Say, with a wave of his hand, the rear sergeant will go and put away the crossbow.

Weng Qing didn’t seem to see Fu Xu say with smile, "Wang, a captain, let me introduce you. These guys are long-lost players in Bingzhou Road."
"This is an old man with a bitter knife. Northwest Knights will call him a bodhi old zu when they see him …"
"This is Mrs. Chen and Hemen Feng …"
"This is HuoChuGe but old teacher younger brother …"
As Weng Qing introduced Wang Xuan, he also looked at several people one by one.
The old man with a bitter knife is a wrinkled old man in coarse linen with hunchback and rickets. His hands are unusually thick and his joints are wide with a smile and big gold teeth.
Mrs. Chen is a beautiful woman in a white skirt, with hair all over her head and a fragrant handkerchief in her right hand, and her eyes are full of flattery.
While Weng Qing’s younger brother Huo Chuge is a burly old man with an ugly figure and a white beard like a steel needle, with a big sword behind his face and several scars.
Wang Xuan was as usual, but he was wary in his heart.
None of these people is simple.
Weng Qing doesn’t say that although he doesn’t show a mountain leak, he can steal the door. The master of the hall is at least a level master with Xuanchen.
Northwest Knife Fighters are a bunch of outlaws who will do anything for money. It’s obvious that the old man with a bitter knife can live to this day without the harm on the surface.
And since Mrs. Chen is the elder of Hehemen, she must be proficient in magic charm and can be said by Weng Qing that her old friend is estimated to be over 100 years old, but a picture of a woman in her thirties is really weird.
In that Huochu Pavilion, the qi activity is extremely tight, but it is like a fierce beast pestle, which makes people feel numb.
Weng Qing said that Lin Suhuai, a veteran, smiled and stared at Alfred’s eyes with a flash of light. "I didn’t expect that a captain of the king should have this ghost dog. No wonder he can see through the old technique."
This veteran is not a good man …
Wang Xuan sneered in his heart, but his face was as usual. "It’s better for several seniors to come from afar and have a rest and drink some drinks in the camp."
"Hee hee …"
Mrs. Chen smiled, "The young man is dishonest. Your military camp is extremely dangerous. If I go in, I won’t be at your mercy."
Said the twist a head to look at Weng Qing "Weng old man you discuss when to leave to inform me"
Say a little toe and fly and disappear into the jungle.
Bitter knife old man is also a full face of rustic laughter. "Old man Weng promised you. I didn’t say anything. I heard that you have a giant Xuan copper mine. You can’t be stingy if you want me to wait."
The words sound just fell and people are far away.
And Lin Suhuai, a veteran, glanced at Alfred again, followed by him.
Weng Qing and his younger brother Huo Chuge were left at the scene.
WengQing looks pale and then wry smile way "Wang, a captain, these old friends are this smelly temper and rest assured that the old man will help you …"
"Brother doesn’t want his nonsense!"
Huo Chuge, a stout old man, suddenly sank, "Wang, a captain, has always had something to say. The Kanyuan Mountains are extremely dangerous. We wouldn’t be in danger if we didn’t seek a chance."
"If you Yongan Fujun can’t even cope with a seven-murderous corpse, it’s also a joke to go back early and save your life."
Say and turn around and stride away.
Wang Xuan stared thoughtfully at each other’s back.
These people are all wily old foxes, but this Huo Chuge speaks with kindness, though it is ugly. What do you mean?
Weng Qing is also a faint sigh. "Wang, a captain, this … ah, the old man didn’t also the way. A few old friends have to try your weight, and the old man broke his word."
Wang Xuan looked the same and bowed his hand. "In this case, please help yourself."
WengQing nodded his head and jumped into the dense forest rapidly, taking his hands to the northwest, but his figure soon disappeared …
Liu Shun next to hand way "adult seems things have changed".
Wang Xuan sink a way, "Yes, it was a test just now. It is estimated that when we saw the invasion of the barracks for hundreds of meters, we found that it was absolutely satisfactory."
"I wonder where they come from?"
"Immediately believe Yongan to see what has happened!"
Suddenly a falcon went up into the sky and flew towards Yongan.
Near dusk, Mo finally found the news.
Yesterday, Taiyinmen secretly transported most of the treasures of the government troops to the black market in Huairen.
"It turned out to be in cahoots with Taiyin Gate!"
Guo Luquan in chancellorsville chuckled, "Those old miscellaneous hairs in Taiyinmen are weak. Seeing that Weng Qing contacted so many good players, it is estimated that they promised to share" Taiyinmen alchemy "after the merger, but they also need to look at Tusu’s face again."
"Weighing the pros and cons can be thick and thin"
Wang Xuan sink a way, "So it’s all right that Yong ‘an needs no treasure cheats now. If they can push back Tu Su’s house, it will save me trouble."
To tell the truth, neither "lunar alchemy" nor any military battle line has much attraction for him.
Even if the yang method needs to find a yang refining method, it can be gradually deduced through the deduction disk of heaven.
What is more important now is that the Yongan government troops can plant flags based on their feet.