When the Taoist priest saw that Yun Yun and Yan Xie were coming from the direction of Songshan Mountain, and Yun Yun was wearing a blue shirt similar to Qingcheng Mountain, he thought it was that Qingcheng reinforcements were so anxious that he didn’t notice that they were far from being able to reach the enemy.

I heard a muffled sound. After the young Taoist priest was thanked, he was killed by a sword rack, and he was seriously injured to the ground by a "poof" blood jet!
How can I thank the cold way? "Dare to attack my patriarch?"
How to thank is to follow the clouds, and the speed of the clouds is already slow for him. The young Taoist priest can thank him with a sword, otherwise he will be able to make a hasty move and even be killed with a blow.
However, with Yan Xie’s step on the true qi, Longyang’s golden light is blazing! On the verge of making up another sword! And the Taoist priest will fight back if he is seriously injured
Clouds saw eyebrows a wrinkly skill block how to thank "don’t take his life first".
How to thank also don’t ask why when sword su hand way "yes".
The Taoist priest narrowly walked in the ghost gate and was stunned. Just now, Xie Xie’s murderous look and compaction were the only things he had seen in the past 30 years. Even if he could have the opportunity given by Wudang elders, he would never realize such murder!
Hangyun looked at Yan Xie Yan and said, "It’s not my woman’s benevolence, but this man has been seriously injured. It’s impossible to kill him without killing him. Kill him at the moment, and he will help him except to increase his resentment."
After a delicious meal, he added, "If it is really reversible, it is not too late to kill again."
Speaking of which, Yunyun’s complexion is also cold. If you don’t kill at the moment, you just leave some room. After all, even if reinforcements reach the strength of the three factions, it’s just a close battle to kill the enemy, and it’s a lose-lose situation. Yunyun doesn’t want to see it unless he has to.
How to thank Wen Yanwei is a smile. "The patriarch is the patriarch of Wan Jian, but he can make a decision to thank him naturally."
Just as they were talking, someone suddenly said, "But, but Brother Yun?"
The sound is very weak
Clouds turned to look and saw a green gate sitting in the grass with a sword mark on his chest. It was a terrible half-bath, obviously seriously injured.
"The Taoist priest jumped out from here, and the elder brother was injured, so he wanted to stay." Yunyun’s heart andao, however, had never been in peer contact when he was in Qingcheng Mountain. Although he knew that this person was his elder brother, he couldn’t name it.
Clouds frown in the first two steps to hold the green gate and reach for his pulse door to spy out and find out what’s the matter. This is a relief. "Although the injury is not light, it is not life-threatening."
Xingyun didn’t recognize the Qingcheng Gate, but he recognized that Xingyun had just asked for information because he fell to the ground and thanked the shelter. At this moment, Xingyun prostrated himself and immediately recognized the joy and said, "Brother, Qingcheng is saved!"
Talk turned out to be dancing to detain involved in the wound blood flow is much more, but this person seems to feel is urgent, "grandmaster, although they have high martial arts, they are outnumbered by the three thieves! I hope you can save me! My injury is nothing! "
Clouds smell speech zheng heart way this unknown senior can disregard their own safety at this moment still miss grandmaster, although martial arts is not high, but this sex is commendable!
If you look up again, you will see that there are always battles in twos and threes around here. One or two people in Qingcheng Mountain are surrounded by three factions, four or five people, and there are many more! Although the number of people is at a disadvantage, they are all brave!
As a result of a shock, Xing Yunxin blurted out, "This scene was hard to see even in front of the Qingcheng Wall two years ago!" Although my heart is still secretly worried about the safety of Qingcheng Mountain, a sense of joy has quietly risen.
How to thank you in the side also has a feeling of laughter. "It is more important to have a sense of ambition to die. Although there has not been much progress in the martial arts of Qingcheng Mountain in the past two years, the former decadent and decadent spirit has been swept away, and it is not far away to survive the resurgence of Qingcheng Mountain."
The cloud heard that he was in favor of saying to the elder brother, "Let the elder brother rest here for a while, and the younger brother will go and save the grandfathers first."
But relax, brother. Wan Jianzong’s reinforcements will arrive soon, and we will not let Qingcheng Mountain lose its vitality today! "
That senior brother saw the martial arts of Walking Cloud with his own eyes in Qingcheng Mountain, and he believed it even more after hearing that Walking Cloud had broken the Shaolin Enchanting Array.
Clouds looked at him and got up and walked to the Wudang Taoist priest, who had just woken up from the shock and looked at Clouds pushing into his heart. After all, he injured the Qingcheng Gate, and it was a piece of cake for Clouds to kill him at the moment.
However, to his surprise, the clouds sealed his cave and said, "I have told you to shut up. My brother was injured by you after I left. You’d better hope it doesn’t work, or I will not let you go!"
