"It’s true …" Yu Long nodded seriously and said, "I can assure you that Lingze Lake apartment will not be strangely murdered in life …"

"So Liu Feifei’s death is from the inquiry of the death certificate?" Han Yue seems a little disappointed. It seems that she can’t reverse her conviction in a short time.
"Come on, be a teacher … let dad go to the ministries and agencies for activities when it’s a big deal …" Long Yu’s words cut off Han Yue’s hope, but this time her mood was relieved.
"Give it up, officer Han … maybe Liu Feifei has vanished …" Yu Long thought for a moment and said, "Officer Han, if there is nothing else, I think I should go …"
Just as Yu Long was about to go out, Han Yue stopped him again. "Yu Long stopped writing, but you are not allowed to sleep after my class … Although you are a Tianshi, you are also my student now … I have to ask you …"
Long Yu smiled and nodded his head.
When he went out, he secretly thought that it was not bad to pay Han Yue.
There’s a saying that I’m afraid I’ll come whatever I want.
On the third day after Yu Long made a promise with Han Yue, Lingze Lake apartment gave birth to a strange murder again, and this time the dead were two girls. When they were now dead, they had become mummified bodies without even a drop of blood left, which was very scary.
Han Yue was informed by the Municipal Bureau to take over the investigation of this case. At the same time, she will continue to be a substitute teacher at Tianhai University, which will help her to investigate this case.
Han Yue contacted Yu Long immediately after seeing the body with the forensic doctor. According to the forensic doctor, the current method of human beings is to drain a human blood department.
In other words, the forensic doctor suspected that the murder was probably not committed by human beings.
Of course, the forensic doctor also told Han Yue in private that he would not write such a report.
Han Yue is convinced because she has personally experienced the female ghost incident.
Yu Long was really afraid of what would come after learning about it …
"Yu Long … didn’t you say that the female ghost in Lingze Lake has passed away? How do you explain these two murders?" Han Yue folded asked.
Yu Long grumpily said, "I didn’t do it …"
"I know you didn’t do it, but you are a heavenly teacher. You must have a judgment, right?" Han Yue knows that this case requires Yu Long’s help, and his words can’t help but be polite
"It must be that ghosts and evil things do everything. I still need to investigate …" Speaking of which, Yu Long said with a hey hey smile, "Tianshi always wants to collect money … It’s ok for me to get involved in this case …"
"I knew you’d say that …" Han Yue pulled out a card from her carry-on wallet. "There are ten thousand dollars in it without a password, even if I give you a deposit … and thank you again after the job is done."
"Ten thousand dollars …" Yu Long quickly stretched out his hand and caught the bank card and put it into the mouth. Curious questioning "Is it your personal contribution or the city bureau’s special approval?"
Chapter 10 Practice in Lingze Lake
"It’s none of your business …" Han Yue frowned. "I hope you can get involved in the case as soon as possible …"
"It’s natural to take people’s money to eliminate disasters for others …" Yu Long primly said, "Don’t contact me too often these days. When I have a look, I will contact you actively."
"What?" Han Yue asked incredulously
"Because I don’t want to be the public enemy of all the boys in Tianhai University …" Han Yue met Yu Long a little frequently these days. According to Zhang Daniu, he is about to become a public enemy of boys.
"Oh …" Han Yue should be a wry smile in my heart. Is it my fault that she looks beautiful?
At noon, Xue Ji called Yu Long and asked him to meet him in the apartment. He said that he had something important to tell him. Long Yuwu just had no class and hurried over.
In Yukime apartment, Yu Long accidentally saw Ma Xiaomei who had not seen for many days.
Ma Xiaomei, dressed in a white dress, looks very ladylike. At the moment, she is sitting beside Yukime and staring at Yu Long lightly.
Yu Long consciously glanced at Ma Xiaomei’s dress, and the skin of the calf was white and crystal clear, and the white sandals gave people a very amazing feeling.
The neckline of the dress is a little loose because of sitting on the ground. You can see that the snow-white gully woman Ma Xiaomei has enough money.
Look at Yukime’s professional suit around her. Obviously, her arm is still a little chalk dust just after class, but this does not affect her overall aesthetic feeling.
Looking at a large and a small beauty Yu Long mood some erratic.
