"Don’t take! I cann’t believe you really ruined our repair Taoist priests will not let you go! "

"Don’t say that even Bailong College will punish you severely!"
"Don’t take! You don’t die a natural death! "
A group of monks hissed in succession, and the tone was angry and unbelievable.
Mo Xiu sneered, "A real Taoist priest still doesn’t put it in my eyes. I believe it won’t fall into my college. If I beat the Taoist priest, the real Taoist priest will treat me as a treasure!"
"Cut the crap and answer my question now! Are you still waiting for me to perform Hun search on you? " !
Chapter 24 Wan Li rescue (third)
Moxiu’s ruthless means finally convinced these monks that if they didn’t cooperate with Moxiu, they could lose their lives at any time, and their psychological defense suddenly collapsed.
Begging for forgiveness one by one, I can’t say anything to Mo Xiu.
Moxiu quickly got the information he wanted, then smiled coldly and sucked these people into the kendo furnace to refine and search hun at the same time.
From now on, even if the backbone of the White Dragon Club disappears completely, the White Dragon Club will be destroyed if the Taoist priests are killed again.
Those monks in the kendo furnace screamed and cursed Moxiu for not keeping his word, but they didn’t impress Moxiu at all.
From the beginning, I was not prepared to let these people go. I didn’t kill them directly, but I got my companions.
Although it can be obtained by searching hun, it will take some time, which is not as fast as it is now.
Because of this, Mo Xiu was punished by Bailong College, and he was not worried. As he said, he was going to defeat the Taoist priest and prove that he was more valuable than the Taoist priest. Even if he killed these monks, it would be a piece of cake.
To make matters worse, there is a saying that you will never recognize it.
Don’t hesitate. Mo Xiu immediately started Jianfu, returned to Bailong College in a flash, and then rushed to his destination through the college.
This is the hundred areas under the jurisdiction of Zhengdao League. It is located in the east of Zhengdao League, close to the extreme Sect. It is often violated by extreme Sect in peacetime and belongs to the front line of resistance extreme Sect, so it is called a hundred battles in one day, so it is named as the hundred battles area.
Now the Great Famine War has been going on for several years, and this place has already completely become a hell.
There are human and monster beast bones everywhere, and occasionally monsters and humans can be seen scattered on the earth. These are the lucky ones after the war.
But in more places, there are thousands of people dying out, not to mention that human beings and monster beasts have disappeared completely, as if they had been eaten by something.
Even many mountains have been drilled through and eaten, and occasionally a little ore has been unearthed, which shows that it used to be a mining area.
Anyone can see that this area has been completely abandoned.
In fact, Moxiu has learned from Jiang Shique that Zhengdao League is ready to give up this area and take a step back to defend an area.
Now that most of the forces in the Baizhan area have retreated, the monks of Qingyang Society are arranged here to resist the extreme crazy attack, and every day there are heavy casualties.
Every time I think about this, there is a flame in my heart, and I can’t wait to save everyone in a moment.
However, even if he is anxious again, he will be white. This is not enough for a while.
After several years of the Hundred Wilderness War, the giant array of Zhengdao League in the hundred battles area has been completely destroyed, and it has never been rebuilt. If you want to enter the hundred battles area, you will fly by yourself.
It is also for this reason that the Zhengdao League decided to give up the battle zone, otherwise, even if the battle is abandoned less, it can be used as a buffer to reduce deeper damage
However, it is too far to rely on the flight distance to destroy the array now, and it is not realistic to hold it here.
Fortunately, the giant array delivery in that area near the combat zone is still running. Moxiu sent it directly here and immediately prompted Jianfu to get there as quickly as possible.
Now he has seen the desolate scene on the road and even the earth. From time to time, groups of monks drive a large number of monster beasts and worms to devour everything.
Monsters, monsters, this is the greatest means of extreme cases.
Behind the extreme Sect is the ten dangerous places in Tianyuan mainland, the extremely sacred mountain, and the Unicom of the extremely sacred mountain is a foreign land dominated by the demon race, where every demon race has a powerful ratio of earth-shaking avatar.
Extremely religious monks are influenced by these demon families and turned to the demon family’s achievement method. Not only have they all practiced the demon body, but they are not like human beings, and they are also born with the royal beast and worm collar to make them stronger.
And the only purpose of every hundred wild wars is to drive monsters and worms into the Zhengdao League for food.
Their food sources are very extensive, not only human beings, monsters, trees and other living substances, but also many minerals are their food.