After five days, Yang Jianji finally succeeded.

After the success of Tsukiji, the monk’s life will be increased to 500 years old, and he will be able to fly to generate innate true fire and refine the magic weapon. Yang Xiu’s dark blue robe will not be properly decorated
Yang Xiu woke up from the meditation and immediately smelled a strange smell. When he looked around, it was the body that removed impurities and dirt and covered the body surface to form an oil film, so Yang Xiu would feel a little uncomfortable.
Now that Tsukiji has been successfully cultivated, we will arrange the post-Tsukiji issues after a period of consolidation. Yang Xiu is going to go back to Yuechiguo to visit one of his parents. After the last bit of concern in the world of mortals, he will be able to seek peace of mind and practice wholeheartedly.
Chu yun feng Zhang men Shi
The main room is not as big as expected, but the layout is simple, but if you look closely, it will imply rhyme everywhere.
There is a word "Tao" hanging on the wall opposite the door. Cang Jian draws a powerful picture, which seems to hide poverty and righteousness. Real Mu Yi is meditating and practicing on the wooden couch of "Tao" at the moment.
The incense burner on the wooden couch coffee table exudes a fragrant fragrance that makes people feel refreshed and refreshed. This spice is the top ten spices in the repair world. Ningshenxiang is refined from the precious lingmulan musk purple wood in the repair world, which can ensure that monks will not be troubled by demons when practicing, and it is extremely precious to calm their nerves.
But even with the word "Tao" to protect the heart and the fragrance to protect Shenmu, the owner still feels tired in recent days, and there has been no progress in repairing for 300 years.
Mainly, many things of Nanling Sect need this leader to manage and adjust the tiredness, so what energy is there to practice?
Although the scenery of this head title is also real, the real core benefit of Nanling Sect lies in the people who are not often born and the ancestors of Tianxuan.
In fact, when Mu Yi was a real person, he didn’t intend to do anything. The owner was bent on uniting for an early chance to condense Yuan Ying into a step further.
However, three hundred years ago, Grandfather Xuan and two other infant predecessors felt that the leaders of Nanling Sect should often associate with other sects when choosing their leaders, so the practice should not be too weak, and the reputation of the sects was not conducive to the management of other monks of the sects.
However, it is easy to delay the cultivation of the leaders, so it is impossible for them to personally choose among the monks in the Dan period
Finally, Mu Yi, who was already in the late stage of the knot Dan period, was selected
In the period of sending Yuan Babies in Nanling, the monks decided that things could be changed by outsiders. Although Mu Yi was reluctant, he accepted it.
Fortunately, however, several yuan infant predecessors promised that Mu Yi could resign as the head of the company when he had been a real person for 500 years, so as to concentrate on cultivation.
Moreover, in order to compensate for the five hundred years’ delay in Mu Yi’s real-life cultivation, not only will you get many Lingshi and materials every year, but several people will also reward some magic weapons and magic pills respectively. The most important thing is that after the expiration of the owner’s term in the future, Mu Yi’s real-life can also get some advice from the monks in Yuan’s infancy in person.
During the Dan-knot period of about 1,500 years, with the guidance and guidance of monks in Yuanying period, plus the fact that Mu Yi people have accumulated Lingshi Dan medicine over the years, it will be highly possible to refine Yuanying at the end of the period.
(Please recommend and collect)
Chapter XI Law Enforcement Elders
In this way, there will be no delay in uniting over the years.
This is also the reason why Mu Yi real people have been working hard to do a good job in charge of the work over the years. They will do their best to ask for advice from their predecessors in Daoyuan’s infancy in the future.
However, since the birth of that great event 20 years ago, Mu Yi owners have deeply felt that the fix-true world is in turmoil.
Twenty years ago, the head of Mu Yi also had some understanding of the incident of the monk’s physical loss in Yuan’s infancy.
You can imagine the tragic situation of the battle just by looking at the number of brothers Yuan Ying who were damaged by various factions, and I heard that it was a big scuffle between more than a dozen parties, which was composed of brothers Yuan Ying who were enemies.
This scuffle also led to hostility among the later sects.
Although none of the factions have defined the specific reasons for the scuffle, many brothers of the factions have fought since then, and the party members are not bound but deliberately indulge.
Recently, the elders who sent a law enforcement hall to Nanling during the foundation period were also physically injured because they rushed out with their old enemy, Brother Jianmen, when they were out on business.
Although Nanling Sect asked them to hand over the murderer to Jianmen, everyone knew that this was a meeting, and it was impossible to hand over anyone. Conversely, Nanling Sect would do the same and get the field back by itself.
It’s not over yet. Several elders in the Sect (the Dan-knot period) saw that there was a law enforcement hall elder in the Sect (the foundation period), so they sought the head of Mu Yi to recommend their successors, but they didn’t give in, which made the head of Mu Yi very resistant.
The elders of the Law Enforcement Hall mainly supervise and punish the younger brothers who violate the rules and regulations during the practice period. Because the practice period is not high, it is simple to manage. Most of the time, it is necessary to find more than a dozen younger brothers in the practice period to take care of them. Although things are simple, the treatment is not low and they will have great prestige among the monks during the practice period. They can often instruct the younger brothers to do some things during the practice period, which is not like other positions, and no one wants to take care of them.
Most of these people are monks who are self-aware and desperate for penance, so they are addicted to making more benefits for their families. Although they have different repairs, they represent their respective forces and are not easy to fight casually.
Who will be responsible for arranging the elders of the Law Enforcement Hall? Although Mu Yi’s head is in charge, and these families dare not show any dissatisfaction, he really doesn’t want to be involved in these family fights to arrange for one of them. It is also difficult to arrange for others to bear the burden, but he is afraid that he can’t hold down several family members and make him secretly stumble.
Considering much, Mu Yi’s head has never noticed the headache of the right person
Just then, the head of Mu Yi heard the knock on the door of his brother Ge Muduo.
"Ge Muduo has something to report?" Mu Yi owners in wooden couch asked.
Ge Muduo looks like he is in his thirties, dressed as a scribe, but he has reached the middle level of building a foundation.
"Back to the main gate, a new monk named Tsukiji came to register."
"Oh, I don’t know which peak monk succeeded in advancing."
"The owner should also know that it is Yang Xiu’s younger brother who cultivates medicine peak." Ge Muduo said directly without selling it.