In the face of this question, Zhang carpenter and his horse recovered their composure and answered the boss.

"Pay five buckets of grain per mu in the first three years of land distribution according to the original agreement."
"Two buckets of grain in the middle is the grain tax, and the remaining three buckets of grain are given to us by the Governor’s Office, and the price of rations is returned to the Governor’s Office for almost one year."
"There are 20 tons of grain in these grains, which is the governor’s house. Nothing can be done."
"The Governor’s Office is so kind to us. With a good harvest, we must never owe the Governor’s Office food tax."
After nodding to his father’s answer, Zhang Tiezhu continued to ask, "Except for the 20-ton grain tax, there are still 60 tons of grain left in our house … I don’t know what your parents are going to do with this leftover grain."
At this time, Carpenter Zhang was responding to a phrase that he often heard:’ Don’t panic when you have food in your hand’ …
Facing the boss’s question, a carpenter smiled and answered unhurriedly …
"I’ll take you to a total of seven people’s rations and leave thirty loads …"
"I’m going to keep fifteen loads of grain in case of possible disasters in 2008."
"In this case, 60 loads of grain will go to 45 loads and the remaining 23 loads of grain. I decided to respond to the call of the Governor’s Office and sell it to the Governor’s Office. I owe the Governor’s Office 62 taels of silver for the six sheep I bought that year."
"Keep the silver left over from selling grain for our family to sell for a year."
"When the grain is collected in, we’ll give you a second brother’s silver and give you a second brother to marry a wife in …"
In the face of his father’s face, he smiled with satisfaction. Zhang Tiezhu shook his head directly and denied, "Mom and Dad say a word in heart, I don’t agree with you to do this …"
Carpenter Zhang suddenly thought that now the boss is no longer the original one who doesn’t know anything, but an officer at the bottom of the Tiger and Leopard Army, who knows much more about things than himself.
In this case, the boss’s thoughts and opinions may be better than his own.
Thought of here, carpenter Zhang asked directly without hesitation
"Iron column you see more. What do you think? If you speak well, I will listen to you … "
Zhang Tiezhu didn’t hesitate to speak his mind directly …
"Sixty loads of grain, except for thirty loads of rations, are sold to the Governor’s Office by the Ministry of Grain. According to the current price of four taels of silver and one load of grain, thirty loads of grain can sell more than 150 grains and silver."
"With this money, we can get 120 yuan to buy a plow cow in the Governor’s Office, leaving 520 yuan for our family’s annual expenses to make our family life better."
It’s a pain in Zhang Carpenter’s heart to raise cattle.
When I distributed cattle and sheep, I thought the cows were too expensive and didn’t want them.
However, those villagers who asked for the help of plowing cattle only distributed the land to the governor’s office in half the time, and the farming was completed. Because the spring ploughing was not over yet, every family of these villagers benefited from this time and privately cultivated four or five acres of land.
Although these lands are subject to grain tax, there are still seven loads of grain after four or five acres of land are added up after grain tax is removed.
According to this harvest, at most, in two years, these villagers can get a farm cow for nothing without paying his price.
And it is such a good thing that I was ignored and gave up …
Now carpenter Zhang will be very jealous and heartbroken every time he sees these villagers’ cows at home, and regret that he couldn’t bring back a cow as hard as they did.
Facing the son, he suddenly came up with the idea of buying cattle, and Zhang Carpenter was ready to agree without thinking.
At this moment, carpenter Zhang suddenly thought that the boss had just discussed how to return the governor’s house with sixty taels of silver.
So carpenter Zhang asked directly, "Iron column, how about we buy sixty taels of silver for sheep?"
Without thinking, Zhang Tiezhu replied, "I owe it for the time being, and I will sell the sheep directly to pay back the money in 2008,"
"I just saw that the six sheep we bought at the beginning have now become nine heads. According to this development momentum, by the autumn harvest in 2008, there will be 14 or 15 heads of these nine sheep …"
"When the time comes to sell six or seven sheep can also the silver …"
Zhang carpenter’s eyes lit up and he said excitedly, "Boss, you’re right. I thought about food and forgot nine sheep at home …"
"Anyway, we owe the governor sixty taels of silver without interest, and this year is the same as last year …"
"Nine sheep can become fifteen when they are young …"
"Fifteen sheep if the department sold one hundred and thirty-four taels of silver, then we can not only repay the governor’s debt, but also make a lot of money …"
Chapter four hundred and thirteen The morale of the people
The grain harvest, the bumper harvest of cattle and sheep, and the pitifully low one-time tax of the Tiger and Leopard Army all the people and villagers are full of hope for their future.
When a pile of grain was put into the granary, more than 100% of the whole Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces were in the territory, and the people and the villagers set up a memorial tablet for Wei Zheng to live forever, burning incense and worshiping Buddha every day, praying that Wei Zheng would live a long life and be a guard in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces forever.
In this case, if you don’t say a word to Wei Zheng, more than ten million people in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces will become conditional followers of Wei Zheng and the whole Tiger and Leopard Army …
As the soldiers of the Tiger and Leopard Army returned home one after another and slowly announced the harvest situation at home, the whole Tiger and Leopard Army was boiling, because they were ruled and protected by their caring family, and they would never return to the original hunger and hunger days.
I’m glad they haven’t forgotten the dangerous situation facing Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces at present.
Seeing that one’s family is going to have a good life, the beast is not as good as the imperial government, and he wants to steal his hard-earned income from his family and let his family go back to the original hunger and hunger.
Armed with weapons to protect their families and soldiers, these tiger and leopard soldiers will certainly not allow this to happen.
In just a few days, all the soldiers of Tiger and Leopard Army erected an unshakable belief in their hearts.
"Even if you die in battle, you can’t let the court loyalists enter the Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces to take away the food that your family has worked so hard to get, so that your family can live a hard life again."
"If you want to have a breath, you must follow David all the way to the end, because everything is for you and your family, and you can always live a good life with whom."
The firm belief of "following the guard to the death and fighting bloody battles with the imperial court loyalists to the end", coupled with the influence of some people in the army, has made a rapid progress in the Tiger and Leopard Army and the 100,000 troops stationed in Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces.
"Follow the guard to play the Shaanxi and Shaanxi provinces and hit the capital all the way to let the guard be the emperor …"
"When a guard becomes emperor, no one can take away the good life in everyone’s hands …"
As the rumors became more and more fierce, the rumors had to speak out.
A case of 5,000 soldiers of the Tiger and Leopard Army, the nearest military camp to the Governor’s Office in Shanshan, looked at the mat with a full of hot eyes.
The guard Wei Zheng also toured back and forth among the 5,000 soldiers with appreciation and examination eyes.
In this way, after a full cup of tea, he slowly smiled with satisfaction at the surface of the department, and Wei Zheng was so depressed that he shouted at his loudest voice.
"Men and brothers … Shuai knows that the army has been rumored recently that Shuai wants to take everyone into the city to be the emperor. Today, Shuai can definitely tell everyone that Shuai doesn’t want to be the emperor and won’t go to be the emperor. It’s not self-interest but that he doesn’t want everyone and everyone’s family to return to the original life of starving refugees at any time …"