"I became a cripple in the world and I don’t want to be a disgrace to flying Lei Jun; I know that the Japanese people asked me to deliver the letter with bad intentions, but I have to do it because of the report; It’s already very hard for the world to guard Tongbo City, but I still have to continue to increase the burden on you. Please see that I have taken care of you since I was a child and sent me a ride to Dafen. "I am very determined to care for my life."

"You don’t say that’s impossible …" Zhu Ceguo was interrupted by Muqingfeng before he finished.
"Gu Qiangzi, I’ll give you a ride" is no reason for the warrior to finally ask Mu Qingfeng not to promise. Although he can guarantee to save him, it is an insult to someone like Gu Nian to live in humiliation like that.
"MuQingFeng! What are you going to do! " Zhu Ceguo never imagined that Mu Qingfeng would make such a request. If he hadn’t estimated his identity, Zhu Ceguo would have had a big fight with him.
Gu nian can’t see, but his ears are still good. "Who is this?"
"In Mu Qingfeng, I made the younger brother of Yan Wang Bai Qiao, Bei Yan Ying Wang, meet the world this time and come to guard the city. Don’t worry, I will definitely avenge you!" Mu Qingfeng revealed his identity.
Gu Nian finally showed a comfortable smile and said, "Please come to the King’s Palace!"
righteous and courageous
"Thank you for coming all the way to support us in Donglu. I am very grateful. I care about flying Lei Jun, the soldiers. Thank you very much. If there is an afterlife, I must be a hero like you. If you don’t get drunk, please come back now." After Gu Nian finished, he stopped talking and waited for the final relief with a serene expression.
"Don’t worry, I won’t let you down. I, Mu Qingfeng, hereby swear that I will never retreat until I drive the Japanese out of the East!" Mu Qingfeng vowed that it was unreasonable for a warrior to finally ask himself not to promise him.
"Mu leads a ride to Gu Warrior" Mu Qingfeng said to Mu Chongshan around him.
Mu Chongshan got the instruction, walked slowly to Gu Nian’s side and put his right hand on his chest. Even though he knew that Gu Nian was bent on dying, Mu Chongshan’s hand was still shaking. After all, it was the first time for him to send one of his own.
Zhu Ceguo also wanted to say something, but he was held by Zhao Shoucheng. Although looking for the satrap was a civilian, he knew better what it meant to be broken than tile. Zhu Ceguo looked at Gu Nian and satisfied, and even if he was unwilling, he stopped moving himself.
"Brothers, go all the way!" Mu Chongshan said that after the palm force spewed out, it directly shattered Gu Nian’s heart and missed the whole person, and then it never moved again.
Everyone present was full of enthusiasm. According to Takeda Hararo’s original plan, he planned to shake the morale of Tongbo through his crippled body besides sending letters. Now it seems that it is really counterproductive.
Zhu Ceguo wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes and said to Mu Qingfeng,’ We have to come up with a plan to handle my father’s affairs in the King’s Palace.’
Muqingfeng nodded and went directly to the hall with Zhao Taishou. Of course, I still have to bury the body properly.
"The king’s palace, what should we do now? It’s not that I’m selfish. My father’s body is really not a problem. Otherwise, people will panic and East Road will definitely be untenable. "Zhu Ceguo took out the letter and spread it on the table, worried and said.
"The Temple of the World should think twice. What? They will let the warriors go to the city to report that it is to make our morale unstable and then send troops in a hurry. They are easy and easy. Our troops are not necessarily successful when they are sheltered outside the Tongbo city wall." I didn’t expect that the opposition was actually Zhao Shoucheng, the confidant of Liu Wang Zhu Jie.
"Zhao Taishou!" Zhu Ceguo directly got up. "What do you mean? Are you going to watch my father captured alive by the Japanese? I didn’t expect you to be such a greedy little man! It’s a waste of my father’s esteem for you! You won’t send troops to save it, will you? Then I’ll go by myself! King’s Palace, what do you think? Don’t send troops to watch my father die? ! “
Mu Qingfeng is also silent. Although it is cruel, Zhao Shoucheng suggested that it is the best way to stay put. Otherwise, rushing to send troops regardless of whether it can save Lu Wang Zhu Jie, I am afraid that Tongbo is also unbearable.
See MuQingFeng silent Zhu Ceguo smiled three big said, "so you are a group of cowards afraid to go, right? Okay, if you don’t go, I’ll go by myself! I’d rather die on the battlefield with my father than be a coward with you! "
After that, Zhu Ceguo got up directly and planned to leave. I didn’t expect that Zhao Shoucheng, who had always been obedient, flew into a rage and shouted, "You live for me!"
"How do you plan to rebel against me, Zhao Taishou? Have you considered the consequences?" Zhu Ceguo has no taboos now, and his speech is particularly ugly.
Zhao Shoucheng’s face was still, and the scars on his clothes were shocking. In this battle, there were also new injuries and an old illness with Liu Wangzhu Jie. It is exaggerated to say that he could not find a good skin on his chest.
