You are shameless! Also blue beibei what to say is don’t want to jump out of this sentence.

Come on, babe, stop it! Qin Xinyu stopped trying to frolic with Lin Feng, but also stared at Lin Feng with a grin. I just forgot to tell you that the four million people on the planet are locked by the science and technology alliance, and now I’m waiting for you to unlock them! Otherwise, these people are no different from ordinary people!
Ba ba! Lin Fengba fell to the ground. Are you sure you’re not mistaken?
No! Qin Xinyu said seriously
Plop! Windson eyes passed out directly!
Chapter three hundred and forty-nine Memory ()
Theory such as got the four million powerhouse all let Lin Feng excited and Qin Xinyu also made a very proper placement. Now the four million source planet people are mainly in Lin Feng’s three new mineral planets. After all, it is impossible to place so many people in the independence of the soul-destroying disc. It was to keep the blood of the source planet that Lin Fengcai saved tens of thousands of people in Hemudu Star and Yuanmou Star and placed them in the independence of the soul-destroying disc.
Now Hemudu Star and Yuanmou Star people not only want to be born, but also swear to blood out, a science and technology alliance.
In Qin Xinyu, it was arranged that the elders of Hemudu Star and Yuanmou Star Som were sent to resettle their own people. Among the recent slaves, a prince of Huanyu Planet naturally undertook to resettle his own people on another 30% planet, and people also successively elected a leader to form a Presbyterian church to be responsible for resettling this group of people.
Lin Feng is very satisfied with the arrangement of Qin Xinyu. It’s a pity that you don’t become a leader!
Heart-to-heart smile Heart-to-heart is that a little woman wants to snuggle in your arms! I realized that my two sisters were still on the side when I spoke from my heart. Suddenly I got embarrassed and got into the forest air. Wiley provoked the forest air to be haha
Chu Yu is also ashamed to face up to Lin Feng with his face pink and his head buried, while Lan Beibei is ashamed to laugh and talk, sister. You are so ashamed! Shame, shame! ! As he spoke, he also pointed his finger at his face. When he heard this, his heart shrank tighter in Lin Feng’s arms.
Who bullied my heart again? When Lin Fengzheng snickered, Fluttershy came in from the outside. When he heard Fluttershy’s voice, Lin Fengdi wouldn’t fight back and forth to the earth. In the past two years, how to call Fluttershy by Lin Fengzheng was unwilling to show up, which made Lin Fengvery unhappy!
Yo! Whose girl is this? I don’t know her. Is it the wrong door? Looking at the leisurely Fluttershy windson skin to smile don’t smile said.
This just export blue beibei and ChuYu qi qi took a white windson, even curled up in the arms of windson Xinyu is also a hard choke windson this just emerged from his arms.
Fluttershy, glancing at windson, looked back at Xin Xin Dao Xin Xin Jie. Did the big wolf bully you again?
Hey, Fluttershy, do you still have me in your eyes? In the face of Fluttershy windson couldn’t resist the bulging shout.
Ki has already seen it! Fluttershy back lost this words will no longer ignore windson four girls together again don’t know what to whisper.
Looking at Xi Xi ha ha, daughters Lin Fengnai shook their heads. It is not the time to enjoy life. Remember that a great man in ancient China said that comrades still need to work hard when the revolution has not been successful!
Yes, it’s just that the situation is a little bit beneficial to us. For now, it’s believed that the Earth Federation will not only have a fight for the science and technology alliance, but also is likely to win the war. But that mysterious man … is really a headache. He is the biggest variable. If he is really a magic, as the master said, can I defeat him?
Windson eyes some vacant for a ghost level people for the first time he has no confidence in yourself mission shook his head to try to calm down a own mood windson call good words you stop that now!
A few women naturally know that windson has something to say, and now they are just enjoying themselves. After so many years with windson, they also know that it is the time when windson is under the greatest pressure. If they worry about windson again, they will be very sorry if they don’t say it’s others or their own hearts. They can try their best to look happy in front of windson.
You have arranged the people from the source planet properly. After a while, rivaldo will come over. Compared with training the army, rivaldo should be more familiar with Bussaume. Now Yuanmou has him in the highest prestige. We not only want them to be born, but also want them to become the best fighters. Well … I’ll ask Nicholas to arrange a batch of Warcraft to practice with the best among them. This is the most powerful arms of our hands. We must let them wield absolute combat power. This will be handed over to Beibei!
