Boom, the taiji diagram instantly turned into a taiji ball, and the Guangcheng belt was suspended from the ground. At this moment, thousands of Lingbao that roared also crashed into the taiji ball.

Crashing fast rotating taiji diagram can’t help but have a pause, but it can be rotated by force for a moment, and the endless weapons will be crunchy when they fall to the ground.
After the last roar, a spectacular scene appeared in front of everyone. A Tai Chi ball dragged a young monk in a white Se robe. On the monk’s side, there was a threatening treasure. Not far from the young monk, there was a monk in a sky blue Se robe.
At this moment, Duobao suddenly smiled at Guangcheng and said softly, "It’s a big battle."
As Duo Bao’s voice stayed at Guang Cheng’s feet, many Lingbao suddenly floated beside Guang Cheng, and at that time, Se Guang Cheng’s face was surprised and wrapped in the array.
Looking at the success of his plan, Duobao made a ring and said, "Refine the heaven and earth in a large array" and then a magic bomb exploded in the large array.
Suddenly thick hot breath all over the ring, but Duo Bao didn’t see that in his large array, Guang Cheng just put Guang Cheng’s income law into a smile of Y and N to succeed.
In the refining day array, Guangcheng gently said, "Hold on", waiting outside for Guangcheng to surrender. Dobo felt a bad wind behind him and shouted ill. He quickly gathered his body mana behind him, but Mana just gathered half to bomb Dobo and was instantly photographed underground.
Aside from refining the big array, it was also a wave, but it still didn’t burst. At this moment, there was a cough in the humanoid pit, and Duobao slowly climbed out of the pit and gasped at the large array. "What other tricks do you have to use?"
At the moment, I have received a blow from Guang Cheng. Dobo has been seriously injured, but the refining array has been started at the moment, and Dobo is not needed to deliver mana.
Duobao took out a nine-turn elixir and slowly refined the medicine to restore his health.
At this moment, a wry smile from Guangcheng appeared in the refining array. "I didn’t expect you to wear a Lingbao with you. It was a mistake. Well, I give up."
At the moment, I have suppressed my own injury. Duobao couldn’t help but smile and waved off the refining method. When I withdrew it, I revealed the inside of Guangcheng. At this time, Guangcheng was also in a mess. By relying on the male and female swords, Guangcheng was still embarrassed by the lack of refining power.
On the side, Daodao also announced that "the Xuanmen is better than the coach’s confrontation and interception."
As soon as Tao’s voice fell, one party stopped teaching and cheered loudly. Behind Tao, Suirenshi and Youchao hurried to heal Duobao.
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Chapter sixty-six Saint Lingbao San
In Duobao, the two men regained their ability to act and walked into the ring. Suddenly, the whole battle field was full of visions, and the purple gas rose from the eastern sky like Yue Xian. The sound of the avenue resounded through the sky, and the golden lotus poured down from heaven, and auspicious. The whole wilderness was filled with various visions.
Being in the battle field, the immortals couldn’t help but worship, "We welcome the venerable sage and wish him a holy life! Welcome Brother Liang (Master Sheng) and welcome Tiandi Tianhou! " As the words sound just fell, all the people have already set up the luxurious Lupeng, showing the figure of Sanqing and Haotian Yaochi.
Old waved and said, "You don’t have to bother to get up." With the old waved, all the immortals and Terran soldiers felt a soft spirit to help themselves.
The old man lifted everyone up and said, "The Xuanmen Dabie has been successfully completed. We are very satisfied with your performance. Every brother has shown his highest level. We are very pleased to see that your efforts and diligence are obvious to all. Your grandmaster is also very satisfied with your performance. In recognition of this good performance, we will send some Lingbao to reward them."
When the old man finished, he glanced at the side and received the old hint. He got up and said, "This time, you all performed very well. Ten people, such as Jun Er, cooperated with the tacit understanding and skillfully won the team championship. We discussed it and decided to give you a reward, that is, to re-refine your ten-person Lingbao and give you ten nine-turn elixirs at the same time."
