Even if always emotional virtue can’t help but give a big supercilious look.

If you are more proud of commanding Ningxiang to the carriage, you will take a kitchen knife, chopping board, iron shovel, barbecue plate, barbecue clip, sesame, Chili sauce, white vinegar, onion, ginger and garlic, and put a lot of salt all over the place before moving the cold jade box.
If you take the rare treasures that are born with strange cold as a refrigerator, you can take the eel squid, saury, chicken wings and fragrant rice sausage from the inside as if you were holding a treasure chest with all kinds of treasures in your hand, which is more like a robot cat pulling out treasures from a universal pocket.
Just when a bunch of people are stunned and dazzled, if Shi Yue calls from the stream to wash his hands, he will first cook a pot of soup and then direct Shi Yue to clean all kinds of vegetables. He has waved a kitchen knife and chopped the chopping board to the sky.
The sharp standard knife in that posture has opened people’s eyes, and if it is even more exciting in everyone’s eyes of shock and admiration, it is really a general who commands an army.
It is even more energetic to think that this is the first time that he has come to the world of the void to hold his head high with real events.
Although the ingredients in the wilderness are limited, I still try my best to cook a few birds. The way he cooks beggar chicken is loose and soft, and the aroma is overflowing. Two fresh fish are cooked to make people’s index fingers move. A mushroom soup is so fragrant that people’s mouths fly straight. Three kinds of wild vegetables in thousands of feet are incredibly fresh and refreshing, plus roast chicken wings, fried eel and hot rice sausage, and other side dishes. It is a feast to bring fresh platters of wine and green tea to the palace.
Soon, if you are accomplished in several admiring eyes, the first copy is sent to Chu Yun.
Chu Yun silver chopsticks carefully carried a piece of fresh fish to his mouth and stared at her with a full face of expectation and bright eyes.
When Chu Yun chuckled and nodded his head, he felt that his feet were floating in the clouds, just like dancing without stepping on the ground, and he came and went, even sending several dishes straight to Chu Yun.
Chu Yun smiled and carried a chopstick dish without eating it. If you are tired, eat first.
If you open your mouth and chew your face, your expression will be as happy as flying in the sky.
Chu Yun felt funny, sweet and shy, and smiled at others and said, You can eat too.
Su Liang and Zhao Yi reached out and grabbed a roast chicken wing together and enjoyed themselves.
Ning Xiang Shi Yue is much more elegant in eating, but eating quickly and quickly is obviously discounted by delicious food.
I am used to eating trivial and complicated dishes in the palace. If we use local materials and give full play to the cooking methods of modern people, it will really give them a novel feeling.
Even Xiao Yuan couldn’t help but move, but he saw that if he threw a cold shoulder far away, he immediately turned his face away from the dishes on the ground, and it was unpleasant to have a burst of fragrance in his nose.
The aroma is getting stronger and stronger, and then an oily bird is sent to Xiao Yuan to eat. I can complain to the adults for a lot of laughter, and my eyebrows are curved like a living Buddha.
Xiao Yuan sneered without moving his stomach, but he was not controlled to make a sound. Xiao Yuan concentrated his strength and his face was not flushed.
If Pinocchio didn’t say anything, he laughed and said, you can show your backbone and continue to starve. Let me appreciate your belly sonata. You can also eat it with humiliation to save your strength and continue my fight. What would a wise man choose?
Xiao Yuan slightly a thoughtfully finally stretched out his hand to pick up the bird.
If you run happily to Sex Germany again and take a plate of fried fish and stuff it into his arms, I know you don’t eat, but the atmosphere is so good, so you can join in the fun and give some noodles a taste.
Sex Germany took it and picked up a piece of fish and tasted it.
Not bad. If you shout at a high pitch, this is my specialty.
It’s nothing unusual. I can make it better. I simply state the facts.
Who can do you better than you are an all-powerful artificial intelligence? If you get up in a huff and grab the card with your bare hands, it will be like chewing the meat of sex and letting off steam.
A picnic lasted for nearly an hour, and several people were talking and laughing, making noise, quarrelling and giving food with wine. This meal was more comfortable than eating.
After eating, I picked up the leftovers and washed my hands. It’s getting late.
If you take the camping energy and cheer up the tent to burn the fire more vigorously, you will laugh and tease his beloved big hero, Tinker Bell, darling killer elf with leftover food.
If the interest came later, he even put a rope in two trees, pulling Sex Germany and forcing his little dragon girl Yang Guo to sleep on the rope.
Where is the loss of sex and morality? I am willing to accompany him to play around and ignore it.
However, Chu Yun got interested in Che Yaoqin because of a few drinks. She jumped a little on the rope and floated in the wind, and her clothes were floating in the breeze. She held the piano in one hand and caressed the strings in the other, but she played a long and beautiful tune in one hand.
If you get up and drink two drinks, you will sing a song with Chu Yunqin. He is half drunk and half awake, his tongue is too big, and the lyrics are unclear. He dances and dances while singing.
Ning Xiang Shi Yue sat together and talked and laughed endlessly.
Su Liang Zhao Yi’s interest also jumped up, and the sword dance was a sword dance. Later, two swords hit one place and slammed into each other, but they were full of energy and fought against each other.
The sky is full of stars and the moon is gradually rising, and the breeze brings fragrance to the distant mountains. Flowers are quietly melodious in the moon. Su Liang Zhao Yi’s sword dance is vertical and horizontal, and the nature of heaven and earth is also sitting beside Ning Xiang Shi Yue. Su Liang Zhao Yi’s sword dance explains the swordsmanship and slowly teaches martial arts tricks and luck.
Everyone is very serious, and everyone’s expression is very happy. Xiao Yuan has been staring coldly at his face with a sarcastic smile, and gradually he looks trance.
Elves are flying around in the sky. Donald Duck is careless and walking around. The killer is jumping around. The big male is screaming and screaming, and the little rabbit is actually rolling into the arms of De who has always been indifferent. De is still concentrating on teaching Ning Xiang to serve the moon, but he is unconsciously touching the darling.
Xiao Yuan silently watched and felt that the joy in front of him was a few steps away but as far away as a world apart, but his heart was cold.
Wang Wanggou called Xiao Yuan should bow his head and see the white tinker bell rubbing against his knees like a snowball.
Xiao Yuan paused for a moment before slowly reaching out and picking Tinker Bell up. He was never an animal, and he never cared for little things. But in this busy night that filled him with loneliness, a strange gentleness crept up in his heart.
He patted Tinker Bell and rubbed Tinker Bell’s hair gently. Tinker Bell huddled in his arms happily, and Xiao Yuan’s expression was blurred by the bonfire.
The next day, if everyone set off and looked at the carriage and hesitated, Chu Yun thought for a moment and then untied a horse to give it to Ruo.
Nod cheerfully if you think it’s okay to ride a horse.