"Don’t I have anything in my 6-key memory that hasn’t recovered?" Red eyebrows are a little confused.

"You continue to say …"
Dragon ink is now timid and stared at by such a big player, but it has no chance to blow itself up. Dragon ink can be known or not.
"My uncle 6 doesn’t know what to want, sister Qian Swift, and then my aunt and I Ning Yi …"
Red eyebrow asked
Dragon ink nodded and continued, "My aunt and aunt Ning and sister Cheng quarreled with uncle 6 …"
Red eyebrow smiled. In memory, 6 Can gave you a name. It seems that the girl doesn’t like 6 Can to give you a name, but she still shouts.
"There was nothing wrong with the original quarrel, but a woman tried Jianzong a thousand years ago and found her aunt. Then aunt, aunt Ning, sister Cheng and sister Qian Swift ran away from home …" When it comes to running away from home, Long Mo’s face turns red. If it is normal for a rebellious child to run away from home, Ning Haitang, a little fairy, is not a top player. Running away from home makes Long Mo blush with shame.
Hearing this, the red eyebrows moved and asked, "Is that woman called Lian Xiyuan?"
Dragon ink one leng asked "even who is fate? Oh, that woman’s name is Lian Xire, who seems to be the second uncle … "
"Er and Shi Dao are not trying Jianzong?"
Long Mo Nai said, "I didn’t know before. Anyway, they have been here several times since I was born …"
"By the way, did your matriarch leave?" Red eyebrow suddenly asked
Dragon ink face a dark low said "my aunt she died … 6 uncle said she was controlled by the celestial killed her …"
"Dead!" Red eyebrows suddenly lost in my heart. This woman is Mrs. 6 Can in name, but it’s just a trade sacrifice. I didn’t expect to be dead now.
"Dead … my mother said …" Dragon ink trembles.
"Say what?" Red eyebrows close your eyes and ask a way
Dragon ink bullet said, "My mother said that Uncle 6 seems to be a different person since he came back from the Three Holy Cities …"
"You should be your mother’s command to fight the family …" Red eyebrow still asked with eyes closed that greedy girl’s smart appearance came to mind.
Dragon ink is younger. After hearing what Red Eyebrow said, I suddenly felt wronged. "It’s not that I don’t know what my mother is so cruel that I deserve my son to be so far away …"
"Ink …" Red eyebrow interrupted Dragon Ink complaining and said, "Don’t blame your mother. She is asking you to avoid disaster …"
"Avoid disaster? Avoid what disaster? ! Even the thirteen emperors dare not provoke me to try the sword Sect. What disaster do I need to avoid? " Dragon ink not asked.
Red eyebrow shook his head and said nothing.
Dragon ink can practice to the realm of true fairy in less than 4 thousand years. This qualification is very excellent, but perhaps it is behind closed doors and knows too little about the world. It is like a blank sheet of paper.
"Qingyi … Qingyi … you’re such a silly girl …" Red eyebrow eyes got wet and let the dragon ink come out to avoid disaster, but she stayed in the trial sword Sect. It seems that this Mo Qingyi silly girl also saw something was wrong, but it was 6 Can that silly girl actually stayed in the trial sword Sect.
After a long silence, the red eyebrow dug out a jade operator from the ring, and gave it to Long Mo after burning a few magic circles. "Mo now has Xuancheng in Cheng Shifei, so you don’t stay here any longer. I left a map in this jade operator. You wait for me in that place marked on the map, and then I will try Jianzong with you …"
Dragon ink one leng not white this red eyebrow Mr After listening to his these words would cry out.
"My mother asked me to wait in the Xuancheng …" Dragon ink said some stubborn.
Red eyebrow ha ha a smile heart said this silly Wynaut is a dragon eats and Mo Qing Yier this temperament also left two people this silly strength is not the dragon eats that silly little a mold?
"Silly little seen this!" Red eyebrow mind move dragon ink and red eyebrow disappear.
In a moment, it appeared at the foot of the lush mountain.
"This is 6 uncle group to send! No way! How could you do that! No way! There are thousands of Swift sisters and 6 uncles! " Dragon ink was dumbfounded by this teleport immediately.
"How do you know I’m not your uncle?" Red eyebrow half-truths said
"ah? !” Dragon ink with half ring a clap head "fire soil storm! You turned out to be 6 uncles! "
Red eyebrow smiled and didn’t admit or deny that "wait for me here. I will come back for you in January if I have less than ten days …" Say red eyebrow will disappear before Dragon Ink reacts.
"It’s strange that Uncle Six’s two places at once don’t know about trying Jianzong and Auntie …" Red eyebrows walked for a long time, and Long Mo just muttered stupidly, but at this time he realized that it was a little late, and it would take more than a year to reach Xuancheng from here.
Red eyebrow appeared in the chicken home station when black three people are some anxious waiting for him.
Red eyebrow waved and said, "Cheer up, everyone. The auction is the highlight! Days later, I think no one dares to provoke us on the main road … "
Waiting in the middle of the night, the black three phoenix snow type and others were stunned by the rhetoric of red eyebrows.