After measuring, he handed a gourd of elixir to Qin, and then took ten various magic weapons from Qin.
Then the quantity announced, "Team Saiya, army, heaven, south fighting, five-star king, you and five people are far below the number of opponents, and you have achieved such good results. We discussed it and decided to give each of you an extremely acquired Lingbao and twenty golden elixirs." After that, the quantity handed another gourd and Lingbao, which exudes a strong treasure, to the side of Yansheng Xingjun.
Then take a step back and take a look at three pieces of Lingbao, saying, "You three are very good, Kong Xuan, you are the champion, and this innate Lingbao Gankun flag is given to you." Then Tongtian patted Kong Xuan on the shoulder and said, "Well done, I am very satisfied."
Sit there and wait for someone to hear Tongtianyu and roll their eyes. Then they go to the Antarctic fairy Weng and hand over the Y and N Yang and Five Elements garments of the Chinese innate Lingbao to him. "My nephew’s performance this time is very good. This Y and N Yang and Five Elements garments is our reward. I hope you will live up to our expectations and continue to work hard."
Antarctic Xianweng took the robe and quickly thanked him. "Thank you, Martial Uncle, Master Bo, for giving Bao Di. I will not live up to your expectations." Hearing the Antarctic Xianweng language, everyone nodded with satisfaction.
Then Tongtian turned and came to Pu Xian’s side and glanced at Pu Xian. At this moment, Pu Xian was very nervous. God Se looked forward to seeing Tongtian and seeing Pu Xian’s expression. Tongtian couldn’t help but say with smile, "Pu Xian, your law repair has made my eyes shine this time. This innate treasure is composed of 911 innate magic weapons. Lingbao can decorate various laws."
Speaking of this, Tongtian paused and looked at it. Pu Xian was in a hurry and said, "Your array talent is very appreciated. This array is a great bonus for you."
Say that finish tongtian hands have appeared a jade tube just looking at congenital Lingbao Pu Xian suddenly looked up to the jade tube eyes reveal filar silk hot.
In the middle of the flood, it is said that whoever is the best in the array is a refiner, an alchemist and an old man. Sanqing is the top representative of these three parties, and everyone has reached the first-class master level.
Pu Xian surprise took two pieces of baby tightly in her arms and excited to the tongtian upon "Pu Xian thanks for your treasure and gift" and kowtowed to tongtian respectfully.
Received a gift from Pu Xian and walked over to heaven and said, "I’m surprised if you don’t thank me for your talent. The whole Xuanmen is just your martial brother Duo Bao and your martial sister Gui Ling’s array talent and your own talent."
Tongtian waved the three people to sit aside after giving them the treasures. Yuan came out again, took a look at Tongtian and turned around and said, "Duobao’s nephew Guang Cheng is coming to you two."
Yuan heard the call for two people to come to the ring at the sound of his voice. Yuan looked at the two faces and gradually revealed a little appreciation. He said in his mouth, "This time the Xuan door is bigger than the two of you."
Speaking of this yuan, a wave of two thumbs and a thick merit fell on two people’s heads. When they saw the merit coming, they quickly waved their hands and collected the merit. At the same time, they looked at Yuan Yuan and saw the doubts in their eyes and explained, "This merit is in recognition of your two achievements."
After a pause, Yuan said, "Duobao won the championship of the coach’s duel this time, and these three Lingbao are you." After that, three Lingbao appeared in Yuan’s hand, emitting bursts of coercion.
When I got Lingbao Duobao, I quickly thanked him and said, "Duobao, thank you for your gift." I got three Lingbao and flew to the five corners of Duobao Pagoda instantly, and now it is full of innate Lingbao.
After Yuan gave the treasure, the old mouth said, "The Xuanmen is over, but now it’s time to solve the Terran problem. To avoid Terran casualties, the two of you will take the place of all the people to fight to end the Terran dispute."