"Of course, let Kang County magistrate sit in the mayor’s office for a while and I’ll come later." Li She said and immediately looked at Yun Niang. "I have something to leave for a while and I’ll let Bian Niang accompany you."

Mother nodded, and Li She immediately called Bian Shi over and comforted him for a few words, then quickly went to the office.
As soon as I entered the office, Kang Luo immediately greeted me with a big smile. "It’s my first time to come to the duke’s territory. I didn’t expect it to be this big. I’m afraid I’ll upgrade the county soon."
"People don’t talk in secret. What news did Kang County magistrate bring this time? What did Liu Biao say?" Li She didn’t mind taking a reason for Kang’s revenge in her heart, and her face was cold.
"The duke was frank, but I don’t know what Liu’s adult said. I can consult with the duke and wait outside first." Kang Luo pointed to a person next to him and then withdrew himself.
Li She discovered that there was always a person beside Kang Luo. Li She was angry and didn’t care much, that is, Kang Luo was a slave. Now it seems that this person’s identity is somewhat unusual. Seeing this life, Li She dare not be small. "What is the name of the pavilion?"
The man smiled and talked calmly. "I have long heard of the name of the Duke in the name of Jing, and it is a great honor to see it."
It turned out to be Jing Yue. This man is definitely a little ink man. Liu Biao can pacify Jingxiang when Li is away from this short time.
When Liu Biao first came to Jingzhou, he adopted Jing Yue’s strategy of appeasing Jingzhou, and the effect was remarkable. Only Jiangxia thieves Zhang Hu and Chen Sheng made trouble and crowded around Xiangyang. At this time, Jing Yue personally rode alone and said that he had lost two people in Jiangnan.
Since then, Liu Biao and Liu Cong surrendered to Cao Cao, and Cao Cao once told Xun Yu that "I don’t like Jingzhou’s joy."
"Liu Biao is very lucky to be assisted by her husband," Li said sincerely.
Jingyue laughed. "The duke has praised the duke for his numerous talents, which is better than me. Liu’s adult sent me here to discuss joint affairs."
"Please, sir."
"The duke frank my master said to the duke promised to unite to pacify Sun Jian in the future. After Sun Jian territory belongs to my master, the duke can’t get their hands on half an inch." Jing Yue said that when he stopped here, he saw that Li’s face was often troubled if others were afraid of it. I feel that this person’s temperament is calm and bad, and he is not good at speculating that he has the spirit to swallow the sky.
"Sir, why don’t you stop talking? Please continue."
Jing Yue said, "Although the duke can’t get Sun Jian’s land, Nanyang County belongs to the duke’s territory. What does the duke think?"
The temptation is not to ask Xiao Li, "Can I believe it?"
"My master is a contemporary" Jun "with a reputation. Naturally, there is no problem. If the duke is worried that my master will secretly make moves against the duke, he doesn’t have to rest assured that his lips are dying and his teeth are cold. My master still understands that Yuan Shu has been eyeing Jingzhou, and it is difficult for him to support himself without the duke in my house."
"I really doubt whether Mr. Li can spit out the lotus sutra. Is there any reason to disagree with what Mr. Li said?" Without thinking, Li immediately agreed to Jingyue.
Jing Yue laughed. "The duke is decisive because he doesn’t know that he is always sending troops?"
"I can’t help but chop Sun Jian’s head as soon as I leave early in the morning!" Li said to Bian Bing behind him in cold terms, "You go to arrange for Mr. Huang Zhong and others to take a rest and call him to discuss the invasion."
"Yes," Bian Bing took Jing Yue and Li She went to sit quietly waiting for everyone to come.
Soon a bunch of civil servants and military commanders came to Tianmen Town, sitting on the left and civil servants on the right. The military commander was the first in his left hand, and Huang Zhong was the first in his right hand.
Huang Zhong followed Li Zhuang, Le Jin, Niu Ba, Yu Jin, Zhang Xiu Xizhicai Bian Bing and Guo Jia.
Zhou Cang went to Zhoujia Village to accompany Master Zhou. Gan Ning still plays with Huang Xu in vertical and horizontal waters. These days, he has been guarding that small territory in Zhijiang County with Gan Ning and Zhang Han. Huang Wudie never comes to this kind of meeting.
During this period, Li She also sent someone to find Li Qiang and wanted Li Qiang to send troops together to try the power of wolf riding, but Li Qiang said that it was not mature enough. Many wolves were too ambitious to train, and the wolf cavalry was quite unfamiliar to give birth to chaos. Li Qiang didn’t send troops. Wait until after the cavalry matured.
Among the military commanders, Li Zhuang should be the first one, but Li Zhuang refused to let Huang Zhong sit in the first place. Yu Wenchen’s first place should also be Bian Bingli’s involvement in avoiding suspicion, which made the actor sit in the first place.
