognize him?" Yang saw that the other party didn’t recognize himself and couldn’t help but be surprised.
Ge Muduo couldn’t help looking up at Fang’s brother with great courage, but he didn’t realize that he knew such a monk in the Dan period, but when he suddenly noticed the other party’s dark blue cassock, he suddenly exclaimed
"Teacher Yang is old?" Later, he wanted to call Brother Yang, but he couldn’t help but change his mind immediately when he thought that he was a monk in the Dan-knot period. "Elder Yang actually succeeded in Dan-knot!"
Yang Xiu’s face has not changed much in the past few decades, although he is no longer as young as before, and he looks like he is in his thirties, and his front face has long been taken off to see a lot.
But for the fix true person, there is a photographic memory. Just now, it was also Ge Muduo who thought about it for the first time in order to know the Godsworn of Jiedan period. This didn’t recognize Yang Xiulai.
"It was only a few days ago that Dan was lucky enough to succeed, so I came to see the owner to register." Yang Xiu made a record and laughed lightly.
"I can’t believe that Martial Uncle Yang succeeded so quickly. It’s a profound blessing." Ge Muduo immediately changed his name. After all, the boundary is divided into generations.
"Brother Ge hasn’t reached the late stage of building a foundation yet, and it won’t be long before he succeeds in Dan." Yang Xiu has nothing to be proud of and modestly said, "Uncle Yang, please come in!" Ge Muduo’s smell speech is a smile, but most of them are wry smiles. Although he arrived at Tsukiji, it doesn’t mean that Dan can be married.
Yang Xiu certainly knows more about the difficulties than he does, so he doesn’t say much.
See Yang Xiu Mu Yi owners, of course, is also a shock, but he has been a master for many years, self-restraint kung fu has already practiced to the furnace green step, so it didn’t show that it was a chin smile. "Ha ha, congratulations to Teacher Yang for entering the Dan period! It’s really gratifying to have another senior brother! "
"Is also a fluke" Yang Xiu promised.
A qualified monk with only two spirits continued to build the foundation and knot Dan in one hundred years. If it is a fluke, no one will believe it. Of course, this kind of well-known thing, Mu Yi’s head will not be significant although there are some whispers in his heart.
He also knows that Yang Xiu came to see his palm, and suddenly there was a golden die piece and a howling lacquer fountain pen in his hand. The whole movement was like Yang Xiu taking something from Gankun.
Of course, the head of Mu Yi won’t do it. Yang Xiu noticed that his finger was wearing a sky-blue lust caution, which seems to be one. This is the first time that Yang Xiu has seen something outside the bag. It seems that this Muyimen is also worth a fortune.
Mu Yi, the owner of the company, wrote Yang’s name in the die piece with a wolf howling paint fountain pen and a little aura on the nib. After writing, he saw a golden light flow in the die piece, but for a moment, the one-sided handwriting of the die disappeared again. If not, he was registered!
After Mu Yi’s boss smiled, he took out ten pieces of medium-order lingshi and a foot-long jade sword with a faint chill from the ring and handed them to Yang Daodao. "These are all sects that reward Godsworn in Dan period, and Godsworn in Dan period can also receive a certain amount every year."
"Thank you, Master Brother." Lingshi Yang Xiu didn’t care, but he didn’t think that sects would send a magic weapon directly. Although it is a magic weapon of order, it is also valuable.
As for the salary Yang Xiu, whether to think about it or not will only happen if some sect arrangements are made.
The head of Mu Yi woke up and said, "You can go to Nanling to send Tibetan Golden Pavilion to learn some corresponding spells or other specific matters. I have written them down in this jade slip. You can have a look when you go back."
Yang Xiu heard that the other party was going to Fujian. After all, the leaders of the school often have to deal with some sects’ sundries, especially for a monk who wants to advance.
Moreover, when he came, he also heard from Oxfam that there seems to be something happening in Nanling School recently, but he can’t know what it is.
Anyway, the Nanling Sect has worried the head of Mu Yi, so Yang Xiu can understand it, but he can’t just leave. After all, the main purpose of this visit is not to make a note, so he said, "Well, there is still one thing I don’t want, please hope that the head brother will agree."
"Oh, please let’s have a look at Teacher Yang." Yi Zhang said calmly that he didn’t promise or not. After all, I don’t know where he dared to promise.
Yang Xiu also don’t show color. "Well, there are some things that the younger generation wants to see the ancestor of Tianxuan, but the elder brother also knows that it is not so easy for the surname to" have a bird’s eye view of the Cloud Pavilion ",so I still hope that the head brother can introduce me."
When I heard that I wanted to see Grandfather Zu Muyi of Tianxuan, I suddenly turned my mind and tried to say, "Grandfather Tianxuan is not easy to disturb. If he hadn’t personally summoned me, I wouldn’t have been able to go, even if I didn’t have something important to do. Therefore, Teacher Yang’s request is really difficult for me!"
Yang Xiu asked, "Does that brother know if Grandfather Tai has been here recently?"
Because Nanling sent something recently, he still needs to personally handle Yimen shake head a way
"It is necessary to personally deal with the fact that it seems that Nanling derivative is quite a big thing", but the thought flashed through my mind and said.
"Don’t worry, it won’t make it difficult for the head brother. Actually, it’s because when I was just practicing, Grandfather said that I could be put into the door wall when I reached the Dan-knot period, so that’s why I bothered the head brother."
It won’t be a secret until after worshipping Tian Xuan, a surname, so Yang Xiu said it generously.