Or did you say something? The news leaked and the emperor learned about it from another channel?

When it is impossible to do things, he arranges his own people to be in charge, and the outside of Tokyo is also his eyes and ears. If he insists on hostile forces, the only hostile force in Gao Fu is that Tokyo stays behind.
But this is even more impossible.
Yan Hong Yong’s name is that Tokyo stays behind, but it’s nothing. If you insist that you have the power to issue decrees, it’s also that the decrees don’t go out of the stay-at-home office, and the whole Tokyo stay-at-home company is in his hands.
He doesn’t even think Yan Hong Yong can be bad for him if he wants to break his head.
However, whether he will come or not has given him more thought. Because Shi Lieliang sent someone to stare at him closely, he asked him to go out of the city quickly and visit Shi Lieliang.
Chapter 334 Gao Fu cried in despair
Gao Funeng doesn’t really want to go out and feels that once he goes out, he will definitely have no good results.
But all the splendor of the emperor’s favorite comes from the emperor’s favor, and he really doesn’t have the confidence to do something to protect himself.
Gao Fu, who hesitated repeatedly, recognized him and followed him sadly out of the garrison camp outside Liaoyang City, Liaoyang City, and met with Ge Shilie Liangbi.
When he saw that Bin’s familiar sword on the shelf next to Shi Lieliang, he stood there like a lightning strike.
be over; be doomed
That sword is heavenly sword, and it’s Yan Hong Liang’s sabre.
It’s not lethal, it’s not practical, but it’s a symbol of the emperor, and a person holding this heavenly sword represents the emperor’s brilliance.
Not to mention the fact that the official position is higher than Gao Fu’s.
Gao Furu’s dull appearance after being struck by lightning was seen by Shi Lieliang, and he shook his head slightly to confirm the truth of the matter.
"Gao Fu, you should know why I will come here, right?"
There was a great silence. Gao Fu trembled and replied, "I know."
"Alas …"
Ge Shili Liangbi shook his head and sighed, "Why do you want to cheat me when I believe you?" What you hate most in your life is cheating and betraying you. Officials who have pulled it up should know this more. "
Ge Shilie’s persuasion instantly penetrated Gao Fu’s psychological defense line. Gao Fu knelt down and cried without any more sophistry, and soon he burst into tears.
Then, without asking more questions, Gao Fu directly made it clear that everything he knew was like pouring beans in the bamboo tube, from when he was cheated by Xiao Tula to when he was dragged into collusion with thieves.
It’s true …
GeShiLie LiangBi clenched his fist nu way "soldier country events will be dead! Don’t you know how important the military affairs are to the big Jin State? You are a confidant! Actually doing such a thing! "
No one knows the current situation better than Shi Lieliang. If the Khitan rebellion cannot be pacified, the consequences will be serious.
The Han rebels in the south have occupied Hebei and Shandong, and the two sides may reach an alliance at any time in the Southern Song Dynasty.
Once the Han rebels lead Song Jun north, the Central Plains will be overturned.
Not to mention, the Han Chinese rebels have already defeated the strength of 8 Jin Army fighters head-on, and made great moves to attack Xiongzhou and Bazhou in the north, making great breakthroughs in the six-state defense line and taking the posture of Zhongdu.
That Han Chinese rebel is very dangerous, and it has reached the point where Xu Jin can’t win without general mobilization.
It is expected that the mobilization will be completed in half a year, and the grain supply will be ready in a month or two, and then the army can set off, which is exactly the maximum tolerance of the emperor
However, at this time, the great rebellion in Qidan was in full swing, and the whole northeast was unstable. After several months, the rebellion was put down and then the rebels in Shandong and Hebei were attacked. As a result, I never thought that the war of counter-insurgency in Qidan had reached this point
The Khitan rebels are getting stronger and stronger, and the number of people is increasing. Can you believe it?
The strategic posture of both sides has hardly changed as when the war just started a few months ago.
The Khitan rebels fought more and more, but the number of nomads killed has exceeded two thousand.
The situation is really bad.
I can’t stand it any longer, so I will immediately order Gao Fu to take it.
Gao Fu is one leng.
"Are you going to arrest me?"
"I have been ordered to take Gao Fu and Xiao Tula to Zhongdu for questioning if the front situation is really erosive!"
Ge Shi Lie Liang Bi has a fierce face.
Gao Fu cried in despair, and tears fell drop by drop and fell to pieces.
Gao Fu, the actual manager of the Tokyo Left-behind Department, was taken, and immediately summoned his deputy, Li Yanlong, the promotion officer of the Tokyo Left-behind Department, and ordered Li Yanlong to select a suitable candidate to temporarily do things for Gao Fu before the deputy left-behind of the Tokyo Left-behind Department was selected.
When Li Yanlong was not ready, he was suddenly told that he was going to be the deputy left-behind in Tokyo and take on the responsibility of Gao Fuliu. Suddenly, he felt that the situation was very serious.
The number one and number two sometimes look very good, that is, to build an absolutely strong party, and to show weakness from the foundation, Gao Fu is the strong person, and Li Yanlong is the subordinate.
Everything is in the hands of Gao Fu. Li Yanlong is responsible for cooperating with the implementation. He doesn’t have much ambition. He feels that everything has Gao Fu carrying him down easily.
But suddenly Gao Fu collapsed. Did he have a great joy, a loss and a little fear?
He doesn’t know if he can do things well, but now that the central government has decided, he can bite the bullet.