Hehe, the Blackwater River God laughs. Seeing Kang Mo’s words fall with one hand but don’t hide or flash is a mockery. "Good eyesight, goblins have the way of the Yuan God but don’t know the mystery of the array! One layer of my ban actually contains nine changes, that is, practitioners of Yuan Shen Dao can’t casually grasp it if they don’t understand the mystery! "

"It turns out that this ban is what the old guy relies on!" Como said at this time just know in my heart.
Monsters are different in class. Most of them concentrate on strength and spells. They rarely take the time to study the array, that is, there are goblins. By chance, they won’t take the time to study the array cheats. Most of them are just a little fur. They can barely arrange two or three simple prohibitions. It is impossible to transport them to the array and break the array!
When Como spoke, he didn’t hide his appearance. Blackwater River God saw that he was a leprechaun. This monster always had a lot of confidence in his own prohibition, but he didn’t know what role the pretty boy was in front of him, so he put on a good posture.
Como said that his arm stretched forward as if he had passed through the nine-story ban without seeing the understatement of his fingers in front of him, and then his five fingers suddenly grabbed him like pliers
Blackwater River God was confident that Como’s words would be blocked outside, so he didn’t have much vigilance. When the other party’s arm suddenly passed through the ban and wanted to respond, he had already come. If he didn’t, he would gather together in front, and Como’s words would be firmly buckled.
The white-faced Taoist hey hey smiled, and his arm suddenly burst into a circle of white cold mana and suddenly expanded, immediately shaking up a nine-layer banned law.
Blackwater Poseidon was held by people and couldn’t move. Kang Mo’s words were supposed to shatter the government’s ban. He couldn’t help but be surprised and panicked. "I didn’t expect you, the monster, to know the law! ? Don’t break me and ban me. I’ll return those little demons to you intact and leave with you! "
Kang Moyan didn’t look at the front array law in his eyes. He shocked the mana to the point of nine prohibitions. I didn’t expect the blue splendor on the periphery of Heishui River God House to tremble for a few minutes, but it didn’t break away. Kang Moyan was secretly surprised. I thought, "The devil of Jiedan level is a powerful array method, and it’s very bad to take advantage of my shock from the outside. How can this barrier not be destroyed?" Could it be that this array is set by another Yuan God? If so, don’t destroy it! "
Thought of this, Kang Mo’s words were put out, and this thought made me buckle my five fingers more tightly, and the Heishui River God called out a few times. This was the cold way: "I came to Heishui River and decided to make it difficult for anyone. Please return me to the demon as soon as possible and have a look. If there is any damage, this matter will stop. I won’t hold you accountable for your lack of eyesight, and you don’t have to care where I go!"
Nuo Nuo, the God of Blackwater River, pleaded, "It’s an old man who is trapped in a palace now. It’s not good to give orders. Please show your respect and let the old man go back and ask them out in person."
Como said that he could get in and out of the Shuifu array, but he was not afraid of Blackwater River God’s tricks, and he could easily cope with what the other side did when he was in Dan’s way. When he saw Blackwater River God begging Como to say something, he let go of his five fingers and said lightly, "Go quickly and come back quickly. My patience is limited. If it is too long, it will be difficult to guarantee your Shuifu peace!"
Blackwater River God took off Kang Moyan’s palm and retreated for a certain distance, then suddenly let out a loud roar and shook the whole Shuifu. Suddenly, a blue light flew out of the tall palace in the middle of Shuifu. This light moved the law on the periphery of the palace, and the blue treasure light disappeared into the eyebrows of Blackwater River God. The law around it disappeared with the collapse and ceased to disappear into the darkness in the whole Shuifu.
"What’s the name of this old thing? That precious light just now looks like a token. Why does it seem that there are many eccentricities hidden in it? "
The two of them are not as good as the world. Don’t Como say that confidence is that Blackwater River God can make great changes and he can cope with them at will. Besides, he also wants to see what’s so special about this treasure light, so he looks on coldly and stops it with Blackwater River God’s efforts as never before.
Blackwater River God’s mana soared dozens of times after he received the blue treasure light between his eyebrows. It was also a rising tide, and his breathing actually broke through from the level of Jiedan and entered the Yuan God’s way!
This half-dragon, half-ghost monster suddenly turned into a 70-year-old man with a black robe and twisted his beard. He glared at Como with anger and said coldly, "Damn you, little thief! How dare you come to my Heishui River to make trouble? Today, I will put you down in the water house and make a salted fish that cannot be turned over! "
One seven three take
One seven three take
Can repair the instant from the knot Dan to the Yuan God Road, baby Kangmo, don’t say that you have seen it or even heard of it. According to common sense, it is indeed possible to raise mana with the help of foreign objects, but it is absolutely impossible to upgrade the road. It is amazing that the Yuan God was born after the mana of Heishui River God soared!
Kang Moyan saw a palm-sized metal card in the sapphire light. It seems that there are three or two ancient seals of Heishui River God, and then there are three golden seals that Kang Moyan can’t recognize. They are reflected on Heishui River God’s forehead for a moment and then hidden.
"This thing is a good baby. If I can use it to boss people around, it is not impossible to instantly raise the first order to kill people! However, this old guy Yuan Shen is a bit eccentric, and it seems that he can’t reach the true Yuan Shen Tao! "
Practitioners’ practice of the Yuan God is to transport the essence and refine all kinds of ideas into a tangible and qualitative state. If the idea does not die, people will not die, so there is a saying that the Yuan God will not die and the body will not die. Kang Moyan knows the Yuan God like the back of his hand. He looks at the changes in the body of the Heishui River, but there is another feeling that he suddenly thinks of Yingzhou Jiulao.
