"Bad danger …" As Yu Long hesitated, a red shadow appeared in Ma Xiaomei’s bed at the same time. There was no doubt that it must be the queen.

In critical condition, Yu Long has hesitated. He sprang into the dormitory and jumped into the hands of the sword. He went straight to the queen.
The queen took up a whirlwind and flashed away from the balcony window. Long Yu’s sword couldn’t help but lose its target and hit Ma Meilong Yu. She gasped in a gasp and quickly put away the sword tactic and changed direction. This only avoided hurting Ma Xiaomei. At the same time, Ma Xiaomei also struggled to move a body with unstable center of gravity and fell off the bed.
Although Yu Long also has a big prejudice against Xiao-mei Ma, after all, there is no great hatred. Besides, the two are dealing with parasitic blood ants. It is an alliance that saw her about to fall to the ground. Long Yu quickly jumped over and caught her in her arms to avoid her falling to the ground.
At the moment, Long Yu is holding Ma Xiaomei’s ass in his hands, and he feels that his palm is stuck in a soft place. Through that layer of cloth, his palm can feel the warm and soft feeling of a woman’s buttocks.
Xiao-mei ma was Yu Long in her arms, and her little face turned red as soon as she brushed it, and it spread to Bogen as if it had been rendered by rouge.
Ma’s woman has never had much contact with men since she was a child. It is the first time that she has had such close contact with the opposite sex, especially when her hips are constantly attacked by a strange feeling, which makes her feel uncomfortable.
"Smelly rascal, let me go …" Xiao-mei Ma screamed with shame and annoyance. She struggled desperately to get out of Yu Long’s arms. She is still in a semi-hypnotic state and has no strength at all. Although she is a blue monk, her strength is not as good as that of ordinary people.
Yu Long is a little depressed. It’s just that he didn’t get praise for doing good deeds. It’s really wrong to be scolded as a hooligan.
Thought of here, Yu Long was not annoyed.
"I’m kind enough to help you … if you fell to the ground, it’s estimated that you would have broken into two petals …" Speaking of Yu Long secretly laughing, this dead girl’s skin is really elastic and feels very good.
Xiao-mei ma mumbled a small mouth and looked at him with a complicated look. Tears surged in his beautiful eyes. "You let me go … don’t let me go …"
Long Yuwen suddenly felt that he was always holding someone else’s girl. He quickly took Ma Xiaomei back to her bed and lightly charged, "The queen has left here, and your hypnosis has been completely lifted early … I hope you don’t talk to people about things tonight. I walked first …"
Said Yu Long left Xiao-mei Ma’s dormitory and jumped to the first floor. After that, Yu Long looked at the palm of her hand. It seems that there is still a girl’s body residual temperature and fragrance.
"I seem to forget to inform Yukime’s sister …" After a few steps, Yu Long seemed to remember something.
"The smell of the host parasitic blood ant has disappeared … According to my analysis, it has been lodged in the human body, so I can locate it." At this moment, Rowling came to the information.
Long Yuwen asked, "Do you mean that we can’t capture the breath of the queen unless she comes out to eat for the first time?"
"The theory is so-!" Rowling replied
Due to the uncertainty of Rowling’s answer, Yu Long was not practicing when she arrived, but she was conscientiously patrolling the campus of Tianhai University until it was still not there.
Later the next day, Yu Long received Han Yue, a policeman, saying that he wanted to talk to her about solving the case and asked him to meet in a classic cafe near the school to discuss it in detail.
Crossing the street, Yu Long walked into the coffee shop, where the light was dim and there were several dim lights. In fact, Yu Long always felt that such lights were not romantic, but seemed a little depressed.
"Over here?" Just in Yu Long, glance left and right to look for Han Yue. Suddenly, he heard Han Yue’s voice and looked to see Han Yue sitting in the corner in casual clothes, waving at him.
"What to drink? It’s my treat "Han Yue face is still so cold.
"Blue Mountain Coffee ….." Yu Long lightly responded with a quick look at Han Yue’s towering breasts in the dim light. The only pity is that the collar is too high, let alone white, and even the ravine can’t see it. It’s really a waste of time.
Chapter 13 Persistent Police Flower
"What are you looking at?" Yu Long’s eyes have attracted Han Yue’s attention. She stretched out her hand to reach the neckline again.
Yu Long didn’t good the spirit say "you just wear turtle neck …"
"Want you to tube …" Han Yue cross Yu Long glanced at the menu cold way "there is no blue mountain. You’re too demanding. I’ll help you to have a drink casually."
After telling the waiter, Han Yue said in a low voice, "In the face of this case, I attach great importance to ordering me to solve the case … Do you have any new findings …"
Now nature is problematic. There are some things that Yu Long can’t say. Although Han Yue is a ghost, Yu Long is sure that she will tell the story of parasitic blood ants. She won’t believe it.
If Yu Long was not a gas refiner, he would not have believed that he would be in such a special place in this world if he had not experienced the mysterious journey himself.
