The discussion hall of the Dragon Clan is located in the northeast corner of Longcheng. Jiuzhong already stepped on the aisle yesterday. It is like the palm of his hand to play against the layout of Longcheng.

In the shortest possible time, the command of the Dragon Clan came to the front of the Dragon Clan Hall in less than two minutes, instead of going by land.
"You … who are you? !” See nine heavy this batch of uninvited dragon to help the players in front of the conference hall feel something is wrong and cross the road and ask.
"… white tiger killed!" Jiuzhong directly attacked the guard at the door with a group attack skill and then took the lead in entering the discussion hall.
Later, when Li Tang saw it, he hurriedly greeted the brothers behind him. "If you hurry up, you will not catch anything!"
Chapter three hundred and thirty-four Raw melon eggs *
? Xuanye was more prescient than Li Tang. He rushed in without saying anything, and then he rushed in with his speed to the biggest figure. "Please be familiar with the domain name."
After Li Tang shouted, he took a group of Dragon Magic Team members and Enchanted Magic Team members and rushed to the meeting hall. Who knows, before he reached the door, he saw that the meeting hall suddenly burst into a strong golden light and a loud dragon Yin, followed by a huge noise. The whole meeting hall was detonated and shattered.
Two figures walked side by side out of the rubble in the dust and smoke.
Li Tang said he asked the xuan night "how to get it? !”
"… ……máo didn’t have one either!" The mysterious night rushed to the team members of the Enchanter team and waved "Go away from him and kill elsewhere!" Say with the rate of enchants team plunged to the east.
Li Tang glanced at the enchanter team and said to Jiuzhong, "Well, we also went to the boss!" Say led the dragon magic team toward the west to kill.
"Ah, I depend how all gone? ! I also want you to go to the vault with me! " Jiuzhong glanced at the dragons and demons and the enchanters "Don’t go to the old self!"
For the vault and other important facilities, Jiuchong naturally can’t let go of stepping on the road early to kill the dragon gang command system and go straight to the vault of the dragon gang.
The meeting hall was raided and turned into ruins. The Dragon Warrior helped the players to react. There was an enemy attack.
On the way to Jiuzhong, I encountered many dragons to help players intercept, but these players didn’t realize that their interception was an evil spirit, and as a result, the department flew out vertically and horizontally.
Like a gust of wind sweeping away leaves, nine heavy places are full of blood.
Zhanlong gang players have never seen such fierce people, and some people tried to stop them, but with the interception of people, it was all the same, and they didn’t come back. Zhanlong gang players finally realized that this man was by no means something they could handle.
As a result, in the second half of the road, Jiuzhong rushed to the vault of Zhanlong Gang. When Zhanlong Gang players saw Jiuzhong, they all ran away like mice when they saw cats.
Jiuzhong is also happy to pass through the second half of the journey to the location of the vault of the Dragon Guild.
The guild vault is an important place for every guild, and it is heavily guarded, and the Dragon Clan is no exception. There are 20,000 permanent troops in front of the guild vault.
Seeing Jiuchong is obvious, that is, rushing to the vault behind them, 20,000 Dragon Fighters are going to bully more and beat Jiuchong more by dint of numbers.
Without saying anything, Jiuzhong’s direct "Tibetan method" combined with "one gasification and three cleanings" prompted the triple "luàn dance of dragons" to directly include these 20,000 battle dragons to help players.
"Ow ow! !” The dragon yíndàng shines with golden light.
Ten seconds later, when the skill is over, the image of the dragons disappears. Then look at this piece of ground in the field. It is completely red with the blood of the dragon-fighting players, and the residual limbs and broken arms are filled into a blood quagmire.
Guild vault was attacked everywhere, and people came to support the Dragon Warrior gang players, but when they saw the blood in front of the vault, their fragile mind was instantly destroyed, and they gave up guarding the guild vault and fled.
Pay no attention to these players, take back their two places at once, and walk across the quagmire of blood in front of them to the vault. When the big box of men "thud" falls to the vault, the scene comes out.
Look at the vault. Nine-fold voice calls are connected to Double Lyu3 bu4. "How are the Lyu3 bu4 people out? !”
"It’s all out!"
"Well, then I’m closed!" Then hang up the voice call, nine times, close the virtual door standing in the central square of Longcheng with a ring, and then play "greatly!" !”
"Snow man asked your younger brother to come out to work!" Virtual men snow man call way
Although the ten frost dragons trained before have now been incorporated into the Knights of the Dragon, during the national war, Jiuzhong was incorporated into the ice prison, and the coolies of the hundred adult dragons increased instead of decreasing.
Snow Man had to lead the frost dragon out of the ten-story hell with his valiant spirit, and landed around the vault, surrounded by the vault of the Dragon Guild.
Dragon Tuoer is really a little big. One by one, it’s like a mountain. It’s not enough to surround a small guild with dragons.
"Don’t be stunned!" Nine heavy look at these frost dragons, one by one, staring at each other like a blue head, staring at each other and not knowing what to do, he said to Snow Man, "Snow Man is yours!"