"How zhao satrap this is going to settle scores with me? Maybe these scars are your credit book, depending on whether my father lives or dies? " Zhu Ceguo went on to say that although his mouth was still so stubborn, he knew in his heart that Zhao Shoucheng’s fear of death was indeed too much, but he still couldn’t calm down when he saw his father besieged.
"I’m not counting my merits, but I want to tell you that I’m not afraid to die of something. I won’t let you go. This is what the sovereign told me." Zhao Shoucheng’s words made Zhu Ceguo stupefied on the spot like a bolt from the blue.
"Somebody get the letters from my room," Zhao Shoucheng said to the guard at the door.
"Letters? What letters? Master Zhao is going to tell me that my father left you a letter telling me before going to war, right? " Although Zhu Ceguo didn’t believe it, he sat down. He wanted to see what Zhao Shoucheng was up to.
Not long after, the guard took a letter to Zhu Ceguo, and Zhu Ceguo was not at all welcome. He directly typed the envelope and took a look and knew that it was a letter from his father, but his face became particularly ugly as he read it.
"The temple is not an official who is afraid of death. If it weren’t for the report’s orders, I would have been the first to go to the rescue with the Tongbo troops." Zhao Shoucheng knew in his heart and continued | "The report knew that he was a good soldier in hundreds of battles, but the Japanese troops were too many, and sooner or later he would be ambushed by the enemy. This letter was just to prevent such things from happening today. I think the old report said in his heart that once such things happen, people are not allowed to go to the rescue the provincial army. Moreover," Zhao Shoucheng hesitated. "The old report also told him that if he
Zhao Shoucheng’s words are exactly the same as those in Liu Wang’s letter to Zhu Jie, but even if he saw it with his own eyes and heard it with his own ears, you can imagine how sad it is to let himself abandon his father regardless of Zhu Ceguo’s heart.
"I know, just do as the satrap’s adult says … we will stay put." Zhu Ceguo almost gritted his teeth and said this sentence.
"I have other ideas when I am a satrap," Muqingfeng finally said after a long silence.
"King’s Palace, do you have any other good ideas to keep you alive for a long time? My father, I … I promise you everything." I have seen Muqingfeng in this desperate situation these two days, and he can find a way to come to Zhu Ceguo. Muqingfeng has become his last lifeline.
"satrap’s adult, although Liu Wang has a letter before, we can’t send troops easily, but one thing in the world is quite right. Now, after all, Liu Wang is the owner of this land. If he is killed or captured by Japanese people, it will be incalculable to hit the whole land. At worst, it is not impossible for our whole land to collapse, but we can’t move through Bo’s military forces." Mu Qingfeng expressed his thoughts
How could Zhao Shoucheng, the former chief of staff of the bodyguard, have watched his old master die? But Mu Qingfeng didn’t understand very well. "Don’t sell the King’s Palace. Tell me what you can do. If you can save the sovereign and keep Tongbo City, I will never be vague if you want my head."
"Yes, I won’t refuse even if there is a spark in the King’s Palace." Zhu Ceguo also has some staying.
"Tongbo, we have to defend ourselves because of the Japanese, and we have to take this place as our own base. If we rashly transfer troops, we will definitely be pregnant with Chiang Kai-shek, and I estimate that they will have reinforcements in a couple of days. From today’s siege trend, we can see that they are at all costs.
"That how to do? We don’t have many guards in Bocheng. After fighting for so many days, I’m afraid it’s hard for the soldiers to sustain themselves. "I heard Mu Qingfeng speculate that Zhao Shoucheng couldn’t sit still first.
"Zhao Daren don’t worry, although the enemy has reinforcements, we are not isolated. I can reach Tongbo in three days at most. I’m not bragging. With this 3,000 Xuanjia army, even 30,000 Japanese people can’t shake Tongbo." Muqingfeng just got the news that Zhanyunyi army will arrive soon.
"I didn’t pour cold water on you at the King’s Palace. The fighting capacity of the Xuanjia master is obvious to all, but the Japanese people are not stupid and can’t let them enter the city safely. I’m afraid that heavy infantry like Xuanjia Army can’t get away with it in the wild. Well, the Japanese people are cruel. You know that if they entangle me, I’m afraid it’s difficult for 3 thousand Xuanjia Army to join us." Zhu Ceguo, after all, is not a straw bag and will know the problem after a little thinking.
"To the world and the satrap, I know that saving the sovereign and receiving reinforcements are actually the same thing. If we have the ability to receive the Xuanjia army into the city, we will be able to rescue the land king’s office. I have a two-step plan. The first step is to hit the enemy once before we leave. I don’t have to worry about the second step. There is one thing I want to ask Zhao satrap."
"Excuse me, the official in the temple must know whether to speak or not." Zhao Shoucheng found that Mu Qingfeng was not aiming at the target and his eyes became more and more eager
"Zhao’s adult, I want to ask you where your bravery comes from. I have also taken courage, but compared with you in terms of psychological quality and fighting skills, it is simply a cloud. Do you have any special training methods?" Mu Qingfeng became interested in these people for the first time, especially when they led Zhao Shoucheng to kill the enemy.
