Hou Shen couldn’t help nodding his head, but after hearing what Mei Qing said, there were a lot of doubts about juggling yellow face and body, and it would be impossible to take it off.

"But at this time, I’m afraid that the guy has long since left and I don’t know where to go, but it’s like catching him?" Houshendao
Mei Qing is also at a loss. If there are many masters in other practices, there may be a way to find out where to go, but it has always been temporary in Mei Qing.
People who listen to the conversation around them seem to understand the meaning of the two people. "What? Isn’t juggling a good man? Hum, can we still run away from him in this acre of land? I’ll call someone to chase it. "
Mei Qing hurriedly blocked his way, "Wait a minute. This matter is just my two people’s inference. If it is not true, if it is what the man is afraid of, the average person will take him even after it. In my opinion, it is up to you to report it to your master. The two of us will go after it."
People also feel very reasonable after listening to it, so they fly out and report this Mei Qing inference to Shi Mengzhu.
"Where are we going?" Asked the man as he walked away from Hou Shenmei Qing.
Mei Qing thought for a moment before saying, "In fact, I don’t know if this is really the case. I don’t know what he did to the sweet girl. What’s the purpose? If he has already escaped from nature, it’s too late for us to chase. If he has other plans, I think there is a place to explore."
"Oh?" Hou Shen asked, "Where did you say it was?"
"fishbone temple"
At the beginning, Mei Qing left a heart when the three fishbone temples were different.
The reason is that first, ghosts and gods appear in various forms, and then a big fairy jumps out and shouts that people don’t believe in Shinto and don’t keep morality, which causes the gods and buddhas to punish and pray for the people to believe in it … In Mei Qing’s heart, this means is simply a standard evil spirit’s crooked propaganda template or a unified one that has not changed its settings.
Therefore, when Mei Qing heard Sam’s introduction, he was already suspicious of this small temple. Even if it was not intentional, it was a little confusing. There were some shady activities in the temple. It was necessary for a person to disturb the environment before he took pains to play this trick. Since this juggler is also mysterious and unlike a good man, if he came with a plan, no matter what his purpose was, it is likely that some time ago, those pavements had this small temple, which is naturally the place where he should stay.
Mei Qing at this time, naturally, I still don’t know how outrageous I feel that the inference is wrong. Hou Shen is still on the side, and his eyes are shining with worship. He can’t stop praising that "the public really has a good opinion" …
Fools are stupid, but there are always more stupid fools to cheer him on.
Afterwards, Mei Qing remembered this matter and had to laugh at himself with a wry smile.
"The wind is now dancing cranes and swimming in the sky is as urgent as a law!" Mei Qing shook his hand and a huge crane appeared in front of them.
"Male, this is …" I suddenly saw Mei Qing, a crane with a spirit, and Fu Houshen couldn’t help but look straight.
Mei Qing’s spirit crane operator was refined before leaving the house. After all, it is not skilled. Today, it just happens to fly across the seven-mile ghost sea to explore the fishbone temple in Xiangyun Island. If two people row a boat and it is easy to startle, it may not be fun for them to row.
Staggering for a while, I was about to fall into the water, and then I went straight to the clouds, making them confused … It is always difficult to have a test drive for the first time.
When I was just a crane, I still looked around, so Mei Qing was full of sweat. At this time, his hands clung tightly to the crane’s neck force to command the crane to fly as smoothly as possible in front, and at the same time, he tried his best to grab the crane’s tail and dangle it. Hou Shendao said, "It is good to rest assured that the horse is good."
Just now, two people saw the crane. Sure enough, the crane flew, but it seemed to have some big results, and then Hou Shenma changed from a passenger to a pendant.
When the crane finally flew steadily and rubbed the water for a long time, Mei Qing Hou Shencai took a long breath. Suddenly, when a gust of wind started, he felt that as soon as he died, the huge crane turned into a small paper crane and "sou" returned to Mei Qing’s arms. At the same time, they both "alas" and fell into the sea.
