The attack collided with the defense and there was a huge explosion around it.
It took a while for the explosion to stop.
The crane exclaimed with an incredible expression on his face that Yu Long was actually in good condition. It seems that the result is hard for him to believe, and at the same time, the crane feels incredible for such a scene
However, just as he exclaimed, Zhong Longyu’s eyes opened and a faint smile on his mouth made him even more secretive.
"Blood baby emperor you can watch-!" Yu Long heavy drink "in the face of absolute power all intrigue is not worth a thing …"
With that, Yu Long instantly attacked every enemy who was still alive at the scene.
The sudden change made it difficult for dozens of lucky dragon killers to adapt for a while. However, it was this moment that Yu Long had already moved his attack targets, including the crane and the black wind.
Screams came from their mouths.
"impossible one by one!" How much can be saved when the crane’s mouth is full of grief and anger? His anger didn’t help.
Yu Long’s action explained his former words.
Yu Long returned to its original state in the blink of an eye, and all the parts around him disappeared.
A moment, just a moment, the blood dragon killer has been killed.
And this time they magic dragon poison blood has not come to display.
This is the power gap.
Angry stare Yu Long black wind shouted "damn it! You are hateful. I must kill you … "
Indifferent to Yu Long eyes cold way "talk about death is you …"
The crane looked at Yu Long grimly and asked him, "Yu Long, don’t be complacent too early. Our black and white duo are still there … Don’t be arrogant."
The corners of the mouth slightly raised Long Yu evil and laughed. "In my eyes, you are just suspicious of the dead."
Afraid to stare at the enemy Long Yu YinXiao way "it’s time to end …………………………………
Understand his meaning black wind anger extremely crazy way "die ….." Words fall magic shadow magic two people moved at the same time.
Yu Long’s eyes slightly changed and his body shook slightly for a few times, so he got rid of their attack, and then Long Yu took a light drink and shaped two figures, respectively. This time, the crane and the black wind were busy, and the strength of the two people was much stronger
It’s ten strokes, and the white crane is already dead.
"Emperor, your minions are all dead. Why don’t you show up?" Yu Long chuckled and said, "Don’t you see that you never had a chance in front of me?"
A light drink blood baby emperor instantly appeared.
As Long Yu expected, the Blood Baby Emperor was on the scene, but he was always invisible. He just wanted to observe Yu Long’s weakness.
But from the current situation, it is not optimistic.
Cracked his mouth and smiled. The blood baby emperor’s face was grim and cold. "Yu Long, you forced me. Since I have to tell life and death today, I will no longer be polite."
Yu Long White Blood Baby Emperor has been dead, so he has turned his mind sharply. If he wants to catch him, he will not hurt him.
When it is more and more urgent, Yu Long suddenly reveals a malicious color in his eyes when he can’t think of a way. No matter what he does, he can’t be slaughtered.
Thinking of this, Yu Long’s hands suddenly closed and his chest quickly changed with strange gestures. The whole person’s breath changed and a destructive force came out from the deepest part of his body
Everything is said slowly and quickly. When the blood baby emperor attacked the body, Yu Long’s eyes burst open and the dark golden light burst in an instant
From a distance, it looks like a god of war
Suddenly, a sword awn broke through the sky, which was difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, and it attacked Yu Long with the destruction of the sky and the destruction of the soil.
At the same time, the sky was dark and the colors became strange. At that moment, the whole world seemed to be in darkness, and everything was so unbelievable.
Yu Long took a strong counterattack in the face of the strongest method of the blood baby emperor