"Those people" Zhao Shoucheng laughed when he was proud of himself. "They are fishermen from Tongbo City who have been living in the sea all the year round. Because they often struggle with the wind and waves, they have developed a good strength and amazing courage. Because Japanese people often rob them, the fishermen more or less didn’t expect the King’s Palace to see it at a glance. Mountain king temple going to … "
"Yes, it depends on your bravery whether you can save Lu Wang!" Mu Qingfeng said firmly
dangerous/risky move/action/strategy
"Although we know that Tongbo City is different from other places, is it a bit too much to rely on them? You know, after all, they are not regular troops but a group of fishermen with courage and skills. Does the British king really think they can achieve such success?" I didn’t expect that an arrow against it turned out to be Zhao Shoucheng, the satrap of Tongbo City. Although he was proud that he was praised by Mu Qingfeng for his brave training, he still had no bottom in his heart.
"Don’t sell yourself short. You should know that naval battles are different from land battles. The most important thing is boat skills and courage. Others are secondary, and that’s what you are good at." Mu Qingfeng told the essence of naval battles, which made Xue Lianer’s eyes wide open. She was very clear that Mu Qingfeng had never fought naval battles.
"I said stay where you come from theory? Don’t pit everyone? " If you can tell Mu Qingfeng to stay in public, there will be that cute but wonderful archery snow lotus.
Seeing Snow Lotus chattering like a curious baby, Mu Qingfeng’s head is about to explode. He said, "Gu, where do you have so many questions? Although I haven’t fought naval battles, it doesn’t mean that I don’t know the elements of naval battles. When I was in Beiyan, where did you just think about going out to eat? Let’s exaggerate. I have read all the war materials in Beiyang Wangfu and I will know such knowledge."
"Zhao Taishou Lu Wangshi, if we can hit the enemy troops hard, how many days can you hold them without Xuanjiamen’s support?" Mu Qingfeng must ask this question clearly, otherwise Tongbo will be in vain.
"If the Japanese army is now less than half, don’t say that I can hold it for ten days and a half months!" Zhao Taishou vowed to clap his chest. Judging from his past record, it’s really not bragging.
"Well, in that case, I need you to give me about 100 volunteers. From today on, don’t let them take part in guarding the city. I’ll let Mu Leader give them basic training to improve their overall quality. I wonder if there is any problem with the Taishou adults?" Mu Qingfeng’s direct mouth is important. Anyway, there is still a period of time before departure, which is a good opportunity to sharpen your guns.
"No problem, I’ll call the volunteer captain. It’s up to you." Zhao Shoucheng unequivocally called his QinBing captain and asked him to go directly to the volunteer place.
"Wang Dian, regardless of the results of the volunteer training, ships are not easy to get. Most of the boats in Tongbo City are difficult to compete with some Japanese warships. Besides, can we really give them a huge blow now that there are so many Japanese?" Zhu Ceguo suddenly thought of Gu Nian talking about reinforcements, and it was certainly not as simple as he thought.
"What comes next is the most crucial step. If we can’t hit the enemy troops hard, it’s all on paper. My plan may be very risky. It depends on your decision whether to adopt it or not."
After hearing Mu Qingfeng’s idea, Zhao Shoucheng, who has always been famous for his boldness, turned white, not to mention Zhu Ceguo, who has never taken risks. However, Mu Qingfeng’s tactics are indeed bold. At first glance, it seems that he wants to hand over Tongbo to the two of them. In Mu Qingfeng’s expectation, he directly said the reason why he planned to do so without delay. Finally, Mu Qingfeng said, "This is our only chance. Besides, I really didn’t expect that we still have a chance to win. If we want to give them a head-on blow, we will do it
After thinking for a long time, Zhu Ceguo and Zhao Shoucheng looked at each other with determination and said, "Let’s do it!"
At this time, the Japanese camp was particularly quiet, although nothing could be seen on the outside, but the heavy figure said that there must be something a bloody battle the next day. Although it was a little late, Takeda Hararo and Weaving Tian Zhen Village were still discussing the attack in the camp. In Takeda’s eyes, he got the strength of Weaving Tian Zhen Village, and Tongbo must be unable to keep it. He was very dark and determined that the city would never retreat.
"I said that it is not our strong point to let my brothers fight on land. Remember your agreement when the city is broken. I must let my soldiers relax. Besides, I want half of the treasures in the city." Oda Shinmura lifted a pot of spirits and his eyes were a little blurred. When it comes to other departments, they are actually a group of notorious pirates
"Don’t worry, I want Tongbo City. If Tongbo City is in our hands, our army can get an unprecedented frontier base. Then maybe the whole land is not right, but the whole summer is ours!" Takeda Hararo is not as drunk as Weaving Tian Zhen Village, but he is more like a soldier, but it also shows that he and Weaving Tian are very good, otherwise the battle will be half-won, and even no one can accept it.
When the night shift is arranged, make sure Takeda Hararo falls asleep in case of loss. It is said that Mu Qingfeng’s raid on the camp really left a huge shadow on him. The city will be broken soon, and there must be no accidents tonight.
When the next day dawned, Takeda Hararo rubbed his eyes, and it seemed that the people of Tongbo were frightened. It is estimated that the news of the messenger will make many people lose confidence.