Walker was a Taiyi Golden Fairy Way 500 years ago, and he had already skipped the level of Yuan God. Although he was a bit noisy, he was not a stupid monster. He had experienced a lot of complicated thoughts in these hundreds of years. Earlier, an ordinary monster could not say more than this. After half a sentence, he picked out the loopholes and asked loudly.

Seeing the monkey holding the club head, Kang Mo’s face changed greatly. He is not a thin-skinned person. It is a so-called thing to be told a lie at this time, but if the monkey is provoked to start work, it will be greatly difficult to fool him, so that he can ask Monkey what he wants to do for himself.
The monkey’s anger was still burning, and he grinned, "I was crushed by the Tathagata for five hundred years before and after the calculation of Wuxing Mountain. Now I have to protect a monk from going to the Western Heaven to learn from him. He was a Buddha’s brother in his previous life, but he was a body in this life. I don’t know when he arrived in Lingshan. I miss my monkey at home, but unfortunately I can’t be free!"
Walker turned to look at Kang Mo’s eyes flashing. "When I was in Wuxing Mountain, I taught you the transformation method, but it was seventy-two ways to change one that could avoid three disasters. It’s past your time!" Now I want you to change this law to protect the monk from going west! "
Kang Moyan’s words were so shocking that he almost lost his footing. I didn’t expect the monkey to fight so boldly. An idea to learn from the West was that the Buddha arranged back and forth. I don’t know how many people stared at Kang Moyan’s words. Can you handle this transformation?
"This is definitely a bad idea!"
Kang Mo shouted in his heart that he was about to refuse directly when he saw the anchor needle dangling in front of his own eyes. Ma Yizheng’s face was big and said, "How dare Monkey tell the little demon not to go?" But ….. "Hey, hey, smile, Kang Mo’s voice slowly lowered and said," But Monkey also knows that I cheated those invisible immortals. It’s a good thing to say that the golden light is now a golden body. It will be difficult to fool him. If the Guanyin Bodhisattva comes again, it will definitely be necessary to see through my old Kang’s tracks. I’m afraid that you and I will be unlucky! "
These words are by no means alarmist. Kang Mo said nothing. Looking at the monkey, he frowned and meditated. He quickly said two more words: "Monkey, if you want to go back to Huaguoshan, it will only take a blink of an eye to go back and forth for a day and a half, even if you throw the old monk for a while, there will be golden light to reveal the truth, and there will be no problems! Will you risk doing such a thing? "
Kang Mo made up his mind to keep his mouth clean, and his kung fu was brought to an extreme. He wished that he could not list thousands of difficulties to discourage monkeys from taking back the idea. He also secretly wondered how easy it was for monkeys to come and go back to Huaguo Mountain on the journey to the West. Why did he think of looking for body double?
He planned this, but he didn’t know what the monkey was thinking. Suddenly, he shook his head and said, "If my old grandson can give up and leave, why will he come to you? He said that if you don’t discuss this matter, you can do it or eat me!"
The monkey makes a determined effort. Como’s words are also legal. Although he is very reluctant, he still asks vaguely how long it will take to pretend.
Monkey said, "More than half a month and less than three or five days!"
Kang Mo said in surprise, "It is said that the Great Sage of Qi Tian has a somersault cloud spell, and the Huaguo Mountain is far away, but it has only come and gone in the East China Sea for half a day. Why hasn’t it been counted?"
When Como spoke, the monkey seemed to be in a better mood. He twisted the golden cudgel and put it back in his ear. He pulled out the brocade from his frock and threw it into Como’s arms. "Now, after more than 500 years, my monkeys and grandchildren don’t know how to get back if something big happens, even if it happens for half a month, they will play for three or five days!" I’m leaving now. I see that the golden light is half a point away from you. The old monk is in Guanyin Temple. Go and meet him yourself! "
After saying it, I turned out to look at Como’s words and stopped looking at them. I took a somersault and swept them to the east. In a blink of an eye, I could never see the monkey again.
“! This is definitely a chore! The monkey didn’t dare to give up and leave. He was afraid of being scared by the spell. That’s why he asked me to replace him! That’s a good idea. A monkey is a monkey, not to mention 500 years or 10 thousand years, and it won’t grow into a human head! Fooled a few Jie Di Jia Lan. What the hell? How many pairs of eyes are staring at the Western Heaven? How can I fool the past by such means? Old people will never get involved in this muddy water! "
It wasn’t until he couldn’t see the clouds in the sky that Kang Moyan swore at the direction in which the monkeys disappeared. At this time, he remembered that the monkey group in Huaguoshan had been cleaned up by the little devil in the mixed world. Although it had been more than a hundred years, it was too big for Monkey to go back and know that it would be a big fuss. I’m afraid I won’t be able to come back for three to five days and I’m afraid I can’t turn around! For such a long time, not to mention what monster Buddhism will make you look good!