"Little goat see what see … come here I have something to tell you" Yukime beckoned Yu Long sit in the past.
Long Yuwen smell speech quickly walked past eyeing the position of a sitting in the Yukime with xiao-mei ma in some left hold right to feel.
Xiao-mei ma will consciously move outward to avoid contact with Yu Long. Yukime doesn’t care if she puts one hand on Long Yu’s shoulder and asks, "Have you heard about the murder in Lingze Lake apartment? This time in big trouble is the xuan blood ants do … "
"Blood ants?" Long Yu slightly surprised "how is it possible that blood ants were not all killed by us? That passage was also blown up. How could there be blood ants on the campus of Tianhai University? "
"You told me this time. I also said that the haunted event in Lingze Lake will disappear completely, but it is true …" Speaking of which, Yukime turned to Xiao Xiaomei. "Xiaomei, you tell Xiaoyu about the specific situation …"
Ma Xiaomei heard that she cleared her throat and immediately said, "Yu Long, my father and I fought with each other last night, but it ran away. According to our analysis, the lucky blood ant may be the queen of the group of parasitic blood ants … It kills people to enrich the blood. According to the information we have, if it eats enough personal blood, it will reach the ultimate form of parasitic blood ants. At that time, once it finds a suitable parasite, it will be difficult for us to eliminate it …"
"So powerful?" Yu Long immediately knew early in the morning that this matter was so difficult that he wouldn’t accept Han Yue’s entrustment. This money is hot and hard to earn.
"What shall we do now?" Yu Long asked.
Yukime took up the topic and said, "This queen ant is very clever and cunning, and its fighting capacity is not weak. Now we have to work together with Qi Xin to eliminate it. From the signs now, it has not left Tianhai University, or it doesn’t want to leave Xiaoyu of Tianhai University. When I consulted Xiaomei for a while, we joined forces with the Ma family to fight against the enemy. From tonight, each of us will be on duty at Tianhai University … I got the latest second sight instrument from Xuanmen, which can help you find the queen ant breath … Remember that once you find the queen ant, you must contact us at the first time and don’t act
The night is charming, the moonlight is shining, the lake is calm, and everything is so quiet and peaceful.
According to the agreement, Yu Long is on duty on the campus of Tianhai University tonight.
After a tour of the campus, he came to Lingze Lake, which is a haunted place. It is relatively quiet and there will be no’ field battle’ phenomenon.
"Master, I suggest you practice while you can … I can help you monitor the queen. I have collected the information of blood ants completely. I am 100% sure about their breath. I can locate its coordinates if it escapes from the parasitic human body …" Rowling suggested.
Long Yuwen was delighted. "Really … Are you sure that your positioning is more accurate than second sight’s?"
Rowling replied, "Of course, I am the greatest in the era of the universe. In my opinion, second sight in your hand is not even as good as children’s toys …"
Yu Long was depressed. If I had known, I wouldn’t have asked for five thousand dollars …
"I can’t find Yukime’s sister to return the goods …" Yu Long muttered.
"Rowling, remember to let me know at the first time when you capture the queen’s breath …" Yu Long confessed and then strolled to the lake and sat cross-legged to transport the Tianshi sword. He was absorbed in the practice.
Rowling captures the breath of blood ants and absorbs Long Yufa to absorb that part of the power to supplement the energy she needs.
It has been assumed that the concentration of aura in Lingze Lake is stronger than that in other places. In Tianshi Sword, a cool aura slowly enters Longyu body.
Yu Long’s hands picked up the sword tactic, and his breathing gradually became smooth. The aura was constantly being transformed. The Dantian Law Department of Daoli was absorbed by Rowling, and there was no wave at all.
Looking back on the past ten years of practicing Yu Long, I feel that I am simply squandering things.
As Yu Long cultivated the original calm water level of Lingze Lake, a trace of color, taste and aura was gradually rippled from the north of the lake, which was broadcast by air and then continuously drilled into Yu Long’s body.
"Master, I can help you practice …" Luo Linyin directly appeared in Yu Long’s consciousness. "Recently, I have completed a unified function repair, which can increase your ability to absorb the essence of the outside world. The degree of expansion of your meridians is not very good. If the aura is absorbed too fast, your meridians may have some slight pain …"
Chapter 11: The Queen Ants Show Up