Chang Sheng shouted on the sidelines, "Is this a fucking sentence? Is it time to sentence? This is a red card! What else is there to say? Give the card to referee bar owners. Give the red one! "

The fourth official stared at him, but finally he didn’t come out to stop him. Obviously, he also knew that helguera’s move was probably doomed to a red card.
In addition, the team doctor and stretcher also ran off the court.
Because aimar was in pain when he fell to the ground and still lying next to him, he never got up.
In the end, the referee showed helguera a red card and sent off the back shovel of Real Madrid.
However, Valencia’s side is also losing troops-aimar insists that Valencia has finished three substitutions, and Valencia will be able to play with ten people when it is left.
In addition, Ba Laha got a yellow card, Ayala also got a yellow card, and Ayala’s yellow card will suspend him for one game, because he has accumulated five yellow cards this season to the required number of suspensions.
Fortunately, there are a few left in the game.
The Valencia line defended against the Real Madrid offensive in the last few minutes.
Valencia players celebrated at the Bernabeu Stadium when the referee blew the whistle at the end of the game.
Although they paid the price, the victory belongs to them after all.
This is more important than anything else.
After the game, Bosco didn’t come to shake hands with Changsheng, and Changsheng didn’t go to Bosco. He rushed straight into the stadium to celebrate the victory with his players.
In Real Madrid, he celebrated with some arrogance.
He killed Real Madrid twice in the season and insulted his opponent twice by slapping. At the end of the game, there was a fierce conflict.
These all say one thing-the feud between Valencia and Real Madrid is getting deeper and deeper
But Changsheng doesn’t care.
Real Madrid came here because his way forward needs to defeat a powerful BOSS, and even if he doesn’t take the initiative to offend the other party, the other party will find trouble for himself.
Maybe not, but in the end, when you touch each other’s interests, there will be conflicts.
How can you feel at ease that one of the 30 teams in a league won the league title but Valencia won Real Madrid?
In that case, why don’t you just pick a fight? At the very least, it shows that you have courage.
Chang Sheng became the focus of journalists’ attention at the press conference after the game.
Last season, he led Valencia to double-kill Real Madrid, which made such an outstanding achievement that many people had never expected before.
You know, Changsheng is less than 30 years old and lacks experience.
But the results are here and others have to believe them.
So how did he do it?
Many people are curious.
Chang Sheng sat comfortably in his chair and said, "It’s very simple. I told my players that if they want to win the league title, they must have a championship heart, which can be found by beating Real Madrid away from home."
Face Torra quickly wrote the words "champion heart"
Then he drew two bars on the word surface, which is very important.
"Then do you think Valencia has the championship heart now?" A reporter asked
Changsheng nodded. "I don’t think any team can stop us this season!"
He said firmly and without modesty.
However, it is understandable that he was so arrogant to lead the team to beat the powerful Real Madrid away from home, but not many media were surprised.
Even the Valencia media think that Chang Sheng is right. They think the same as Chang Sheng and think that no team can stop Valencia anymore.
Some journalists in Madrid are dissatisfied.
"Don’t you think that’s disrespectful to other teams?" A reporter from Madrid got up to ask questions
Changsheng shrugged. "Of course we respect our opponents. We will try our best to fight them and then beat them! For me, respect is not reflected in the mouth but in the game. "
Finally, he said to a group of reporters, "I remember that after the first round of the League, Mr. florentino, the president of Real Madrid, said that their place in Mestalla lost to us because Zida was not so good. I expect him to find a new excuse after this game. The pressure at home is too great? The turf is too slippery? The weather is neither cold nor hot, so it can’t cause us any trouble. Ha! "
Then he left laughing.
The reporters at the scene looked at each other and said that Changsheng’s hatred for Real Madrid is really not as deep as usual …
Real Madrid was bitten by such a narrow-minded mad dog. It’s really bad luck!
After the press conference after the game, Chang Sheng returned to the dressing room. The players were so excited because they won the game away from home. At this time, they were not ready.
When Chang Sheng came in, many people were still naked and didn’t take a shower.
It’s also good to see cheerful players winning.
When the players saw their head coach appear, they became quiet, and no one spoke. They looked at Changsheng, but what that meant was already obvious-they wanted the head coach to say something, and they wanted to hear Changsheng speak.
So Chang Sheng met their demands and asked everyone with a smile, "How does it feel to have a champion heart?"
"Very good!" Many people shouted.
Constant victory led the team to win, and even defeated the powerful Real Madrid in the away game, which made him hope to rise rapidly among the players. Now I am afraid that it is almost beyond friendship to respect.
"It feels good to have a champion heart. Look, I’m not lying to you, am I? When you face so many difficulties in the away game and still beat the strong enemy, each of you will feel that the league champion should be ourselves! As I just said at the post-match press conference, I told them that no team can stop us from winning the championship this season. I hope you have the same idea and beat all obstacles in the coming competition! Straight to the final cup! "
He waved his arm and shouted
Everyone in the audience felt that the blood boiling in the game had not cooled down.
"Then we can say that our away game against Real Madrid in the 20th round of the League on January 14th, 2022 was the turning point of the whole League! It is the watershed between champion Valencia and Valencia! From this day on, we stepped on the red carpet stained with enemy blood from this game and stepped onto the throne step by step! At that time, each of us can stand up and say so proudly! "
If it is a former winner, nine times out of ten, it will not resonate with the well-informed stars in Valencia.
But now each of them feels a force surging in their chests.
Maybe their coach was right. After beating Real Madrid away from home, they really have a championship heart!
This heart has replaced their former ordinary heart, and it is more powerful, ambitious and confident.
Now when they think of winning the league title, they will think-ah, we deserve it! We performed so well. Why can’t we be the league champions?
Fighting spirit and confidence are burning in everyone’s chest.
Chang Sheng looked at the players’ faces, and then he felt that he finally controlled the team.
After more than half a season, he controlled Hertha longer than he did when he controlled Hertha. After ten rounds of league matches, the team was owned by him after his relegation.