If Guo Yi sees Lan Ying again, I’m afraid I can recognize her at a glance. Isn’t this Ji Youran’s school sister!

On the same day, Guo Yi and Guo Lugang met Ji Youran and Lan Ying when they came to the ancient Xuanyu.
At that time, Lan Ying was rushing to visit Ji Youran in the ancient Xuanyu world, but she accidentally discovered a strange bamboo forest behind the ghost mountain and a shrine deep in the bamboo forest.
They are all superb, but they all want the shrine deep in the bamboo forest, so they made a bet with Guo Yi and Guo Lu.
It’s a pity that Guo Yi’s talent is too strong to overtake Guo Lu in one year.
Lan Ying lost to Ji You, and then she left the ancient mysterious realm, while Guo Lu left the deep and remote blue mansion to start the mansion, and the son-in-law quit the cruel fairy road and became an ordinary person.
Lan Ying was far more talented than Ji Youran when she was in monasticism, but she was not as talented as Ji Youran. Although both of them are now practicing equally, Ji Youran has been practicing for 50 years, but she has been practicing for more than 7,000 years. She is also extremely talented, but compared with Ji Youran, she is far from it.
Suoji is a senior sister, but she is a junior sister!
It is an indisputable fact in the realm of cultivating immortals that the supreme master is long.
After taking the mask of deceiving heaven, Lan Ying was even more respectful. "What else do you need to do, Master?"
"You go and tell Luo Xin Yao that her heart is desolate," the old blind man said.
"It’s that simple" Lan Ying was surprised.
"It’s not simple at all," the old blind man said.
Lanying’s flash of inspiration brought the mask of deceiving heaven, and she became an ordinary woman again.
With a slight swing of the cold river, she has disappeared from the boat and has become a hole all night.
"It’s really hard for mom to be a master. It’s really tiring not only to pretend to be steady and reserved but also to appear inscrutable in front of her disciples!"
After Lan Ying left, she was blind and paralyzed. The boat whistled and hummed a tune!
Suddenly a sharp coolness came from the night, and there was an extra moon in the sky!
The two moons actually appeared at the same time, and an old blind head and a cold air enveloped the vast world. All the aquatic creatures in the Luohe River turned to blood for the first time!
The old blind somersault got up from the boat and cursed, "Oh, my God, it’s endless. You can chase it wherever you go. It serves you right that your apprentice was ruined."
The cold wind is even worse, and the moon is so cold and cold that it keeps getting bigger and bigger, as if to occupy the whole night.
"Mom hasn’t seen her repair for a few days and has grown a lot. Let’s run before she catches up!"
The old blind man stepped on the boat and the boat suddenly burst into a cloud of smoke. After the smoke dispersed, there was only blood on the river!
The fragrance of nine Wan Li wines has been echoing for three days and three nights before it slowly dispersed!
However, the smell of wine in the wine tower still fills the air, and Guo Yi is still galloping around Yunxianer. He seems to have endless strength, regardless of Yunxianer’s life or death.
At this time, Yun Xianer has long since lost her former coldness and arrogance, and her snow-white charming body has been ruined. It is like mud sticking to the wall and being ravaged by Guo Yi.
Her black hair is messy, her arms are slender, her waist, her chest and her hips are covered with blood, and even her beautiful eyes are covered with bloodshot, ferocious and scary.
"I’m going to kill you." Although her jade legs are still wrapped around Guo Yi’s waist, her mouth keeps saying this sentence.
She fainted nine times in three days, but every time she woke up, the first sentence must be "I’m going to kill you"
I don’t know how many times she had an orgasm in three days, but every time she had an orgasm, she shouted "I’m going to kill you."
How can Guo Yi let her go easily when a woman is still thinking about killing people when she has an orgasm?
Three days later, Yun Xianer was dying, and her whole body was like mud, and her jade legs were still ravaged by Guo Yi’s shoulders, and she was not allowed to rest.
"Guo … Yi, you … let me go … please let me go … I’m dying … I promise … and then I’ll never find … Sue’s trouble again … and your enemy … ah!"
Yun Xianer finally couldn’t stand the pain and begged for mercy. Her voice was intermittent, as if Guo Yishen would die at any moment.
"I don’t believe you!" Guo Yidao
"Don’t don’t really … don’t. If I die, Xiaoyan will die. Do you have the heart to … let her die?" YunXianEr with pleading eyes.
Guo Yi finally stopped and got up and threw a piece of white cloth to her!
Yun Xianer’s exquisite carcass turned up from the ground, then wrapped a white cloth around his body, slapped the virtual door and flew into it.
At this time, she was not weak just now, as if Guo Yi had not weakened her for six days and six nights.
Xu Luyun Xianer bit her silver fangs and complained, "Guo Yi, you and I have committed evil deeds, and I want you to return it ten times in the future."
When she said this, her white and slender jade legs trickled with blood, and her white cloth was dyed with magnificent blood.
After saying this, she seemed to have finished her last strength, and the pain made her lie on the virtual road directly, while the virtual door was already