Seeing Hu Yingxue and his party coming over, Bai Yuema greeted them. "Is it all over there?"

Hu Yingxue replied, "We have done everything we want to do, but the demon family chaos should be just so close to the demon collar. The chaos there will definitely affect here. If there is nothing in it that needs to be taken back, there is really no need to take it back here."
Bai Yue’s eyes narrowed slightly. "You say it makes sense." He turned to look at Liang Jingsi. "Let’s move with our brothers?"
Liang Jingsi replied, "I have no problem."
Bai Yue smiled, "Then I will no longer ponder how to attack."
Bai Yue and Liang Jingsi have decided to give up the Moya Cliff, but they don’t intend to make it cheap. Bai Yue sent an evacuation message to the undercover inside, and then continued to attack the entrance of Moya Cliff with people. Liang Jingsi took people to several places and walked for a while before answering the entrance of Moya Cliff.
Pretending to play for a while, Bai Yue received a reply from the undercover inside saying that he had left the inside. How many messages were received to confirm that everyone inside had been successfully withdrawn and nodded at Liang Jingsi.
Liang Jingsi took out a compass and threw it at the people who were fighting fiercely with them. Those people didn’t look carefully at what it was. When they saw something thrown in the past, some people consciously tried to intercept it. They just did something to stop the compass, but it slammed into a pile of slag.
A moment later, he gave a muffled roar, and soon not only his feet felt a sense of shock, but also his body shook violently with the ground. When the roar appeared, Hu Yingxue and others rose up and moved slowly, and felt how strong the sense of scattered earthquake was from the center of Moye Cliff.
Hu Yingxue guessed what Bai Yue and Liang Jingsi were going to do, but he was still very surprised when he saw that Moye Cliff collapsed as a whole after a roar.
Bai Yuexiao replied, "It’s that everything in the mining shrinkage cavity is lit, and I think that maybe one day it will be convenient to lay out the law. I didn’t expect it to be one day."
The whole Moye Cliff ground collapses, and people who stay inside will definitely not let themselves sink along with the ground. When the ground shakes, most people have already come out of the room to collapse, and of course they will rise immediately.
Looking at the rising people, Hu Yingxue frowned. "It seems that Xu Rui really gave up the plan here. He won’t give up planning for so long."
Mu Tianxuan took out the thunder and fire-fighting rainbow sword. "Grab a few people and ask, maybe some of them will know the reason."
Although Mu Tianxuan flashed his weapon, he didn’t need to start work at all. Everyone inside was forced to take off. Bai Yue and Liang Jingsi were sure that there was no ambush. Bai Yue and Liang Jingsi immediately turned the false attack into a big fire.
The people inside were responsible for attacking the troops. When they found a situation, they kept hitting people with them, even saying that they were either physically weak or so weak and had no backbone. When they found that they couldn’t escape, they gave up their hands and surrendered.
Some people who looked like leaders were brought to Hu Yingxue and others, and Hu Yingxue dared to assert that they didn’t know that Xu Rui would give up the plan here, but they still asked, "Where did Xu Rui go?"
A man with a long beard was pushed to the front by his companion, facing Hu Yingxue with a flattering face and tearing at the corners of his mouth. "Report to me that the Lord will be away from here. The little people really don’t know that they have been ordered to stay here and let the dragons know that the Lord is still there, but it seems that the dragon has already known that he is gone since the Lord left."
At the other end, there was also a person who was pushed out to look around. This person’s face was unwilling to answer, "The elders really soon knew that the demon Lord had left and sent us to stay here, so they took people to chase them. We really don’t know where they went."
At this time, someone in the crowd said weakly, "I once heard the elders say the word celestial pole, and I don’t know where to go with them at this time."
If you don’t hear the news that Aohao brought back from the celestial pole, Hu Yingxue will want to retreat to a place where people will not be easily haunted. If you think of the news that Aohao brought back, you will tell her intuitively that Xurui and others will go to the celestial pole, and there must be cracks at that time.
Hu Yingxue turned to Mu Tianxuan and Wei Chihanyu. "I want to go back to Beitiangong first and then go there. If Xurui really goes there, we’ll have to go there at once."
Mu Tianxuan ordered a head, "But you still have to unite with your father. He is in communication with the other three Buddha. I have a hunch that something will come out there."
At this time, Wei Chihanyu suddenly took off and took off to the deep pit formed by the overall collapse of Moye Cliff. He stretched out his right hand toward the front and saw that his right hand was holding a sword handle.
