"Helen, what do you mean by what you just said? !” Shen Yue nature more heart nine heavy questions some urgent questions.

"I mean, the power that Jiuchong has now is really as difficult as that discovered by the great fiend, but it’s hard for Troy to compete with the virtual force head-on …!" Helen’s temper suddenly turned around and said, "The situation has forced him to achieve his own strength. I am confident that his strength can be perfected and Troy can definitely defeat him head-on!"
"So … he’s playing with Troy like a monkey now when he’s fighting for it." Compared with others, Xuan Ye can understand the nine-fold idea better.
"Yes" Helen must have nodded.
After learning the truth, the mood of the people present suddenly became tense again, and they continued to pay attention to the nine-fold battle in the picture. In their hearts, they kept praying and passed faster. The more so, the more they felt that the time passed slowly, like a snail crawling.
"God punishes the war!" The captain of the God of War punishment team has been watching coldly. Suddenly, he has reached a war command for the God of Punishment team. After a little hesitation, the players of the God of Punishment team quickly executed the command to form a God of Punishment war to protect the remaining traitors in the array.
"What are you doing?" Seeing that God punished the war and suddenly’ inserted’ his hand without receiving his instructions, his eyes were cold against Troy. "Who gave you the courage to’ insert’ your hand without my instructions? Do I want to die fighting? !”
"Yes … I dare not!" God punished the captain of the team with trepidation and said, "It’s the old master’s meaning!"
"…" Troy’s face was as heavy as water, and he didn’t ask God to punish the team for a moment. There is no doubt that the cold mouth "kissed" God to punish the team. "You remember that since you are my team, you will be able to listen to my orders alone, otherwise you will lose the meaning of continuing! Is it white? !”
"… is white!" God punish team captain quickly obeyed and breathed a sigh of relief. His back has been invaded by cold sweat.
"Why did you choose to ask someone for help if you couldn’t stop me?" See god punish team suddenly’ plug’ hand in to protect those who linger defectors nine heavy heart not surprised but the surface is still look the same "is what do you think with these goods’ color’ can stop me? !”
"Hum … I can’t stop it. You’ll know if you try." Troy was originally ridiculed by the Nine Heavens, but after a little second thoughts, it slowly disappeared. Anyway, it’s not the right time to take this opportunity to understand the Nine Heavens. By the way, you can also give me a little advice and let me upgrade my combat skills.
Troy also has absolute confidence in his talent. He is confident that when he wants a little, he can help others to improve his combat skills.
As a result, the sudden intervention of the God Penalty Team did not affect the continuation of the game.
"Then I will come!" You’re welcome to hear Troy say so. The whole body is full of purple gas, and it’s crashing and moving. With the sound of dragons’ songs and roars, a purple’ color’ beam is humanized, and it crosses an elegant curve and goes straight to the God’s penalty team to make a god’s penalty war.
Faced with the roar of the nine heavies and the surge of mountains, the team was punished by the gods. Under the leadership of its captain, it was even more tit-for-tat. A hurricane-like thick energy beam burst into the sky and turned into a beam. The nine heavies actually collided head-on.
In an instant, the energy "excited" and "swinging" roared and rolled in, forming a huge range of energy "waves" that spread around to touch the ground as if dividing this world into two worlds f169+dsuaahhh+2696546 >
Chapter one hundred and twelve Trap
"roar! "Nine heavy purple beam out of the dragons, sonorous, billowing, wave after wave, give a rest, exhausted potential.
"Kill! "and god punish team jointly broke the energy beam is a cold sen cold war sound, kill surplus clouds, give a undead endlessly, driven.
Two kinds of earth-shattering potentials are climbing in constant collision, and they continue to collide with each other in constant climbing. This process is fierce and abnormal. At one time, both sides seem to be able to resist each other, quickly suppressing each other and then completely nullifying them.
Time passes slowly in the constant consumption of both sides.
In the nine-fold body, the scene of the abdomen has long since ceased to be as it was before he closed.