Shake your hand and shake your hand. Como gritted his teeth and made up his mind not to do this business
Although he can’t bear the monkey’s anger now, he can still handle it if he is lucky or his cheap master is willing to come forward. It’s not bad for the monkey to speak to Como, but he can’t say for sure. Go home and look at the nonsense reasons and annoy Buddhism. Maybe someone will come out and settle Como’s words!
Make a decision, Kang Moyan will not hesitate to roll up the robes in his hand and throw them at Guanyin Temple.
"If the monkey finds out that I coaxed him once, I’m afraid I won’t let it go. I’ll leave early!"
I can’t help but feel a chill at the bottom of my heart. I was about to turn around and call Mei Niang to run away in the lake, but I didn’t know when I saw a Taoist in purple clothes laughing at myself. Long sleeves encouraged Jin Lan to burst into a treasure light and flew back and fell into the hands of Taoist.
"My disciple, you are lucky!"
Road flyover a face of smile to kang mo said lightly.
One, two, nine, I’m a fake
One, two, nine, I’m a fake
Qiwang w w w q i s u w a n g
"Master! ?”
Como was dumbfounded and recognized that the Taoist in purple clothes in front of him was his own cheap master, Zhongtian Ziwei Arctic Emperor!
I don’t know that every time I see this master, Kang Mo’s words are always a little confused, and I feel that I can’t see clearly the master’s face, or that every time I see it, it’s a little different, but I can’t say where it’s different.
"Master, my brother is very confused. I wonder where my brother’s fortune is?" Kang Moyan felt a twinge in his heart when he saw the robes in the hands of the Arctic Emperor.
The Arctic Emperor smiled. "Your fortune is to take a journey for the monkey to learn from the scriptures. Hehe, this incident was not what I expected. I didn’t expect the monkey to be such a character. This is interesting, and it actually gives you a chance for nothing!"
"The teacher’s speech made my brother more confused …"
This master’s speech is always full of Zen. Kang Mo’s words are quite difficult to understand now.
"You don’t have to be white about this." The Arctic Emperor seems to be in a good mood and laughs. "But I think you seem reluctant to tell you a benefit, for fear that you will try your best to squeeze into this road after listening."
Kang Mo’s words are big, otherwise "even if it is a great benefit, my old Kang is not going to risk his life!"
The Arctic Emperor spoke one step at a time and landed lightly at the foot of the lake. Como agreed to follow him. As soon as he got close, he heard the words "merit!"
Como said doubtfully that these two words are too familiar to this otaku who often fantasizes about breaking into the world of immortals and buddhas, but the question is, what are the merits?
Robbery? Resolve karma? Or directly to upgrade?
The little white face is in a paste.
"Merit is a good thing!" The Arctic Emperor’s eyes narrowed slightly. "Especially for Luo Jinxian, but it is also good enough for you. Don’t let go if you can get more!"
Kang Mo’s words became more and more confusing as he listened to them. He simply ignored the merits and asked, "Master’s younger brother, who is like a witness, is still thinking about offering sacrifices to practice the dharma, and there are still many scattered immortals and true immortals …"
The arctic emperor’s mouth and beard trembled slightly as if he were watching a fool. He looked at Como and said slowly, "You have humiliated the teacher!" Which one told you that there are two kinds of things: pick a fairy and pick a fairy? After breaking through the realm of Taiyi, it is pick Jin Xian … "
The Arctic Emperor seems to be about to stop talking in the middle. Como can’t help but ask, "Will it be immortal then?"
When the Arctic Emperor walked slowly in the water, he was slightly surprised when he heard Como’s words. "I didn’t expect you to realize that there is nothing wrong with thinking like this on this floor, but it seems that immortality is still a good wish at present …"
Speaking of which, the words of the Arctic Emperor are lost again.
Kang Moyan has a headache. It’s too hard to talk to such a person who has mastered the great magical power. There are some things in their minds that they don’t necessarily say, but they are often part of it. This is the boundary gap, which leads to many things that are common sense in the eyes of people like the Arctic Emperor and are not worth saying. But in front of practitioners of Kang Moyan’s level, these things are very important information, but he wants to ask the Arctic Emperor but is too lazy to say it.