See Yu Long awkward Han Yue quickly asked "Is there anything new … or haunted house … What’s going on? Don’t worry, tell me, I have enough acceptance …"
"This ….." Yu Long hesitated a little and finally decided to simplify things and told Han Yue "Korean police officer, this matter is very difficult … Let me tell you this … In the future, Tianhai University may have similar vicious murders … Of course, we are trying our best to avoid the tragedy from happening again, but I dare not make a guarantee, because this time our opponent is not a person or a ghost, but an intelligent evil creature parasitic blood ant …" Said Yu Long, introducing the parasitic blood ant situation to Han Yue briefly, and he described it as a mysterious environment.
After listening to Yu Long, Han Yue was surprised and opened his mouth.
As Long Yu expected, Han Yue had some doubts. Even though she had personally experienced the ghost incident, she still found it hard to accept that the world would come out to kill people in such a particularly outrageous and special intelligent creature …
"How did that happen? Are you sure what you said is true … "Han Yue asked with a frown.
Long Yu’s eyes kept a close eye on Han Yue and said seriously, "Officer Han, I know you can accept this fact, but I have to tell you that what I said is true. Last night, I almost caught the queen ant, but in the end it escaped … Don’t worry, we will deal with this matter. The parasitic queen ant is beyond your police’s ability to deal with …"
"Don’t look down on people …" Han Yue snorted and asked, "I’ll take your word for it first … can you take me on patrol?"
"No-!" Yu Long refused Han Yue’s request to deal with the parasitic queen, and he was not fully sure that it would be even more troublesome if he brought another burden.
"Korean police officer is not that I look down on people … the key problem is that in the face of parasitic queens, your roots have no resistance at all. In case it takes the opportunity to parasitize in your body, it will be even more troublesome." Yu Long told me, "Remember that you have never heard these words I told you today … you are a policeman. It is our Tianshi’s duty to catch demons and get rid of demons …"
"Well-!" Han Yue is a clever woman and a rational woman. Although she really wants to see a creature from a special place, she doesn’t want to give Long Yu any trouble.
After a pause, Han Yue continued, "I have made some new progress in the female ghost incident. Do you want to hear it?"
"Whatever …" Yu Long said flatly, sipping his coffee.
Han Yue ignored Yu Long’s attitude, but went on to say, "I investigated by some special means that Liu Feifei’s death was not suicide, but that he killed the people involved, which may be a senior official of Tianhai … From the case handlers at that time, I learned that Liu Feifei’s suicide case was determined by the deputy secret chief in charge of culture, education and Qin at that time … Later, it was also him who blocked my investigation when he suggested that the police close the case in a hurry …"
"Deputy Secretary Qin?" Yu Long heart jump "Qin Zhongze? He seems to have been the vice mayor in charge of economy now … "
"Yes, you know Vice Mayor Qin?" Han Yue asked.
"I don’t know … but I know his daughter, Qin Ruhua …" Yu Long secretly smiled bitterly. That sentence was not that friends don’t get together. Qin Ruhua’s daughter was married to Yu Long’s mountain village and became the village chief’s daughter-in-law. Zhang Daniu was beaten up for peeking at the flower bath.
"Han police officer Liu Feifei is likely to have lost his mind. Are you going to continue investigating this case?" Yu Long suddenly asked.
"Well-!" Han Yue nodded seriously. "This case is the first case after my police officer graduated from college, and I have to carry it through to the end. Besides, I have also been scolded by the bureau leaders. I must get to the bottom of this case and investigate the new murder in the bureau. I have resumed my post and my follow-up investigation is convenient … I hope you can inform me when there is any new progress in Yu Long blood ants. In addition, I implore you not to let Tianhai college students murder again …"
"I’ll try my best, but I can’t promise," Yu Long said flatly.
As the day went by, another week passed, and these Tianma family fathers and daughters Long Yuxueji patrolled in shifts every day, but there was no trace of the queen ant.
There were no new murders on campus.
It seems that everything has calmed down.
But there is always an ominous feeling in Yu Long. Perhaps this is the calm before the storm.
In order to cope with the queen Yu Long’s practice these days, he has worked harder, almost reaching the point of forgetting to eat and sleep. Fortunately, the practice of Wuqinxi has made his physical quality, even his spirit, get some high avoidance, and he is too tired to cause physical injury.
During this period, Lai Longyu slept for only five hours every day, and two of them were still in class.
Of course, Han Yue’s part-time law course caused public outrage by pretending to listen carefully.
The coordinates of the Phoenix Order are still being further analyzed and calculated. According to Rowling’s prediction, it should be possible to make a passage from Lingze Lake to Xuanjing in about one month.
Yu Long is full of expectations for this.
In the middle of the night, while Yu Long was immersed in the science of uniting the center, a strange throb suddenly rose. After he opened his eyes and listened carefully for a moment, his eyebrows frowned slightly.
At the same time, Rowling gave an alarm that "the queen ant smells now … navigation is being made … navigation is completed …"
Chapter 14 Blood ant parasites
It was in an instant that Rowling had already made a navigation map, and Yu Long hurried to explore it according to the navigation instructions
Maybe he was impatient. He forgot to inform Yukime again.
Just as Yu Long tracked the past towards the queen’s breath, a petite figure also flew in the night and reflected the figure’s face in the moonlight. It was Ma Xiaomei.