But the sight makes the blood phoenix demon emperor unbelievable.

Because she is no longer in front of her eyes, the world is generally monotonous than there are only one and two sights, and everything in the world grows colorful and full of vitality.
The blood phoenix demon emperor saw a variety of visions that Xia Qiyuan was in a world of acupuncture points. At this moment, all the departments appeared together and scattered around.
"This is simply a complete world."
The blood phoenix demon emperor is shocked, and there is almost no big difference between this world and the outside world. All living things can grow here, which makes the blood phoenix demon emperor unbelievable.
It took a long time for the blood phoenix demon emperor to wake up
When she looked around, she thought of Xia Qi’s coma for a while, and she guessed that Xia Qi’s world would become so afraid that it was the result of such a long coma before.
After calming down, the blood phoenix demon emperor looked at Jianmu around him and sat cross-legged without hesitation to recover.
By her side, the building of wood towering as if through nine days of vitality, breathing blood from the building of wood, Feng Yaodi felt that his weak vitality was supplemented a lot.
Feeling the effect and showing blood, the Phoenix Demon Emperor devoted himself to recuperation.
The same is true of Xia Qi outside.
He can mobilize the poor life of Jianmu as soon as he thinks about it, and he recovers very quickly.
Soon, all the people here, except for dozens of elite immortals, are healing.
When Xia Qi and others were healing on the first heavy day, Wan Jianzong’s high-level officials in the main hall of Wan Jianzong once again gathered together to sit in the first place, but Wan Jian the Great did not look at the face people indifferently like the second time.
Wan Jian the Great endured a slap in the face and smashed a rosewood table directly in front of him.
The great movement made the top of Wan Jianzong in the hall look solemn.
"No matter how angry the Emperor Yiyang has fallen, it is urgent to make up for it. I think we should find a way to find out what happened on the first heavy day."
Wan Jianzong patriarch punishment sword crustily skin of head out and said to Wan Jian the Great.
The reason why Wan Jian the Great was so angry was precisely because the quasi-Emperor Yiyang led hundreds of elite ten fairy kings to leave the soul jade cards broken.
This means that this group of people has fallen.
Even the prospective emperor Yiyang is no exception.
That’s why Wan Jian the Great was so angry.
You know, he has high hopes for Yiyang and his party, hoping that Yiyang and a group of people will be able to slay all the other top Xianmen elites on the first heavy day so that Wan Jianzong can rise after the Millennium.
However, it was not long before a group of people in Yiyang entered the first heavy day, and this result was hard for Wan Jianzong to accept.
"Lingguang Emperor, you go to the exit of the first heavy day to guard you. Try to find out the news of the first heavy day and find a way to find out the reason why Yiyang and others fell. If Yiyang was killed by other clans, you don’t hesitate to make direct moves."
Wan Jian the Great ordered the Emperor Lingguang with anger.
"Don’t worry, Emperor, I will try my best to find out what happened on the first day, and I won’t let Yiyang and others die in vain."
Emperor Lingguang nodded with a cold mans eyes.
At the beginning, it was the Emperor Lingguang who sent the quasi-emperor into the first day. Now the statue of the quasi-emperor Yiyang has fallen, and the heart of the Emperor Lingguang is more angry and wronged than others.
"Yeah, but you should be careful. Now several top immortals are paying attention to the evil spirits. Several top immortals have a tacit understanding. They didn’t leave the emperor to guard the exit of the first heavy day. If you want to go to the first heavy day, you can’t make a big deal, but you should go quietly and don’t let people find it."
Wan Jian the Great nodded his head when he saw the anger of Lingguang the Great, and solemnly commanded Lingguang the Great to say
"Don’t worry, I know what to do."
Emperor Lingguang nodded and knew that there was nothing wrong with what Wan Jian said.
Now the evil spirits are being besieged, and several top immortals have been evacuated. Stay outside the first day, and the Great Emperor Lingguang will go naturally and cannot be discovered.
"Well, the first day will be handled by the Emperor Lingguang. Now we should focus on the evil spirits faction. The evil spirits faction will be destroyed, but after the evil spirits faction is destroyed, we Wan Jianzong must occupy enough benefits."
Wan Jian the great eyes flashing with fine mans mouth said.