"Eh, it may be because there has been no earthquake for too long and there is a lack of crisis awareness!"

"Then what do you say about this?"
Some people scoff at these remarks.
What should we do? What to do before? What to do now?
"Mr Dragon I this is true? It’s true … How many drafts can there be in that month! " The person who said this was glared at by the fans around him, no matter how many, it was the painstaking efforts of Mr. Long I, and a monthly draft of Mr. Long I was not earned by you for ten generations! Would you please not say that grapes are sour if you can’t eat them?
Fan heart represents everything. At this moment, no one dares to question the starting point of Longyou. If you want to question it, you can also take out a month’s draft of Mr. Long I to help the victims. Besides, he is full of nonsense.
No matter how suddenly this happened, people can bear the small creatures in nature, and they still have to bear a long journey for a month. It is absolutely not much to say more or less. At least, in terms of current sales and shooting system, it is enough for most victims to live for a week, and this week is enough for Li Zhengfu to catch his breath.
Maybe there is a suspicion of a show in Longyou talk, but everyone really bought it. The atmosphere of the sales meeting has reached an unprecedented level. When the wind’ wave’ in the past is suspected, it will bring a new wave to Mr. Long’s reputation. Therefore, if it is not a show, there will naturally be audiences to comment.
Even if it is a show, not everyone can show it.
The news that Longyou donated a month’s manuscript of Mr. Long I was also fascinated by the comic book fans of Longyou, and gradually Mr. Long I became famous not only as a comic book fan, but also as a whole.
But don’t forget that Longyou is not the person who founded this country. It is already very good that the name Mr. Long I has also begun to be broadcast internationally, especially when it is known that "Dragon Ball" is being filmed and will be broadcast soon, several people begin to look forward to this famous cartoon climbing the big screen.
At the same time, there are many well-known cartoonists competing for practical actions to express their support for Longyou. Of course, whether this support comes from the heart or not is another matter.
Comics are very famous, but Mr. Lilong I’s comics have established his own national comics, which is much more popular. I don’t know who this natural disaster has become, but I don’t know how many people will be broken in every disaster, how many people will be separated from their wives, and how many people will make a fortune.
In this earthquake, Li Zheng fu received more than twice the highest donation in history. I hope those who lost their loved ones can cheer up.
Finally, the signing ceremony is over, and Long hopes that the situation of people affected by the disaster will gradually improve.
When you came to the signing ceremony, Zhenying Society was in charge. After the signing ceremony, Longyou and his party were sent back by the person in charge.
Huitengguandian road
"When will our air ticket be available for junior four?" Sitting in the back seat of Longyou armchair, rubbing my sore right hand, there are a lot of people coming to the signing ceremony today, even if I add a fourth year to write about those Longyou who have signed for a long time, their muscles’ meat’ are beginning to stiffen and press their arms tightly, and Longyou is thinking about whether to go back for a massage.
"It’s a ticket at 1 o’clock in the afternoon if longge wants to stay for two more days …"
"Brother Long, why don’t we take another two days off before we go?" Tomlinson looked at longyou tired god’ color’ some don’t have the heart to say
"No … go home early. I’m tired … really tired."
The car atmosphere began to be low. Xiao Si didn’t know if Longyou said he was a little tired, whether he said he was tired at the signing ceremony or the whole bank was tired. He drove silently and ignored Lin Sen’s hand.
Xiao Si didn’t know that Longyou said that being tired was both physical and mental, and he slept in the back seat with his forehead on his palm.
The lines are smooth, and the two wings of the plane cross the sky like a giant bird flying high, leaving two long white lines and slowly landing at the airport.
The plane passengers ended a journey with luggage, with faces tired and faces excited.
A new day is about to begin. I wonder what interesting events will happen to those passengers and what can be used as stories.
Longyou looked at people coming and going in front of the tall French window, and some sighed at the bottom of my heart. He also had to take a journey for a while, which was the way home.
Hearing the wake-up call at the airport, Longyou three people also went to the ticket gate. At this time, Longyou wanted to go to the plane to sleep a beautiful sleep.
For other things, we have to wait until he is in the mood
"Small four, do you think this luggage can be put here?" Looking back, I found that people were gone. Lin Sen said that he was very nai.
"Small four? Small four? "
"Little Brother Lung is asleep."
