There was a heated argument during the intermission, which was such a "live broadcast" program.

They invited two old commentators to explain the game, and then supported the guests from both sides to occupy the left and right sides respectively and "listen" to the ball while commenting.
When the Milan commentator said this, the guests who supported AC Milan rushed across the street and smiled proudly.
What does this smile mean? Everyone is white.
The guest who supported Lazio was naturally depressed. He rolled his eyes and continued to look down at his face-to-face screen.
There is a picture of the game on this side, but there is no sound. It is handed over by two commentators on the spot.
When AC Milan dominated the ball, Lazio commentator Ki stopped talking.
In the studio, you can hear the AC Milan commentator gushing, "Milan players keep scoring!" It’s beautiful that they quickly handed it to Lazio to keep busy! Who says Lazio can play such football? Milan can also! "
AC Milan commentator’s tone is very proud.
Obviously, he is also proud of AC Milan’s performance in this game
Commentators, guests and fans are all happy and excited to perform in AC Milan.
However, AC Milan players in the stadium don’t think so.
One, like those people, they feel that it is a great thing that they can control the ball so quickly and run tirelessly.
Lazio was also dragged down and defeated by us in front of us!
Despite this excitement, it didn’t last long.
Because they soon felt tired.
At this time, it’s less than ten minutes at half time …
It is reasonable to say that even if their physical strength is exhausted, they will not feel tired after running for a few minutes after taking a break for 15 minutes.
This is definitely not normal
AC Milan players haven’t found the problem yet.
Only later did they find out what the problem was …
Because their game rhythm is not controlled by them!
Are they running passively or following the Lazio rhythm!
Although they want to speed up the game at half-time, that doesn’t mean they just have to speed up.
They have to make the game in their rhythm, so it makes sense to speed up.
If the opponent is fast and they are forced to talk, they will be led by the nose by the opponent, and they will naturally be tired if they can’t take the initiative to put it back and forth freely.
If they dominate the pace of the game, they will slow down the pace if they want to have a rest.
Anyway, the rhythm is in your own control, and you can do whatever you want.
But now it’s upside down.
Lazio controls the rhythm. If they want to be fast, AC Milan have to be fast. If they want to be slow, that’s fine, because AC Milan can take a break. But … After half time, Lazio accelerated, accelerated and accelerated like a Ferrari in F1, and the speed soared to 375 kilometers per hour!
From half-time to now, it’s over. There’s no point in slowing down!
Then AC Milan can naturally follow the speed and barely follow.
But AC Milan players have been very tired for two or three minutes, and they can keep up for a long time. How can they keep up?
It’s like racing an Alto car with a Bugatti Veveyor. Even if you step on the accelerator, the Alto car can’t beat Bugatti Veveyor …
Worse than this, they don’t want to race, and they can let go of the accelerator and put on the brake to stop completely and quit the competition.
In the competition between AC Milan and Lazio, AC Milan can’t quit. They have a throttle and no brakes in their car.
They have to be so quick to know that they are exhausted from fuel.
Now it seems that AC Milan is not slow, but they are persevering, but how long can they persist?
Who knows!
They really want to give up …
However, the thought that this is the glory and dignity of their home giants makes them unable to accept and give up this situation before.
So they can grit their teeth and persist.
Outsiders haven’t seen it yet, but they are praising AC Milan’s speed and physical fitness to suppress Lazio.
Allegri also saw the plight of his team on the sidelines.
He is a more professional and he knows his team better.
It’s normal that AC Milan was fast at half-time. It’s been ten minutes now, and it’s still so fast … if it’s not getting faster and faster, it’s definitely not normal.
His team can’t have such physical strength …
He turned his head and glanced at the coach’s seat next door. The Lazio coach didn’t come out or squat on the sidelines this time. He was still sitting in the coach’s seat, just like half-time.
I can’t see his face.
But it should be easy to guess what his mood is now by crossing his legs.
Must be very proud
Allegri already knows that this is the winning strategy.
Can’t you run in AC Milan? Don’t you want to run with us?
That’s good. Let you get what you want!
So he accelerated the pace of Lazio, and AC Milan had to spend more energy to follow.
However, AC Milan’s physical strength is not as good as Lazio’s, fearing that AC Milan will collapse due to exhaustion before physical strength …
Now he can of course make AC Milan slow down and not play with Lazio.
He has the power.