Windson just said some ideas in my heart. At present, it is necessary to let the four million people form a fighting power source planet in a short time. Everyone is a soldier, and everyone has great strength. Now it is necessary to train in a unified way, which can definitely form a fighting power that does not ignore.
Ah! ? Give it to me? Then what are you going to do? At first glance, Blue Beibei listened to Windson and handed over the training of soldiers to herself. She couldn’t help but stare big eyes.
Lin Fengxiao laughed and said, I’m not asking you to train them. I’m asking you to manage and train them. They naturally have two people, Ape Liang and rivaldo, to take care of everything when I’m going to close for a while. Someone must be responsible for everything when I close this period!
It’s very disturbing to hear Lin Feng say that a few women nodded their heads. Do you want to close the wind again?
Every time windson is closed for less, it will be more than one or two years, and it will be more than seven years. Every time I hear that windson is going to close a few women, I suddenly feel a little disappointed.
Windson is also very resistant. As far as I am concerned, if I am not sure about the mysterious man behind the science and technology alliance, I will not be able to defeat him after this closure, but at least I can be more sure!
Wolf, you finally know that you are weak? A long time didn’t speak Fluttershy bite is a let windson blocking words windson two supercilious look straight.
Fluttershy Shi Shiran smiled, and don’t be angry. I’m telling the truth. In my memory, you are the worst master I have ever met, the worst former master, and the most powerful one, who can span several universes in an instant!
Luo Jinxian? A god? Windson also includes three girls who stare big eyes, especially before windson, only heard a little bit of information about God in the master’s lonely testimony.
Yu Luo Jinxian didn’t care much about it. After all, he practiced "The True Solution of Dry Yuan and Nine Turns". Once the golden body of Du Jie rose after nine turns, his strength matched that of Luo Jinxian. But it was the first time for Lin Feng to hear such a precise positioning of a god!
Yes! Although I don’t remember who they are, I still have a deep impression on their strength, especially my first master, who refined me … God! Fluttershy thought for a moment or the word god.
In my memory, the first master was the most powerful and reached the level of a god! Compared with other masters, the strength is uneven, but the worst is also a pick Jin Xian, but the potential of the big wolf should be the best among all the masters in Fluttershy! Fluttershy gave a very pertinent evaluation to windson, which made windson feel a little high.
But windson is more excited. He never dreamed that the soul-destroying disc was still an artifact! This is his biggest surprise.
By the way, Fluttershy, what did you say about a god? Windson asked questions in my heart.
According to the first master’s memory for me, God is distracted from God’s high position, God’s Lord God, King Jade Emperor! And the divine world corresponds to the demon world, so it can be divided into the magic emperor, the magic Lord and the magic commander!
Lin Feng and several female listeners are astounding. I didn’t expect Fluttershy’s first master to be second only to the Lord God. God is not in a low position in the celestial world. After learning about the structure of the underworld for the first time, Lin Feng couldn’t help but yearn for the ultimate ownership of the yogi. I will definitely come!
Fluttershy see several people who are not good at waved the Wolf in front of windson. What’s the matter? Stimulated? Hehe, don’t lose heart. Fluttershy has thought of many things in recent years!
Hear Fluttershy think of a lot of things windson busy asked Fluttershy what do you think of?
Ha ha! In fact, you should have guessed the first one. The first master of Fluttershy also practiced the "Dry Yuan Jiu Zhuan Zhen Jie" like you, and he refined your soul-locking ring and killing Excalibur.
What? ! In the face of Fluttershy throwing one blockbuster after another, Lin Feng was once again surprised that the soul ring and the Excalibur were all his own things. If it was as Fluttershy said, wouldn’t that god become his ancestor?
Windson and Fluttershy empathy Fluttershy naturally know what windson is thinking now, laughing at this Fluttershy don’t know! But you think this problem is very likely, big pervert!
Windson nodded and smiled. I don’t think it’s very possible, but the root is! I didn’t expect us Lins to be the man of god! Ha ha! Say to the end windson not puffed up laughing.
Four women took a neat white windson virtue!