"So what should Master do to become a Luo Jinxian?"
Tossing his head, Como said to give up guessing. With the high road, he will naturally know many things. Now it is better to ask some realistic questions.
The Chinese Arctic Emperor’s eyes narrowed and smoothed his beard. "It seems that you have confidence in the alchemy of Dharma. What did the monkey say to you? There are many words in the wrong novel network, but don’t think about it first. You might as well talk about the dharma body. You want to practice it! "
The Arctic Emperor’s way is unfathomable. If you can point out a benefit, you don’t have to say that it involves your own way. Kang Mo said that he didn’t dare to neglect it. After thinking about it, he didn’t hide it. He said, "My brother’s practice of turning the sea over and turning the clouds into dragons came from the Dragon Palace. According to the monkey, the dumpling devil didn’t know what it was at first, but later he achieved the realm of dharma with this skill. Now he is also a monk. He also wants to practice dharma with this method!"
The Arctic Emperor listened to the expression, "Although you are also taking advantage of this practice, it is much worse than my five-thunder teachings. I give you five-thunder qi, which is to hope that you can practice our magic from a monster to a Taoist, but I didn’t expect you to rely on that set of water practice to practice the Yuan God! Let’s not talk about this for the time being. You don’t know that the dumpling demon king has dragon blood. It is possible for Cheng Jiao Jackie Chan, but he failed to live up to his expectations and you are a water snake. Do you want to forcibly change your blood? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
Kang Mo said that later generations knew that the dumpling demon king was the dragon king of the North Sea with illegitimate dragon blood, but there was no need to show off these things in front of the Arctic emperor. Kang Mo said with a smile, "I know that the mount of the Tang monk is not ordinary stuff, but a white dragon. If the master really wants me to pretend to be that Sun Wu, it won’t be a big problem to release him a few pounds of dragon blood!"
The Arctic Emperor said, "If you want to change your bloodline, you don’t need a few catties so much, but the little dragon’s blood is pure, but it’s possible to help you incarnate Cheng Jiao as Jackie Chan. It’s definitely not possible! Unless it is the blood of the four seas dragon king or … "
"Or what! ?”
Kang Mo’s words made his heart jump. It was definitely death. If he had a choice, he would naturally refuse to provoke the Dragon King of the Four Seas.
The arctic emperor mused and didn’t know what was going on for a long time before he said slowly, "or put a guy’s blood that I dare not provoke!" There is also the blood of him and the Dragon King of the Four Seas to help you practice the dragon-shaped dharma, and the rest of the dragon blood is not pure enough to Cheng Jiao at most. "
Como slipped and almost fell from the lake. He thought that it was not a simple thing for the Arctic emperor to speak for nothing and wanted to become Jackie Chan. His previous thoughts were still too optimistic.
The face is cloudy and sunny, and the expression of Kang Mo’s words falls in the eyes of the Arctic Emperor. The purple road flyover said faintly, "Cheng Jiao Jackie Chan sees you as a choice, but I wake up that there is a world of difference between the two and Cheng Jiao is not necessarily more powerful than you tempering your own snake body!"
"Temper their own snake? I haven’t thought about it in this respect! "
Kang Moyan was surprised and quickly asked the Arctic Emperor to explain that "dragons and snakes are close relatives, so many snakes practice and eventually become dragons, but the monsters in the world are not snakes, and those mountain spirits and beasts have also achieved dharma bodies. In some battles, the dharma bodies are mysterious or they are stronger than the dragons and snakes by virtue of their physical bodies."
It’s a waste of time to talk about Kang Mo’s words here. He secretly pondered and guessed that the Arctic Emperor would definitely not help him release the blood of the Dragon King in the four seas. This matter still falls on him. If he wants to get the best, he must bear the biggest responsibility. What resentment key does he have to look at, such as choosing what dharma to become!
As soon as I lifted my robe, I landed on Kangmo’s shoulder and said many things about cultivation. The Arctic Emperor retracted the topic and added, "It is a great merit to learn from the Western Heaven. It will be beneficial for you to achieve a great achievement. You will naturally know in the future."
Kang Moyan tidied up this red robe and put it in his sleeve with a wry smile. "Master, I am a fake after all. Will there be any trouble?"
The Arctic Emperor laughed. "There is always trouble, and if you are not afraid, you will be gone!"
"This ….. that the master I care about the fox? Is she going with me, too? " Wrong novel network does not skip words.
"She just left."
"gone?" Como’s words spread and there was no trace of Mei Niang.