He believes that his strength and means can rob the emperor from another emperor even if he doesn’t look for Feather Day!

The Silver-faced Emperor turned around and left without stopping!
Since he decided to give up, he naturally wouldn’t drag his feet.
He’s been after Feather Day for half a month. He knows the current state of Feather Day. He knows very well that it’s impossible for Xia Qi’s strength to lose both sides with Feather Day. He can’t find anything cheap.
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-two Finally successful
Chapter nine hundred and seventy-two Finally successful
Seeing the Silver-faced Emperor retreating so cleanly, he didn’t do anything to stay in the distance. Seeing this scene, many immortals froze in place and didn’t respond at the moment.
In the eyes of these immortals, the Silver-faced Emperor and Xia Qi are neck and neck in the battle for the emperor’s weapon, and some people are willing to give in.
I didn’t expect to see the war, but I saw the silver-faced emperor give up so simply!
"How did that happen? Is Xia Qizhen already so strong? "
Some immortals looked at this scene and were puzzled.
However, the loss and incomprehension of these immortals are not the disappointment and fear of feather heavenly heart at the moment.
Feather sky has been hunted by the silver-faced emperor for so long, and it has long been weak. Now the only hope for escape is to hope that Xia Qi and the silver-faced emperor will both lose.
But it turned out that the silver-faced emperor gave up voluntarily, which made Feather Day want to escape when both of them lost, and a glimmer of hope fell completely.
His heart was fil with fear of death.
"Feather, did you ever think about today when you came after me?"
Xia Qi’s eyes are cold and approaching the feather sky step by step.
From the initial being chased and killed, I fled into the second day, and now I will force Yu Tian to be scared. Xia Qi and Yu Tian will play the role * * *!
"Xia Qi! Don’t be proud! Although I am weak, it is not easy for you to kill me! And there are so many strong people here, will they watch you take away the emperor? "
Feather day drink this time also trying to stir up the fairy in the distance.
However, his words did not come out at this time even if he had ideas in his heart after Xia Qi forced out the first saint and the silver-faced emperor.
Feather day looking at the distant many onlookers fairy eyes disappointed beyond words.
"Feather day peace of mind to accompany you that a group of teacher younger brother!"
Xia Qi’s eyes are cold and close to Feather Day, and many visions are also close to completely surround Feather Day, so that Feather Day has no hope to escape.
"Zi Xia Holy Land will not let you go!"
Feather days angry roar echoed in the air full of unwilling.
At the same time, the sky roared suddenly!
Many visions of Xia Qi launched an attack at the same time, and the leader was the golden crown snake with the black ghost gun!
Many visions have launched an attack together, which is earth-shattering, not to mention a feather day that is seriously consumed. Even a statue of the emperor is afraid to avoid the edge and dare not touch it hard.
Feather day figure directly submerged in all kinds of terrorist attacks!
He held the imperial weapon for the first time, but it was already gone. At the beginning, when Xia Qi was hunted down, the ferocity was overwhelmed by all kinds of attacks. After seeing the knife light flashing for a moment, it was calm.
Xia Qi’s many visions flashed back to Xia Qi.
However, many previous visions drowned the feather sky, but they have already disappeared. Only the emperor’s skyshatter blade is suspended in place, and the cold knife light is still flashing with a sadness.
Feather days disappear completely!
Many immortals around watched this scene happen.
Many immortals looked at the skyshatter blade and glanced at Xia Qi. Although their hearts were ready to move, they finally honestly stayed where they were and were unwilling to give up other thoughts.
The scene that Feather Day was completely wiped out by Xia Qi instantly shocked many immortals here, making them dare not act rashly or get close to Xia Qi!
Despite their dreams, the blade is just around the corner
"Wu, that’s you."
Xia Qi took one look at the ground-breaking blade and withdrew his eyes and smiled and said to Wu nearby.
His goal is to kill Yu Tian, and the emperor is going to give Wu a skyshatter blade. This is to take the black ghost gun and compensate Wu.
Fairy around also heard Xia Qi words looked at Wu with a face of envy.
"Haha, then I’m welcome!"
Wu is no polite laugh a direct toward many eyes gathered in the emperor skyshatter blade.
He and Xia Qi are like brothers, and this imperial weapon is really suitable for him. In this case, he has not postponed anything. Just hold it directly, anyway, Xia Qi will have a chance to return in the future.
"Hum …"
The emperor’s skyshatter blade was caught in Wu’s hand for the first time, and it seemed to be struggling, but it was not so violent that it trembled slightly.
"Ha ha, you can only play out the most powerful power in my hands. Don’t wait for me more? !” Wu holding skyshatter blade in his hand slightly waved the two sides to show laughter drink a way
Most immortals, including Xia Qi, have their eyes on Tian Di Blade and Wu Shen.
It is not easy for the quasi-emperor to refine the emperor’s weapon. It is almost impossible. These immortals want to see if Wu can accept the skyshatter blade. If not, they still have a chance to seize the emperor’s skyshatter blade!
However, Wu Da-hui had just fallen into the skyshatter blade, and there was a movement. The knife light was big and cold, and the body of Wu was directly submerged in it.
Xia Qi eyes a stare and want to sell.
But a moment Xia Qi paused, and a suit of pitfalls also instantly dispersed.
Because he saw the knife awn from the skyshatter blade and the murder enveloped Wu Houwu, and he enjoyed his face with a smile. With these knife awns, he disappeared into his body!
The emperor took the initiative to minister Wu!
Wu even volunteered to become a magic weapon of Wu without refining the emperor’s skyshatter blade!
"Ha ha ha ….."
Wu laugh wildly with skyshatter blade repeatedly waved and cut out a series of horrible knife light, and all around were cut in a mess by Wu.
And many onlookers fairy is a face of horror and disappointment!
Wu used the skyshatter blade in a short time, and there is no doubt that the skyshatter blade is active. Wu Wu has robbed them!