But Barak was just happy.

Judging from the pictures taken by reporters before the game, Barak was still in a good mood with a smile on his face.
It’s hard to believe that he is in a difficult situation at Lazio.
If he has always been so smiling, it’s just that everyone can recognize that he pays attention to his personal image, but it’s actually not to cover up his front expression, and his face is gloomy and bleak. It seems that you can feel the strong negative energy breath emitted by him dozens of meters away.
At that time, media criticism made him feel great pressure, and his expression could not be improved.
This expression is normal in his situation.
So what, he’s happy now?
This is very surprising.
Did losing the national team hit him so hard that Barak gave up on himself?
Chang Sheng made a final mobilization in the dressing room before the game.
Many people still look very tired when they come back from the national team competition. This game has always won and was forced to make a large-scale adjustment.
He naturally doesn’t want his team to lose the game at home, no matter what the reason.
So he was well prepared for the game.
And he asked the team to be at home in Bologna.
Finally, when the players walked out of the locker room, he stopped Barak.
"Calm down and don’t get too excited, Michelle."
He said
Barack smiled and nodded, "I don’t have a boss."
This "boss" is really skilled.
Now he is used to this name. In the past week and a half, he and the boss have got to know each other better.
Moreover, Barak is sincere about Changsheng, and it is inevitable to admire others’ success. It is not wrong to call yourself the boss.
"Go, the team needs your contribution."
Changsheng knows that the most important thing for people like Barak is to express their needs for him.
Sure enough, I heard Chang Sheng say that Barak’s eyes flashed.
Then he came out.
Today, the Olympic Stadium in Rome is particularly lively.
Because this is the first game in this stadium in the new season, there is nothing at the Olympic Stadium before the Super Bowl or the league.
The Italian Super Cup should be played here if it is not moved to Beijing.
Lazio played away in the first round of the league, and now they are finally back at home.
This is the first home stadium in the new season. Lazio fans packed the Olympic Stadium.
The Olympic stadium, which can accommodate 72,000 people, is full.
This is not a battle of strong dialogue focus.
Lazio won the first triple crown in Italian history this season, which gave them a lot of points.
The number of Lazio fans has increased greatly, and fans are more interested in watching the game on the spot.
That’s why Lotito insisted on building his own stadium. Seeing such a high seating rate, the income on the match day was cheaper in the end. He really had reason to be unhappy.