Long Yuwen immediately acquiesced in Rowling’s help.

Rowling immediately started the auxiliary cultivation function after her master acquiesced. Rowling is an intelligent humanoid brain specially aimed at practitioners in the era of the universe. Its main function is to assist her master to cultivate. In fact, a large number of Rowling’s cultivation methods come from the era of the universe. After crossing, her system function was damaged, and the lack of energy of her master led to many functional methods.
During this period, Rowling tried her best to repair the most basic training auxiliary system, hoping to make her master strong as soon as possible.
Only when the owner is strong will there be more power, and it can get enough energy to repair itself.
Because Rowling always thinks that she may evolve, but now she can’t find information about self-evolution. Yu Long is trying, and she is trying.
After Rowling assisted in uniting and beating, Yu Long’s absorption of the aura of heaven and earth immediately doubled. This has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are naturally accelerated cultivation. The disadvantages are that Yu Long’s body has increased pain, and Yu Long’s meridians have been constantly suffering from severe pain. Fortunately, he has been persevering in practicing the chaotic snake in the five birds play for a while, which has enhanced the toughness of the meridians a lot. Now he can feel uncomfortable for the time being.
However, the pain at the moment is not the same as Rowling’s mild pain. Perhaps Rowling’s tone is still aimed at the new human beings in the cosmic era
With the cultivation of Lingze Lake, the aura contained in the lake is being continuously extracted. If there is an eye-opener at this moment, you can see the essence of the aura.
At a young age, Long Yu Dantian had reached the maximum endurance limit of Daoli, but Yu Long still didn’t stop practicing because Rowling was still asking for Daoli.
The cultivation is still going on. After Rowling added absorption, Long Yu’s Taoist power in Dantian was also extracted.
Then, once again, he systematically compressed a part of the road force to the abdomen on Sunday.
In this way, Yu Long was surprised to see that the amount of land in the abdomen has actually expanded a little. Although the amount of expansion is not very large, it is already a miracle for Long Yu, a loser
Yu Long likes this practice.
Although the pain of meridians continues, these roots are nothing compared with Yu Long’s ambition of uniting.
Two hours later, the endurance of the abdomen reached the critical point again, and the expansion of the road force made Long Yu’s abdomen strongly squeezed, and the sharp pain made Yu Long sweat profusely.
Surprisingly, Rowling did not extract Daoli from Long Yu’s abdomen this time.
She seems to mean to make Yu Long suffer like this.
"Hold on-!" Luo Linyin appeared directly in Yu Long’s consciousness. She told her, "You must insist … only by letting Dantian continue to suffer from the critical point can it become more resilient and stronger …"
Take a deep breath of Qi Longyu and continue to practice. He gritted his teeth and insisted that Rowling would not harm himself because of the intensity of the pain in Dantian.
With Yu Long’s insistence that the pain from Dantian gradually lightens, but it has not completely disappeared, it is obvious that the resilience of Dantian has been expanded to some extent.
"Stop practicing-!" Rowling’s sobs rang in Yu Long’s heart. It’s good that Yu Long can stick to this level.
Long Yu heaved a sigh of relief and stopped practicing. His body was soaked with cold sweat and his chest fluctuated violently.
Obviously, the former practice made him suffer too much.
Pain is not important. What matters is that he persisted. Today, the first time, there will be a second time and a third time … He will always persist.
Inducing the body demonstrated with meridians Yu Long corners of the mouth flush a smile a moment later he is out of the light smile.
For a long time, Yu Long’s chest was calm and his breathing became normal.
Feeling full of strength, Yu Long slowly released his knowledge on a whim and covered the whole Lingze Lake area. Even with his eyes closed, he could clearly see the surrounding scene. The fish in the lake were busy planting insects among the free-swimming flowers …
This is a strange feeling.
In the past, Long Yu did it by law, but today he has done it. He estimates that it will not be long before he can break through orange and enter yellow.
When the time comes, he can practice Tianshi Sword and definitely break the magic sword tactic.
Yu Long slowly converged his mind and slowly opened his eyes. The joy was not concealed at all.
"The host has detected the smell of parasitic blood ants … navigation is being made … over …" Rowling gave an alarm.
Long Yu’s mind is still rushing to follow the screen navigation. Judging from the current situation, the blood ant breath should be near the girl’s apartment.
At the moment, it is more than four o’clock in the morning, and the whole campus is in silence. When Yu Long is near the girl’s apartment, he can hear the faint snoring in the dormitory on the first floor.
"The master has accurately located …" Rowling woke up again.
Yu Long looked at the screen and walked a dozen paces. He took a deep breath and jumped onto the balcony on the second floor. Almost at the same time, he saw a flash of blood.
In order to avoid causing unnecessary misunderstanding, Yu Long crept into the balcony window and looked inside.
Today, the moonlight is good, and the girls’ apartment is in a wide place. The whole dormitory is clearly visible by the moonlight. There are four high and low bunks in the dormitory, which are the brain desks for girls to rest and sleep.
Eyes scanned a circle in the dormitory Yu Long face slightly shan, although it is already in beginning of autumn, but the temperature is still on the high side. Girls generally wear cool clothes when they sleep, and even the quilt is not covered. It looks very eye-catching at the moment.
Of course, there are no girls sleeping naked in this dormitory.
Although Yu Long is not lewd, she has a normal man’s aesthetic taste, white thighs, beautiful hips and crystal clear lotus arms …
"Hey? Where is the blood ant? " Yu Long didn’t come to spy on him. He knew himself very well, but after a glance, there was no blood ant shadow on the root.
Chapter 12 Girls’ Dormitory [Asking for Recommended Tickets]
"The master blood ant is in this room … it’s a pity that you don’t have an eye, otherwise you should be able to see it," Rowling explained.
Yu Long was depressed. What should I do? Fortunately, the queen ant has evolved since the blood diet, and she can’t see its exact position.
If you go in and catch it with great fanfare, it will obviously cause some unnecessary troubles. Maybe these girls will sue themselves for peeping. Even if Yu Long says that he is here to catch demons and get rid of monsters, no one will believe that Sun Monkey is so wronged that Yu Long dare not take risks easily.
Just then, the girl in the left berth closest to the balcony turned over and opened her eyes in a trance. She saw a boy looking inside the balcony window.
Her first reaction was to have a voyeur. Now the female dormitory in colleges and universities has become the focus of voyeurs and perverts. Just last month, there was a sneak shot in the School of Foreign Languages of Tianhai University.
The girl wanted to shout, but her mouth was silent.
At this time of Yu Long, a girl woke up, and that girl was none other than Ma Xiaomei, who had a deep prejudice against him.
It’s a long way to go. You can catch this little girl’s dormitory when you catch demons.
Yu Long angrily turned his eyes away, and the little girl screamed and defiled her innocence.
"The master detected abnormal energy and they seemed to be hypnotized …" Luo Linyin appeared directly in Yu Long’s mind. "They were hypnotized by the queen ant …"
Long Yuwen took a closer look. Yes, Ma Xiaomei stared at him with her head drooping and her mouth flat, but nothing happened.
Look at the rest of the three beds. The girls slept like dead pigs, but there was no movement except undulating breathing.
Yu Long hesitated to enter the girls’ dormitory. Anyway, they were all hypnotized. They shouldn’t have seen it if they went in to catch the demon and get rid of it.
However, Xiao-mei Ma, after all, is a monk who supports her consciousness with physical force. At least her eyes are open.