Hu Yingxue cocked his head. "Hanyu eldest brother Xiaohei is here?"
It’s like giving an answer to Hu Yingxue. There is a series of roaring in the deep pit. The sand that has stopped has continued to collapse. This time, it has become a flowing bunker with a diameter of about 10 meters directly in the middle of the heart.
When the area of the sandpit no longer increases, a vortex appears in the center. As the vortex increases, a black thing slowly rises from the sandpit, and when it shows its identity, it will be a fragment of the sword body.
Out of the bunker, the piece of debris whizzed up to the front of Weichi Hanyu. How tall was the blade? It turned around Weichi Hanyu a few times casually, and then the volume shrank rapidly, and soon it became a normal sword size.
Seeing that thing passed Hu Yingxue’s eyes, you can conclude that it was a small black fragment. Sure enough, it returned to normal size. The fragment of the blade was held by Weichi Hanyu in his hand, and the hilt of the blade collided with each other and became one. There was no gap at all, and I didn’t want to deny that it was not original.
When Wei Chihanyu came back, Hu Yingxue took a look at the hilt, almost one-third more than the blade. "Is this section around here?"
Wei Chihanyu replied, "Not here, you should be able to find everything soon."
Hu Yingxue raised his hand and touched it, feeling very excited. Xiaojin gave it a sound in his mind, "Can we really recall all the memories after you, Xiaozi and Xiaohei meet?"
Xiao Jinyin and Hu Yingxue said, "The theory should be like this, but there is no guarantee that there will be any accidents in the process."
At this time, Mu Tianxuan also gave Hu Yingxue a sound: "Xiao Zi said that it can already be found in broken arrow from Hanyu, and it belongs to the little black atmosphere, and it is also said that it is not far from the return of the little black."
Hu Ying Xue Ma decided "Let’s go to the celestial pole"
Chapter 544 From the demon collar
Although the horse went to the celestial pole, Hu Yingxue, but they didn’t really get there, they went after the demon palace, the elder of Deyue, and started the forbidden field. After spending many years in Moye Cliff, Bai Yue and Liang Jingsi realized that their territory was also classified as demon territory by the demon palace.
I am still reluctant to leave this place where I have stayed for many years. I am determined to stay away from this place, but it is not easy to leave at this time. At the same time, the Demon Palace has also made a promise not to leave the enchantment. If they want to go out, they can break the enchantment. Obviously, that will make them oppose the demon race here.
Bai Yue, Liang Jingsi, the owner of Mo Ye Cliff, made representations to the Demon Palace, and was temporarily elected to preside over the Demon Palace. The imperial secretary directly refused to hit the enchantment, so that they had to confirm whether Deyue really left the Demon Collar or they would never hit the enchantment.
There’s no way to let those people in the Demon Palace recognize that they have left Hu Yingxue to come to the Demon Palace again. Although the demon race is proud, they can’t help but worry about Yi Fengshen’s status as the North Buddha. When they hear that Hu Yingxue is back, people inside will be greeted quickly.
Seeing Lan Yi and Mo Chen walking into the main hall of Wan Yao Palace, Hu Yingxue said, "Is the temple gone and back?"
Hu Yingxue asked with a cold face, "You may not know that Weiyuan came to the Temple of the Elders?"
Elder Weiyuan’s face was slightly stiff. "Weiyuan was an accident and the temple didn’t leave directly."
Hu Yingxue snorted. "The temple has left the demon collar. I didn’t expect you to take the other people’s territory into the demon collar without saying hello to others. By the way, say goodbye to your old friend’s situation, so you left it."
At this time, a bodyguard walked into the main hall "to report to the elder, a messenger from the North Temple of Heaven, saying that the North Buddha asked them to take Yingxue Hall back to the palace."
Elder Weiyuan frowned lightly. "Messenger?"
The bodyguard replied, "Call yourself Qi Wu."
Qi Wu knows a lot about divination, but not many elders in Weiyuan happen to know that when people hear the guards answer, their eyes suddenly light up, "Please come quickly."
Hu Yingxue secretly sneered at what this Weiyuan elder was thinking, but she knew at a glance that this demon race was indifferent enough. Hu Qing somehow did it for so many years, and the demon king knew that the’ residual’ yuan god was in her hand, but he didn’t say a word. He also wanted to count on Qi Uighur to help predict that the generation of demon kings would fall. This is absolutely impossible.