"Mr. Xing Mu wants you to cure me of 100 million jadeite stones," Yang Wen said.

Muhai was one leng when he heard this.
He never thought of collecting money from the bottom of his heart. I didn’t expect Yang Wen to make a billion dollars.
The world of rich people is really not white.
"But" Muhai didn’t refuse. For jadeite, the more the better.
Besides, if you don’t pick up Yang Wen, you will recognize that you want to take advantage of her.
Although I think so in my heart, I can’t do this.
This will backfire, and Yang Wen will get farther and farther away from himself.
"Give me your hand," Muhai said.
"Give you my hand?" Hearing this, Yang Wen thought of Muhai grabbing his hand twice and clinging to it.
"I don’t worry about taking your pulse," Muhai said.
Yang Wen didn’t show his right hand in a coy way.
Then Muhai reached out and explored in Yang Wen to mobilize the body magic element to release slowly.
Chapter 16 Furnace Ding
Muhai slowly explored the magic element into Yang Wendan’s field.
Muhai became more and more surprised as time went by.
There have been stormy waves in his heart, and he can’t calm down for a long time.
"Have you ever had a master?" Muhai asked
"Well" Yang Wen nodded his head.
"What is your master’s name?" Muhai continued
"My master is elusive. I never knew his name." Yang Wen shook his head.
Hear this MuHai frown even tighter "bad bad …"
Seeing Mu Hai’s appearance, Yang Wenxin was hung up and a sense of uneasiness was written all over her face. "Mr. Mu, can I save my illness?"
Muhai shook his head. "Difficult … difficult!"
"Can you still save?" There was a glimmer of hope in Yang Wen’s eyes.
"Saving can be saved, but it’s not that simple to get rid of your illness," Mu Hai said.
"It’s up to you how much Mr. Mu wants you to save me," Yang Wen said.
"Don’t pay for everything, okay?" Mu Haiqi shook his head. "Am I a piggy bank in your eyes?"
Yang Wen nodded and shook his head quickly to reveal an embarrassed look. "No, it’s not that I didn’t mean that."
"All right, I understand. I can relieve your injury for the time being, but it will take seven consecutive days to help you seal off the body lesions," Muhai said.
"Thank you, Mr. Mu." Yang Wen said.
Muhai revealed three black lines on his forehead.
Do you mean I don’t need to prepare?
I don’t know if you are stupid or clever.
"Aren’t you afraid to take off your coat when you want to seal the lesion for you …" Muhai said.
"It’s okay. There’s a patient in the doctor’s eyes. Isn’t it just taking off a coat? It’s nothing to make me undress."