One mouth swallowed the lightning and formed a dragon, which shows its horror.

After swallowing the flash dragon, this dragon soul divides these flashes into hundreds of millions of strands and refines the flesh of the sea a little bit.
In the end, all the flashes were swallowed by the sea.
The flesh is strong and the sea is strong. Now you can smash the hole with one punch. If you match your own golden gloves, you may not be able to eat a punch even if the hole is empty and complete.
This time, the refinement of the flesh fully made Muhai rise to the challenge of two small realms.
Kiko said that Mahayana was his opponent.
"Ha ha Mahayana master? I am afraid that no country may have one. "
With such a thought, there are fewer and fewer enemies in the world.
However, Muhai can’t slack off in the face of being hundreds of millions of times scarier than these masters.
After four hours, Muhai slowed down and flew slowly.
"Is brother coming?" Shi Xiaoshu said
"Enma can see Grandpa," Muhai said.
Hearing this, Shi Xiaoshu’s face was exposed to suppress the excitement.
Bathing kelp with Shi Xiaoshu flew and landed firmly in front of Sanglinshan villa.
Mu Hai-shen woke Shi Cheng, who was practicing.
I heard Muhaiyin Shi Cheng’s eyes show a tree and jumped out of bed and ran out quickly.
Shi stopped when he was at the door. wait for a while looked at Shi Xiaoshu beside Muhai.
Shi Xiaoshu also looked at Shi Cheng from wait for a while, and neither of them moved.
The face looks complicated, like a thousand words.
"Grandpa …"
"Little Shu …"
At this moment, the two men moved at the same time, ran to each other and hugged each other tightly
Tears in two people’s eyes quickly slide.
"Grandpa, I’ll never see you again. Blare …"
"Little Shu, I saw you, too."
The tears of the two kept overflowing.
This hug is with three years of missing and waiting hard.
This hug has three years of suffering and life and death suffering.
The two embraced for half an hour and looked at each other.
"Great, you’re not hurt." Shi Cheng was all smiles.
"Grandpa, you are getting younger." Shi Xiaoshu looked at Shi Cheng in surprise.
When two people look at each other and wipe away tears, they laugh.
The two talked for a long time and talked for a long time before they recovered their excitement.
Two people go to MuHai side show a full face of gratitude.
"Xiaohai, thank you"
"Brother, thank you!"
Muhai smiled at the words of the two men and they embraced at the same time. "You’re welcome as a family."
Three people embrace as a family.
It takes a long time for three talents to relax.
"Little Shu is hungry. Grandpa will cook for you." Shi Cheng said.
"Well" Shi Xiaoshu couldn’t help but touch the belly and nodded his head.
When I heard this, Muhai couldn’t help but forget that Shi Xiaoshu was not a practitioner. I knew I should give her a devil’s fruit today.
Shi Cheng quickly ran to the kitchen to get busy.
"Brother Xiao Shu asked you something," Muhai said.
"Elder brother, you ask" Shi Xiaoshu nodded his head.
"If I taught you mechanical manufacturing, you didn’t want to learn?" Mu Hai said
When I heard the word mechanical, Shi Xiaoshu’s eyes shone together.
"Well, do you want to learn?" Mu Hai said
"Brother, please teach me. I really want to learn." Shi Xiaoshu said.
"Don’t worry, if you want to learn from me, you must have strong strength, so you must also learn to practice," Muhai said.
"Elder brother, what are you waiting for? I’m so weak because I didn’t teach me to practice. If I can reach my strong strength, I can move any machinery."
Shi Xiaoshu looked at Muhai with a bright face of surprise.
Muhai nodded his head and swept into Shi Xiaoshu’s body with a burst of disappointment.
"It’s a normal constitution, but it should be more than enough if it doesn’t become The Hunger body."
Muhai secretly nodded and made a decision in his heart.
Chapter 464 Surprise
"This is marrow-washing pill, which can strengthen your physique."
"This is Lingshi, which can speed up your practice."