At this time, the ball of light transformed by Long Mai’s power in the descending ceremony was less than the first tenth, but it has been swallowing and absorbing Long Mai’s power. Compared with the previous size, the dragon from Jiuzhong John Lone has become a monster, and it has mastered the initiative in the abdomen field, and the efficiency of swallowing and absorbing Long Mai’s power has changed from chewing slowly before to sucking cattle by whales.
Moreover, with the nine heavy mobilization forces constantly punishing the team for "fighting", the efficiency of Long Mai’s power absorption by a dragon is still rising, and the speed of Long Mai’s power condensing into a ball of light is shrinking with the naked eye.
God punished the team, and felt that they were able to compete with the nine-fold head-on. They couldn’t help but be overjoyed. At the same time, they immediately raised their minds and continued to strengthen their power output in an attempt to suppress the foundation of the nine-fold head-on competition. What’s more, according to the current situation, it is not impossible to nullify it.
However, as time went by, the God punished the team only to find that no matter if they strengthened their power output, the nine forces would follow their rhythm and strengthen their own power output, so that the confrontation between the two sides would be maintained at one and a half pounds, and they would not suppress it.
"Array, let him in! "At this time, God punished the team captain and finally found that he couldn’t kill it like this. Otherwise, before they defeated Jiuchong, their master Troy was impatient first, but he knew Troy’s temper and changed his strategy decisively.
Command one, God punished the team immediately with the change, suddenly removed against the nine heavy forces, no longer intercepted the nine heavy, but defiantly left a gap in the God punished the war, and actively put the nine heavy into the array.
See this nine heavy is hey but smile, root without hesitation, speed up the robot, into god punished war.
Nine times into the array instantly, the God-punished team immediately launched the God-punished war, first moved those traitors who were protected by them out of the array, and then closed the war.
"Nine heavy, with your delusion to challenge our master! "Successfully trapped Jiuchong in the war of God’s punishment, and the captain of God’s punishment team couldn’t help but be a little excited and export sarcasm." Today, our God’s punishment team will tidy up you for the master and kill you here! "
"If you think you have this ability, just do it. How can there be so much nonsense?" Nine-fold language is contemptuous, and it looks like you didn’t take God’s punishment team seriously.
"Very close to death also so daring, die! "For the nine-fold contempt attitude, the confidence greatly increased, and the team was immediately angered by God’s punishment. In anger, it urged God to punish the war to attack and kill the nine-fold exhibition.
Encountered the same situation as the previous Shen Yue crowd, faced with the overwhelming encirclement and suppression of the golden wind blade, they launched their posture in a nine-fold way, and their figure was like a ghost, rushing around in the death storm formed by the golden wind blade, shuttling freely and dodging the golden wind blade attack, and at the same time, they actively sought opportunities to break through the predicament.
God punished the war and launched a death storm to form an offensive, which was impenetrable and continuous. The root did not leave a flaw for Jiuzhong. Although Jiuzhong has been actively seeking a breakthrough, the effect is very small
Seeing that Jiuzhong can’t break through the blockade of God’s punishment war offensive, everyone in God’s punishment team can’t help but be overjoyed. They have more confidence in being able to defeat Nai and kill Jiuzhong, and their fighting enthusiasm is high before, and they are more diligent in increasing their output and fuelling God’s punishment war.
However, seeing this scene, Troy’s face is not the slightest joy, and his brow is deeply wrinkled again. His look is full of surprises and incomprehension. Troy doesn’t believe that he can save people from his own hands, and will he be able to break through the shackles of this just god’s punishment, but the facts are in front of him. Is it really that he overestimates this person? !
Troy’s heart was confused and his thoughts were lost for a short time, but he didn’t stay at all because of it, and unconsciously passed a lot.
"Crack crack …! "As time goes by, I am trapped in Jiuchong, which is being punished by God. Amazing changes are taking place. I don’t know when the original purple gas rises on the body surface, but it has turned into a purple flow, and it has been running around Jiuzhong.
With the appearance of these purple streams, Jiuzhong no longer needs to pay attention to the wind blade that God punished the war. This blade was turned into fly ash when it touched these streams, which can no longer pose a threat and harm to Jiuzhong.
You don’t need to be distracted by these golden blades, but you can focus on the breakthrough. Even so, in terms of breakthrough, Jiuzhong still has no effective breakthrough.