"white!" I don’t know how many votes I’ve done with Jiuzhong. Snow Man is familiar with the process of robbing the vault by machinery. He immediately directed a sentient being with a boss, and the frost dragon set out to deal with the war dragon to help the guild vault.
Dragon City was raided. After learning the situation, the online players tried to organize people to resist the enemy, and on the other hand, they sent people to call those who were not online. Soon, the dragon helped millions of people to arrange the line.
The leader of the Dragon Fighting Gang was very lucky. When Jiuchong raided the assembly hall, he was not there yet, so he dodged a bullet.
Later, I received a report from the player that Longcheng was attacked, and the Dragon Gang Wang Zhanlong immediately entered the game to preside over the overall situation.
This dragluàn is a little capable of calmly analyzing the current situation, knowing that the most important thing now is to hold on to the heart of the city and not be destroyed; The second thing is to keep the guild vault, and all the belongings of the Dragon Sect are in that vault.
Call a group of players to guard the heart of Longcheng city, while Zhanlong personally leads the team to the guild vault.
When I came to the place, I just saw the snow man commanding the frost dragon, which was violently demolishing the vault of the Dragon Guild like a toy. I couldn’t help but be blindsided at the moment.
"Help … wang we are not … or not? !” A player next to Zhanlong looked at the frosty dragons standing like mountains in front of him and swallowed hard to fight against Longdao.
At this time, the top of the vault of the Dragon Guild has been torn down by the frost dragons, and the heavier gold, silver, jewelry and materials in the vault are carried into the ten levels of hell.
Seeing that they have worked so hard to accumulate their possessions and continuously enter other people’s pockets, the dragon is heart-wrenching. "Mom, that’s all our hard work. Say nothing to let them rob it in vain! Brothers, follow me and fight with them! !”
Chapter three hundred and thirty-five Back before liberation
? "Spell! Kill! !” Shouting at the battle dragon, leading 200,000 battle dragons to help players embrace and attack the outermost dragon exhibition.
A group of frost dragons have been listening carefully for years, observing modestly and learning the advanced experience and technology of demolishing and transporting the vault from Xuenan. I didn’t expect that human beings would be so careless as to disturb their study.
The periphery is attacked. āo, the frost dragons turn around and look at them like crazy. Humans turn around and look at Snow Man.
Snow man dragon eye yoshimitsu flashing "mom, incredibly dare to disturb the dragon king lecture is really a sin to say this plainly! You kill them for me! !” Signal that while watching the frost dragon fight against the dragon gang, order the frost dragon, who is carrying the treasury property, to continue their work.
However, the frost dragon is idle for more than 90 years. He received an order from Snow Man, and Zhang Long’s face gave a grimace of a grin, and he rushed to fight against the dragons and a group of them.
For the super power of the dragon, the player’s strength is small, except for the nine-fold, of course, but it is obvious that the dragon can’t have the nine-fold ability. Their strength is just to deal with a dragon, and what’s worse, now they are dealing with more than 90 dragons, and the result is absolutely imaginable.
Zhan Long and his gang regarded this battle as a life-and-death battle, but for the more than 90 frost dragons, it was not a battle at all, but a group of dragons playing.
More than 90 frost dragons outflanked around and trapped Zhan Long and his gang in it.
Surrounded by more than 90 mountains like Yue Dragon, the Zhan Long gang seems to have fallen into the abyss. Just looking down at the surrounding dragons, it is already chilling, and my heart is filled with despair.
The gap is too big to fight after this battle!
Surround the battle dragon group for more than 90 times and look at each other, then open your mouth for more than 90 times at the same time, and the dragon inflammation pours like a waterfall into the battle dragon group.
The first 200,000 battle dragons in the instant battle helped players, and a lucky part was frozen into an ice sculpture.
However, their disaster did not end here. After the Long Yan spray, more than 90 frost dragons embraced and dumped their two feet, which were trampled on by a group of people who turned into ice sculptures and dragons.
200,000 people, a group of miserable war dragons, couldn’t even fight back. They were crushed to dust by the tyrannical department of more than 90 frost dragons.
Maybe one, two or twenty dragons are not terrible, but the destructive power of the battle group composed of nearly a hundred dragons is absolutely unimaginable.
This time, the resistance of 200,000 people of Zhan Long gang was planted at the foot of the battle group formed by nearly a hundred frost dragons, and even if they came twice as many people, it would be the same field.
Unless they can mobilize millions of people to help them get here, there may be a chance to fight, but the final result may not be much better. This is the power of the super-fighting dragon.
Get rid of the dragon gang and all the frost dragons. At this time, the dragon gang vault has also been carried by the ten frost dragons.
Seeing the vault, Jiuchong waved his hand "Withdraw!"
"roar! !” Snow Man broke the news that Yi Long Yin led the frost dragon group to return to the tenth floor of hell in an orderly way.
When the last frost dragon entered the virtual méén, he was thinking about what to do next. At this moment, the voice call rang to see if it was a double Lyu3 bu4. "Lyu3 bu4 What is it? !”