"A bold traitor dares to be a flying master when he commits a crime!" A broken drink ring place feel a Guanghua straight to the two of them.
The second volume Chapter One Monk Together
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I feel that when my body is tight, Mei Qing Hou Shen is tightly bound by a strange force, so I can’t move in the sea.
At this time, Mei Qing Hou Shen saw clearly which side the sneak attack on him was sacred. Seeing a short old road not far behind them, it was so half-ling that the sea was a mess, and the head was sparse, and a few short paths were short, and the rosacea was red. It was at Wanghailou that the old road was seen. At this time, the old road was surly and looked at them with a bad look. The old fortune-teller’s old robes were getting worse and worse.
"A good thief can see that you are not a kind person as early as in the restaurant. You don’t want to think about benevolence, but this time you will be spared," said the old man bitterly.
"long meaning?" Mei Qing heart hate this road can not focus on the fit and have the ability to easily capture two people at a stroke. It is quite high. Since there is such a repair, it is really disgusting to sneak attack on two people without regard to their faces and backs.
"What is the sneak attack behind the road? If you have the ability to let the young master go according to the rules of the Jianghu, let’s see a real seal at the bottom of our hands! " Hou Shen bash elbows LiMu beside call way
A pair of small eyes turned to Hou Shen’s face and shook his head. "You’re not a man of practice. What are your rules?" I don’t give you any trouble, but this guy "pointed to Mei Qingdao" and practiced witchcraft to kill people, but it was necessary to remove you from the fix true world. "
Mei Qing Hou Shen glances are surprised to hear this sophisticated tone seems to be when two people are big villains. Is there any misunderstanding among them?
"Our brothers thought that it was worthy of such accusations from our predecessors. I wonder what they meant when they said that practicing witchcraft would harm people’s lives?" Mei Qing was calm and asked as usual.
"A good thief is still stubborn when he dies!" The old man thundered, "Let me ask you, your practice is a double cultivation! In the restaurant that day, I saw that girl’s physique was abnormal, and I saw you pay attention to her. I also said something to wake you up. You don’t want to be a thief, but I am old-fashioned and have left you to harm others, but I can’t let you go again today! "
"Elder this matter or have a misunderstanding? Although I have practiced the double cultivation method, I have my own Taoist couple, but I have not been involved in mining and mending. Last night, I was doing my brother’s work. I came here because I was looking for this matter. "Mei Qing said, but he secretly blinked at Hou Shen deeply.
Old fire emit three zhangs cried "still dare to chicanery! I’ve seen that girl in the village. Has she been traced by someone? I’ve explored dozens of miles of old roads in Fiona Fang. Do other suspicious people want to be fooled besides you? "
"Oh?" Mei Qing thoughtfully looked up at the old road and suddenly shouted "Mr. Shi!"
The old man Zheng, his mind is wandering, and what’s worse, the three of them are in the middle of the sea, where can anyone else come? Look at the sight of Mei Qing Hou Shen, two people suddenly broke away from their own Taoist shackles and moved in pairs!
See Hou Shencai move immediately disappeared; And Mei Qing body fall to the ground at the same time, both hands have each tactic mouth chanting mantra "tai chi congenital root element; Jin Mu fire soil water god draw … "
"Want to run?" Lao Dao was surprised when they suddenly broke free from their own ban. He had already observed that they were not practitioners before their Shendao body. Although Mei Qing was a good student at his age, it was not enough to look at it in front of the old road. I didn’t expect these two guys to get out of the ban in a few words, which was really unexpected.
Even if they temporarily lift the ban, they still can’t run out of the sophisticated palm. Looking at Mei Qing with sarcasm, Hou Shen is invisible but can see clearly in the sophisticated mind. And Mei Qing incredibly want to escape road sophisticated nature is not allowed.
Just as the old hands were trying to stop the five elements from breaking the law in Mei Qing, they suddenly heard Mei Qing’s scolding "Set!" At once, I felt that the whole body was really delayed and I was forbidden to prepare Daoism on the spot and never went out again.