After talking, I ignored him and turned to thank him. "I’ll go to find my grandmaster and save my younger martial brother. Although there are two of us who may save one person, one will be under your command when reinforcements arrive!"
At Yan Xie with great meaning, he said, "When reinforcements arrive, they can save lives without killing people. If the master changes, listen to my command."
See how Xie Gongshen obeyed, and the two strands of Gang were running at the same time and headed for the war circle.
Right and wrong, good and evil, insincere (chapter 624)
Clouds and clouds thanked the Taoist priest for delaying the fighting around them. People have seen that the three schools of Qingyuan sent a lot of people to help them. Clouds don’t want their feet to accelerate again when they wave, and they will pass through like a gust of wind. Where can ordinary brothers stop them?
Wait for the reaction to come over and face it. How can you thank Longyang, who is just fierce and incomparable?
How to thank martial arts for dealing with these people is more than enough. In a short time, it will be a sword for several people!
This beautiful creature like a fairy is just fierce and ruthless! Three pie door miserable at the same time around the green gate is relieved.
Look at the clouds a few have disappeared back how Xie mouth whistling way "Wan Jian patriarch to this meaning the enemy to avoid! Those who dare to fight will be killed! "
In the past two years, people’s names, trees, shadows and clouds have become famous, and the whole Wulin Sect is no exception. No matter how proud these ordinary people are when facing Jianghu people, they will not recognize that they can be opponents of clouds, even if they resist.
"This is the defeat of the Four Metamorphosis Masters in Qingcheng Mountain. In Taiyuan, the World War I led the Wanjian Zongmen to break the Shaolin Enchantment!"
Xingyun is Mercedes-Benz, listening to Yan Xie’s big drink and nodding his head, and then he remembers the scene of sending through Qingcheng Mountain a year ago. At that time, his martial arts were far from now, and he can still make a breakthrough all the way. What’s worse now?
Thought of here, the lofty sentiments rise and fall, and the words fall, as if in his words, the clouds are blazing suddenly!
Roaring like rolling thunder!
Even if you don’t wake up before, the three brothers beside the walking cloud will be dizzy by the roaring shock of the walking cloud! Where is the sword handed in? Naturally, I was driven straight into the clouds!
China’s opponent is the leader of Dian Cang Sect, the quiet fairy. Compared with their martial arts, Qingcheng Mountain was suppressed by three factions, but China could not concentrate on one place. If it were not for the unyielding fighting spirit in my heart, I would have lost.
Look at your brothers Guang and Yang, who were entangled by Qu Zhengqiu and Cai Peifeng respectively. These four men caught each other and it was difficult to draw a tie at the moment.
Light-splitting Excalibur is chasing the wind in hand. Twenty-four swords make it slow to say that chasing the wind can even chase the light! Qu Zheng’s swing wisp is not inferior to thousands of swords, like thousands of swords flashing and chasing light. The fast sword was picked up by him one by one. It was the needle tip that was pointed at the wheat awn, and the eyesight was slightly worse. Even the sword shadow was difficult to distinguish.
Yang Wuyang, Cai Peifeng, the fierce sun, and the heat wave rolling straight make people doubt that the summer heat that has just left for a few days will come back! There’s no sign of one person around these four people, and even the heads of various factions have avoided it.
The heart is blocked by Zheng Yan of Huashan School, and the two men are locked in a fight. Luo Qixing, the opponent, naturally tried his best when he was in front of everyone to prove that his repeated defeats were not bad martial arts, but that the dust kept more attacks and less attacks, but he could still support it for a while.
But it is too big and dangerous! His opponent is the so-called Wudang Xuan word generation strongest Xuanheng reality! At the moment is being forced to retreat step by step! There are more than ten minor injuries!
"I have a half chance of winning Qingcheng before the leaders of Wudang and Huashan have started!"
Seeing that most of my senior brothers can still support them, they have regained their strength. On the other hand, there are still many masters who are not present!
What’s more, Qingcheng Six can support his younger brothers, but one by one, they shed blood in China. "If several senior brothers had listened to my words, they would have been wrong. Shaolin Wudang had the illusion to help Yuner and Wan Jianzong, and they wouldn’t have fallen into isolation and were besieged to death by three factions!"
China is dark, sad and quiet, but the center of the earth is not calm. He is the only one of the heads of the three factions, so it is hard to be reconciled.
I think that Wudang and Huashan leaders were watching from the sidelines, but he fell off the field alone and was the same leader, but he got the point. Either he chose China as his opponent first and found the steps himself, so he lost.
But after all, the other big schools are weaker than the ones that are always weak, so we have to leave the master in this time to come to the soul level master, and then there will be him and Cai Peifeng. If he doesn’t make moves, there will be no master.