It can be seen that Li Shehui’s military commanders are numerous, but they are few and far between. This is also the reason why Li Shehui has been thirsty for talents. Li Shehui thought that after this war, he would definitely dig up talents in Jingzhou.
Seeing that people have arrived, Li said, "I believe all of you here already know that I called you here. Do you have anything to say?" Li she will Jing yue mean to say it again.
"What else can I say to fuck his grandmother directly? Jiangdong Tiger is better than my overlord tiger!" Li involved in the words sound just fell cow bully has got up and started yelling.
I don’t know what’s wrong with Niu Ba these days. The fighting power has soared wildly. It has reached 7 o’clock in terror. Huang Zhong said that Niu Ba will definitely break through the 9 th National Congress in a while, instead of standing still in the 9 th card like Li She did and becoming a fake 9.
Niu Ba’s personality is becoming more and more overbearing like he changed the name himself, and he is ready to fight and kill.
"All right, now we’re talking about business, and we’re not doing anything like this." Li said that Niu Ba also sat angrily.
"Princess, have you thought about it? Is it really good to be a Liu Biao sword?" Huang Zhong doesn’t seem to agree that when the blade is natural, it is a peerless weapon. Of course, when it is abandoned, it is necessary to destroy such lotus flower blades.
Li Zhuang is also worried that "is it credible only by Liu Biao’s name" Jun "? Not to mention whether he will give Nanyang County to us after it is completed? "
Xi Zhicai took over the topic "Don’t worry, I’m sure Liu Biao won’t move the master, and after the job is done, Liu Biao will definitely give Nanyang County to the master. I’m not worried about this. My only worry is that I won’t be able to fight this Jiangdong tiger."
"Yes, Nanyang is the north that enters Jingxiangmen, and many Liu Biao, the northern male masters, are awed by the princes’ prestige. Nanyang County will be given to the master so that the master can fight against the princes for him." Guo Jia’s operas just want to coincide.
Maybe Guo Jia, they are not familiar with it, but they still believe in Niu Ba and muttered that Liu Biao was so insidious that he gave such a place to the master, and didn’t that master become his watchdog?
"A dog will jump over a wall if it is nasty. Worse still, you can just bite back after biting the master … er … did I put my foot in my mouth?" Guo Jia just looked at a face of language. Did Li She make such a metaphor?
"Sun Jian, the tiger of Jiangdong, has a long reputation, and Jiangdong’s inheritance is even more deeply rooted. I am afraid that the master can’t win." The drama is quite worrying.
Li She sneered, "Hum Jiangdong Tiger? Killing my brother can make him feel safe and sick, and make him a tiger into a dead dog. You can come out as you wish! "
Speaking of the military commanders who are eager to fight, Huang Zhong is ready to go like a sharp arrow. "I have been recuperating in the town and my bones are loose. If I don’t fight again, I am afraid I will be buried in the loess."
"Huang is a little old, so let me do it." Li Zhuang is also restless
Huang Zhong himself can say that he is old, but he hates it when others say that he is old. When Li Zhuang said this, Huang Zhong immediately stared at his eyes and shouted, "You Li Zhuang are not much younger than me!"
"What’s the difference between small and small?"
"The two commanders don’t have to quarrel any more, but let me enjoy it. This first achievement before the war is bound to enter my hands!" Lejin also came to intervene horizontally.
Niu Ba even shouted, "If you want me to say, kill them all and directly kill that Sun Jian’s ass."
Yu Jin likes to keep a low profile, and he also knows that if he wants to guard Coco, he can’t compete with others, so he doesn’t say much.
At the end of the day, Zhang Xiu was eager to make meritorious deeds and stand firm because he joined Li-related forces at the latest. "If you want the master to say a word, Zhang Xiu will definitely lead an iron horse to flatten Jiangdong Zhen’s master!" to be continued
Chapter two hundred and seventy The generals well-documented
"good! You are worried about the injustice in the east of the river! " Li Sheda Xi
Just as Li was full of confidence, Guo Jia got up and said, "Please don’t be happy too early. There are many rivers and waters in Jiangdong, but the master’s generals have little knowledge of water. It’s very difficult to fight this battle!"
Guo Jia hit the nail on the head about Li She, which made it clear where his disadvantage lies.
"Master Gan Ning has been crazy enough for a while, so let him come back. This pioneer must be Gan Ning!" Xi Zhicai said
"Uh-huh … to get this back," they all said.
Li She agreed, "Well, I hope Gan Ning can come earlier, so I’ll leave it to Big Brother."
"Before it’s too late, I’ll go and get this back." Li Zhuang rushed out without leaving a moment.