Linsen a little want to roll their eyes how can have such! Two people sit there no matter …
To his own heart, isn’t it? It’s really fun to be calm and go to sleep. Forget it. What’s the fun of his fourth year? Now it’s good to leave him alone to put his luggage. I don’t know how to check in. Linsen slapped himself. It’s really stupid!
Shi Longyou didn’t fall asleep. It was a catnap. I like it when I have a holiday occasionally. It can relax myself and notice the changes in the surrounding environment.
Chapter 271 Please urge
As the damage caused by the earthquake faded, the reputation of Longyou began to rise, which brought not only the discussion of the network but also the sales of objective dragon ball comics. If this momentum continues, it will inevitably bring a booming start to the big screen dragon ball and set off a new topic of public opinion.
Now Longyouxin also secretly thinks about when the plan will start.
"How’s the information I want for the fourth grade?"
"I’m still short of the last company, Mr. Gong Qi. It is said that this one is a bit difficult, but it will be obtained soon."
"Speed up the progress. If there is no news, don’t bring it over."
Xiao Si went out to urge Gong Qi, the message leader, to send the information to me as soon as possible. After hanging up the message, he was preparing to sort it out and get it in his hand. The message leader suddenly appeared in front of Xiao Si and threw the bag in his hand into Xiao Si’s arms. Xiao Si had a black line on his face.
"Didn’t you say you had to wait?"
"Yes, wait until now?"
The other person’s face makes Xiao Si grind his teeth. It seems that it will take a while when he said it just now, but it was when he was driving! Throw it to the fourth grade, snap your fingers, turn around and walk away.
"Don’t miss me too much!"
I put up all the headhunting company’s information in volumes only after I endured the idea of exporting. The news leader made Xiaosi feel cheated, but it happened that people had personally sent the information to him to make a joke. Xiaosi really didn’t know what to say.
It seems that there is really a kind of owner and a kind of small four-palace yee. I only met this person once to show’ sex’ and told Longyoukou that Gongqi looked like a 70% small four. I can’t help but wonder if he would also swim like a dragon.
When I pushed the’ door’ in, Longyou was looking at the busy crowd outside the window and thinking quietly, and heard Xiao Si’s footsteps suddenly return to God.
"Brother Lung, you want information"
"Put it on the table, you go and prepare first."
Did these headhunting companies know before Longyou that it was not very in-depth? Did they come into contact with caution before?
In the room, Gong Qi is shaking her hands leisurely, leaning back comfortably with coffee, and tilting her head from time to time to look out the window at the tiny land and buildings, which is really not a common enjoyment.
"It seems that you still like to stay here alone."
Longyou came over and sat down beside Gongqi unceremoniously, squeezing him aside]
"Why are you here? You don’t like your own cooking, but it’s not good to make coffee?"
Gong Qi smiled a little teasing, but he didn’t mean to look at it. At ordinary times, he seems to say everything. He has no talent. Although he is perfect, he can’t help but want to tease Longyou.
Longyou is not really weird. He means it’s a joke. So what if the craft is not good? It doesn’t matter that he travels long and doesn’t live on it, but there is an important thing to talk about.
"I have to go back later. I haven’t finished one thing yet."
Gongqi waved some sore neck and took a sip of coffee and asked, "You mean that thing? Do you really want to do it? "
"Why not do it?"
Gongqi nodded. There is really no reason why Longyou can’t do it. It seems that there is no harm but many benefits without noodles.
"Then you’ve decided to do it well. When the time comes, you’ll go back directly. I’m not too worried about things here. Can you help me say you’re welcome?"
Longyou nodded and said, "I won’t’ fuck’ my heart if I have your help, but I have one thing for you."
Gongqi heard Longyou say this is also a bit dignified and nodded, "What’s the point?"
"I took the lead in donating money to help the victims of the disaster pay attention to something."
This longyou said with ridicule.
Gong Qi took a strange look at Longyou, but he didn’t say much. Now that he has decided things by himself, why should he ask?
Longyou also didn’t intend to say more and got up and left.
The decoration is simple, and several people from Hobu Longyou came out comfortably to seek comfort from the five temples by setting up delicious food.
"What? Losing again? What exactly do you have when the company takes it? Are you here to tell me to let the company come to you and pay for your brain? Can’t you do something about it? You should be pathetic! Even if you are as stupid as a single-celled organism like paramecium, you can know how to do it! "
It is extremely impolite to make such a loud noise in public places. To make matters worse, this is a woman who looks like a gold collar. