"Good Mo people will thank you for your friendship. Give me the foundation stone of this ten-square array and I will break it quickly."

Mo Fei’s sword attack will repel Fang Jianping, so he poured a pot of cold water on Fang Jianping, dousing a lot of his enthusiasm in the early Jin and Yuan dynasties, and Fang Jianping’s ability to practice to Yuan’s infancy is not a fool. Before this important event, he also nodded in agreement with the Taoist priest Qing Yan.
"You listen to my command, and try to break it as soon as possible with the dark defensive curtain of the attacker pointed by my flying sword."
Road flyover Qing Yan stopped Mo Ren from flying his sword and building it flat. He turned to look serious and looked at the six monks behind him, then said.
"It’s Uncle Shi"
For Fang Jianping’s command, six monks in the alchemy period dared not neglect Qi’s promise, which showed great determination.
A sharp blow was blocked by Taoist Qing Yan, and Mo Ren was naturally unwilling to shoot out the black flying sword in his platform in a buzz and continue to strike Jian-ping Fang.
Mo people know that Fang Jianping’s strength is worse than that of Taoist Qing Yan, and he is also worse than himself. He would rather hit Fang Jianping first than pester Taoist Qing Yan.
However, the Mo people’s abacus obviously couldn’t get through. Road flyover Qingyan’s pale white flying sword was very light, and only after hovering, it was intercepted in front of the jet-black flying sword. Two flying swords were struck together.
Road flyover mo ren Qing Yan’s imperial magic weapon flying swords are very flexible and easy. Whether two flying swords strike together or the previous one usually produces a slight noise is not too strong. The energy storm fully reflects their precise control over power.
When the Taoist priest Qing Yan stopped the Mo people’s attack again, Fang Jianping was not idle. He, together with six monks in the alchemy period, rained down on the dark defense screen.
The attack of each of the six monks in the alchemy period may be weaker than that of the Taoist priest Qingyan, but the overall attack strength of the six people’s attacks is just a little weaker.
"Bang bang …"
Seven people attack one blow after another, which is as dull as the rain hitting the lotus leaf and slightly exploding.
In the autumn when the seven monks attacked, their eyes clearly saw that the black awn of the defensive screen gradually dimmed, although it was unpleasant, it was firm and stopped
The encounter between Taoist Qing Yan and Fang Jianping is full of twists and turns, and it is a fierce encounter around the defense screen of the Ten-Party Foundation.
In addition to presiding over the overall situation, Monk Mo presided over the ten-square foundation array in the early Yuan infant period, and there were dozens of monks in the foundation period and some monks in the gas refining period. These monks, including Qiu Zai, were very important to the two sides.
Every move, one gain, one loss, one advance and one retreat of the three monks in the early Yuan infant period involved many monks’ minds, which made their hearts beat faster.
For the three monks at the beginning of Yuan’s infancy, Qiu also took part in the spirit of the Ministry to try to figure out their future goals.
The flying sword was held back by Taoist Qing Yan for several attacks, but Fang Jianping led six monks in the alchemy period to attack the defense screen constantly, which made the black awn of the screen weaken constantly, and the anger in Mo people’s hearts could not be suppressed.
The face looked gloomy for a few minutes. Mo Ren took out a small umbrella with a clap of his waist bag and threw it at him in a binge drinking.
There are two adult palm-sized umbrellas in perfect black. When the Mo people throw an umbrella, they pass through the defensive screen of the gate of the corpse and leave for Fang Jianping.
When the umbrella flew through the defensive light curtain towards Fang Jianping, the size of the umbrella gradually became larger, and finally it became larger to the size of Zhangxu Fiona Fang, which was quite overwhelming.
In front of Fang Jianping’s six monks, Fang Fangjia, then the Fiona Fang umbrella stopped ten feet, and the Mo people drove the umbrella to face the square screen and spun up.
The umbrella rotates, and there are thousands of black silk threads spread out from the umbrella surface. These silk threads spread around the center of the umbrella, and the rotation of the umbrella also produced a big vortex around it, which produced a big suction to absorb everything.
Fang Jianping’s six monks in the elixir period did not delay when they each cast a magic weapon. They attacked the defensive curtain of the corpse Ghost Zongshanmen, but after the umbrella was threatened, seven people attacked and twisted towards the umbrella, and the seven magic weapons were entangled by the black silk thread from the umbrella. It was difficult to move.
Chapter II Delivery
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Treasure
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine Treasure
The monks from the Fangs killed thousands of miles to attack the corpse, the ghost of the mountain gate, and wanted to cut off the roots of the corpse. Naturally, the monks from both sides tried their best to pose a situation of immortality.
In order to occupy the wind in the Fangjia War, the ghost patriarch took away the clan door, and most of the monks stayed behind and the clan door was weak.
In the fierce fight between the two major forces of the corpse-ghost clan at the mountain gate, the Mo people mainly fought with Fang Jianping and Taoist Qingyan, three monks in the early Yuan infant period.
The two sides have advantages in all aspects of the war. In the same time, the corpse and ghost Sect occupy the geographical advantage, and the array of ten sides lays the foundation for the large array of defense, while the Fang family occupies the people and advantages. There are two monks in the early stage of Yuan infancy who have a slight advantage in strength.
Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the two sides, and after observing the autumn analysis from time to time, it is felt that the Fangs are slightly less windy in the ongoing battle, and they have mastered the initiative and the Mo people can passively defend.
Fang Jianping, the Mo people’s miraculous powers, can’t resist. According to his idea, he wants to break one finger and hit Fang Jianping hard until he loses his combat power. But Taoist Qing Yan is also a wily old fox. He single-handedly entangled Mo people and asked Fang Jianping to concentrate on attacking the defensive screen.
Fang Jianping led the six monks in the alchemy period to attack continuously for a moment, and also kept shaking and shaking the defensive light curtain, and the thick black awn on the screen surface was gradually weakened.
If just seven monks keep attacking the defensive curtain and laying the foundation for a large array of defense, even if it is stronger, there will always be a moment when it is breached, so Mo people’s anger rises after seeing such a situation.
In the previous autumn, I was still wondering how the magical power of an old monk in the early Yuan infant period of Mo people could be so single, and there was only one magic weapon to fly a sword. It was not until he cast another umbrella treasure that Qiu finally dispelled the doubts.
That umbrella treasure is very powerful in autumn. Now it has two kinds of functions: one can form a vortex when it rotates to produce strong suction, which can attract all attacks from Fiona Fang Baizhang; Another advantage is that umbrella treasures can emit thousands of black silk threads, which can be wound around magic weapons, thus greatly reducing the power of these treasures
Mo people drove the umbrella treasure to stay in front of Fang Jianping’s six monks in the alchemy period. The umbrella treasure attacked or absorbed seven monks in one attack, or prevented none of the attacks from reaching the defensive screen.
Umbrella treasures emit thousands of black silk threads, a wisp of black silk threads may not be strong, but the strength of thousands of black silk threads is not weak when they are aggregated. It is difficult to take off the magic weapon of Fang Jianping’s seven godsworn brothers.
The strength of the six monks in the alchemy period is not weak, but if Mo people compare it, it is not worth it. The magic weapon of these six monks in the alchemy period is hard to move after being entangled in many black silk threads.
Fang Jianping’s six monks in the Fang family at the beginning of Yuan infant period are different from his own powerful and vast magic power. After pouring all of them into the magic weapon flying sword, the flying sword gradually moved after a fierce struggle.
Fang Jianping’s power of flying sword is still great. When he is struggling continuously, he keeps cutting off the black silk thread that entangles the flying sword, making the flying sword about to escape.
Jian-ping Fang made a move, and Mo-ren looked in his eyes. His eyes were slightly narrowed, and the tactic of using both hands quickly produced a reprimand tactic in his mouth, which was far away from the party.
Mo people gave an umbrella treasure, and suddenly a tremor came from the umbrella surface with hundreds of black silk threads, and the handle was about to break away from the magic weapon and fly the sword.
Road flyover Fang Jianping’s two monks joined hands with Mo people at the beginning of Yuan infant period, even though there were ten sides to lay the foundation for a large array of defense screens. At that time, they also neglected this side and there was quite a mess. In the autumn, when he was at his wit’s end, he didn’t expect Mo people’s congress to take out an umbrella treasure and make a big comeback.