Yingzhou’s nine old people are all Yuan gods. Kang Mo said that when I accidentally crossed Yingzhou Xiandao, I was still unable to evaluate these nine old people. But now I look back at these nine old people, but there are many similarities with Heishui River God at this time.
Heishui River God was made by taking advantage of external things to achieve Yuan God’s own efforts. Naturally, there are many differences. At the beginning of Kang Mo’s speech, he was very shocked and found the weakness of Heishui River God.
Although the old man is full of mana at this time, it seems to overflow. In fact, the weight is somewhat insufficient, not to mention the perfect level comparison with the Yuan God. It is that Kang Moyan’s mana when he first entered the Yuan God was several times thicker than that of the Blackwater River God today. More than that, it is not only the same as Yingzhou Jiulao, but it is not very strong, which is much worse than the ordinary Yuan God.
Like Liu Hai, Yuan Shen’s way is far from being complete, but he can break out of the Yellow River array with nine twists. However, the joint efforts of Yingzhou Nine Laojiu people are still trapped by Kang Moyan for a long time, which means that the way to achieve Yuan Shen is different. I want to practice Yuan Shen with the help of foreign things, and there are many differences between Yuan Shen and Brother Yuan Shen.
Kang Moyan believes that Blackwater River God is not only lacking in mana, but even the so-called Yuan God will have some mistakes, but he can also look at each other. He wants to find out about each other’s Yuan God, but he can’t. When he sees that Blackwater River God is quite satisfied with this transformation, he puts out two fingers and says, "Old things can achieve Yuan God with the help of foreign things. Is it really Yuan God’s way?" How dare you say something crazy and let the young master beat you to death first! "
Kang Moyan stretched out his hand and stirred the Blackwater River to give birth to a powerful undercurrent. He squeezed the Blackwater River God around before and after. Although it was not the real Yuan God’s mana, it was also close. Therefore, Kang Moyan did not leave a hand to directly use great mana to urge the horse to roll and stir it into a huge whirlpool.
Continuous shooting, the palm of the Blackwater River God, flew out with four qi rumbling, which could withstand the pressure from all directions. The old man laughed and shouted, "You little thief don’t know the height of the earth. Besides your physical powers, the Blackwater River King has many things in his veins. How about you having great powers by virtue of the Blackwater River?"
Blackwater River God drank a whole body full of qi, drummed up a few muffled sounds, and the undercurrents in the four directions were shaken off. Then when the palm of his hand turned over, a flash of blue light suddenly stirred up the water, and the undercurrents surged, stirring up the black water. The rumbling noise was better than the water pressure pushed by Kang Moyan, and it was overwhelming.
Kang Moyan has never fought against the water-vein river god, so he doesn’t know that the other side has this advantage. This time, when he met his opponent, he immediately aroused his competitive heart. Kang Moyan drank all his powers and clapped his hands behind him, and suddenly the river was cut around by him for miles. As he pointed forward, the water was surging and pressing.
Angry waves, monstrous undercurrents, and turbulent waves, two big waters slammed into one place, and the water rang like thunder. The surface of the Black River suddenly rose to the sky, and the pressure of water shortage gave birth to a huge whirlpool. When stirred, it shook the wall tiles of the Heishui River God House, and a palace in the center did not know what magic blessing was swaying in the undercurrent.
Kang Moyan shook his body for two times before he managed to settle down. He was secretly surprised. He didn’t expect Blackwater River God to take his own spell. When his eyes moved, he saw the black-robed old man across the street. After a move, his mana was gone and he was caught in the undercurrent of the river. How could he miss a good opportunity?
Kang Mo said nothing, but as soon as his arm lifted his sleeve, a golden light flew out, and the golden bell broke the turbulent undercurrent and buckled it head-on. He wanted to take this old man into the array and make a way to turn over salted fish.
Blackwater River God is a little difficult to support, but the defending soil admiralty is menacing. His eyebrows suddenly fly out of the house, and the sapphire brilliance catches the declining trend of the defending soil admiralty from one to another.
Kang Mo said that he didn’t exert himself to throw another arm sleeve and flew out of a chessboard. It was ten times more aggressive than defending the soil and admiralty. A large chessboard was full of murder. Even the mud at the bottom of the river was blocked by this murder. When he looked at it, he couldn’t help but tremble.
"What is this little thief route? It’s a magic weapon not to even shoot FuBao! His golden bell is extremely difficult to deal with. If I am copied by this kill array, I am afraid that I will die! "
See the meandering Yellow River array broken sediment from the bottom of the river outflanked Blackwater River God, which was a little panicked and quickly divided the treasure light on the top of the head into large pieces to resist the foot array method, but as a result, the pressure suddenly increased.
Kang Mo refused to miss the opportunity to put his hand at a finger, and there was a Chengcheng Huang firm but gentle flying out with a slight turn, like chopping melons and vegetables, crushing the blue light from the head of Blackwater River God, and then the open River God was pressed by the law of defending soil and admiralty with a head-on buckle.
Kang Moyan took back the golden bell and the Jiuqu Yellow River Array, regardless of the Heishui River God, and sneaked into the palace.
The palace is a mess. There are dozens of goblins, men and women, who are crouching in a corner shivering. Obviously, they have been frightened by the courage of some of these goblins. They are too advanced outside the temple, but they can’t resist the fear of early death if they don’t have the protection of this palace. At this time, seeing that Kang Moyan broke into the hall was not his own river god master’s triumph. Even if several Gonge shouted and fainted.