"This, this and this seat are all wanted." Liang Yi thoughtfully ordered four colorful real spirits in a row.

"Ah, yes, I have already written it down to my predecessors," said the maid with great joy. "Do you need anything else?"
"Look at the first herbal medicine" Liang Yi answered.
The fifth floor contains more than 20 kinds of fairy medicines. However, it has been successfully planted in the small world of Bilingtian. Liang Yi has completely lost interest in these fairy things with low quality in these years.
"Four colorful real spirits and 1100-yuan stone have been removed for you." At the end of the inspection, the fox fur witch smiled and took out four real spirits and prepared for delivery.
"The price of 1,100 yuan Lingshi is cheaper than that of the mainland of the spirit world." Before Linlai, Liang Yi learned that the vein of Lingshi in the deep sea was relatively poor, and the value of Yuanlingshi was higher than that of the mainland of the spirit world. He was about to take out Yuanlingshi, and a middle-aged dragon demon with a pair of deep red dragon horns and a red face suddenly shook himself in front of them.
"teleport? Six bullet scattered fairy "Liang Yi pupil miniature but also don’t care much.
"I have seen the owner of the cabinet!" Witch girl saw bearer slightly surprised hurriedly upon seen.
The Dragon Demon waved his hand at the maid but stared at Liang Yi. It seems that he was not angry at the arrogant ceremony of this little monk in the middle of Du Jie. "This Taoist friend wants to buy colorful real things?"
"Is it true that the owner of the cabinet has any opinions?" Liang Yi smile asked.
"Zuo Aoling, I started with a Fengling sea cucumber the other day. I wonder if my friend intends to start?"
"Oh, thank you very much. The owner of Aoling Pavilion is short of a colorful true spirit. It would be great if the owner is willing to give up what one favours." Liang Yi smiled, but his heart was alert.
"Please come with me, friend." Aoling smiled and led Liang Yi to the building. Liang Yi smiled and followed.
This is an antique small practice room. Liang Yi just followed Aoling into this room, and the door of the practice room collapsed and closed. Then a five-color ban firmly imprisoned the room.
"Why is it that the cabinet owner asks for a seat here?" Liang Yi’s face was not nervous at all, but he still smiled indifferently and asked, "Zhenlong Pavilion has a good reputation, and it should be less than a thousand yuan of lingshi self-destruction signboard?"
"Just a few yuan Lingshi seat is naturally invisible." Aoling sneered at Liang Yi and his brow with a trace of regret and anger. It seems that Liang Yi is still indifferent at the last moment of his death. "But you are so mellow, but it is my Ying Long clan who will get the real dragon blood and break the rules of the blue waves."
"It’s no wonder that the dragon veins" Liang Yi smiled.
"Don’t worry about killing people here, and the outside world won’t notice a trace of fluctuation. If you die, you can still have a good time. If you resist," Aoling sneered at a figure and reached Liang Yi’s front, and his right hand instantly turned into a golden African claw, which was to be continued.
The seventh volume Wind and rain spirit world DiLiuJiuEr chapter
"Don’t worry about killing people here, and the outside world won’t notice a trace of fluctuation. If you die, you can still have a good time. If you resist," Aoling sneered at a figure and reached Liang Yi’s front, and his right hand instantly turned into a golden African claw and buckled at Liang Yi’s skull.
"It’s really a death wish." Liang Yi sighed in his heart, and his right hand shook slightly, and he did not see the thick palm, so he firmly buckled the golden African claw.
For a moment, Aoling felt that a strange force blocked him from invading his purple mansion heaven and earth through the golden African claw and along his unfinished dragon arm, and immediately imprisoned his body mana.
"pa!" A slap in the face with a heavy fan flew back in Aoling’s face and slammed into the wall of the chamber of secrets. The five-color ban on the wall will protect the wall and hit a burst of disorderly fibrillation.
Aoling stumbled and climbed up, staring at the man in front of him like a ghost, and imprisoning his body mana. This means Aoling is also unheard of. You know, he is actually robbing six scattered immortals, even if it is possible to rob the spirit statue to beat himself with one move, but it is absolutely impossible to wave his hand to stop his body repair.
"The elder forgives, but the younger generation is confused for a moment. I hope the elder will forgive me." Aoling trembled and said, "The younger generation is willing to be a slave, and I hope the elder will forgive me."
"A moment of confusion?" Liang Yi sneer at a way "take the dragon veins this kind of thing you Ying Long gens should do a lot? This is also called a moment of confusion? "
"The senior and junior are also ordered to forgive the senior," Aoling even asked.
"You Ying Long gens are arrogant and overbearing, and your seat naturally requires you to pay the price." Liang Yi sneered, "It’s impossible for you to attack and kill the seat." With a wave of his right hand, a force will be taken back to Aoling several feet away.
"Elder, this attic is forbidden to be opened by younger generation. If you kill the younger generation and want to go out, you must forcibly break the door and make a big noise, which will inevitably lead to the idea that several spirits in Canglang Temple will come up with Canglang epicenter." Aoling’s pleading is not enough. "The elder must spare the younger generation this time."
"The seat has decided that you must die." Liang Yi snorted impatiently, and suddenly buckled his right palm on this Lao head, which had completely lost his ability to resist. He forcibly cast his soul-searching technique to be confused, and Aoling could not help shivering and soon foamed and was dying.
After about half a lamp of tea kung fu, Liang Yi slammed his right palm and killed Aoling, who had lost his mind.
Aoling is a scattered fairy body. Once she died, she immediately turned into a few pure aura of heaven and earth, which filled the small training room.
"Ying Long gens has some means to collect the real dragon blood in this way." This Aoling is a six-robbery scattered fairy, and it is one of the top in Ying Long gens. Naturally, I know many secrets of Ying Long gens.
This Ying Long clan is the strongest force in the deep sea, even stronger than Canglang Temple. There are more than three people who robbed demon fairy alone.
Ying Long clan is a branch of dragon clan, and its own cultivation method is closely related to the richness of true dragon blood. The Dragon clan has continued and developed itself, and naturally tried every means to collect the true dragon blood. In the deep sea, all practitioners who have the true dragon blood are plundering their targets more than this Ying Long clan. They have searched for the true dragon blood and specially cultivated several demon clans with the weak true dragon blood.
Just like ordinary people raising pigs, when these meat heads grow to a certain stage, they will be slaughtered and their blood drawn.
At the same time, the Ying Long clan widely spread their eyeliner and tried their best to kill some demon practitioners with real dragon blood.
"Means are diabolical enough." Liang Yi smiled. Similar things are common in the cultivation of immortals. What’s more, the situation should be that the dragons are aimed at other demon families. Liang Yi naturally won’t go to attack, but it’s a real dragon’s blood. That’s another story
Liang Yi’s self-created five-element magic skill is immeasurable after the perfect fusion of the magic skill. Now, the derivation of the five-element magic skill has reached the bottleneck, and it is a shortcut to break through the suspicion of the true dragon’s blood except chance.
"If there is enough true dragon veins, maybe we can push the five elements of magic to the seventy-fifth turn, advance to the level of innate achievement method, and return to the day after tomorrow, and the growth rate of innate then will have a qualitative leap." Liang Yi made up his mind to take a trip to Ying Long demon family immediately.
Immediately after Aoling’s death, the magic weapon of leaving things behind will be searched up. This Aoling is the owner of the cabinet, but his fortune is much richer than that of the nearby six robbers and scattered immortals. There are also three or four thousand yuan Lingshi.
Protecting the five-color ban in this chamber of secrets is still standing. For Liang Yi, who is barely a law, everyone is strong. It takes a little time to break it, but Liang Yi is too lazy to take the trouble to break it, and he is not afraid of the so-called Canglangge Lingzun entanglement and directly blow it at the top cover of this chamber of secrets.
"Boom-"The top cover of Zhenlong Pavilion was overturned as a whole, and then a blue robe beam escaped into the baizhang.
"How dare a thief!" Liang Yi just rose, and suddenly there was a roar in the towering surging waves temple more than ten miles away, and then several jin hong rose from the temple and shot straight at Liang Yi, followed by a sudden illusion and a colorful picture scroll thousands of miles away, and the entrance to the city was instantly closed.
Canglang Temple and Ying Long Yaozu are the top three super powers in this sea area, with similar strength and competing with each other. It is not uncommon for the two companies to attack and kill each other secretly. However, this Canglang Temple is the camp of Canglang Temple after all. Liang Yi’s move is tantamount to slapping Canglang Temple.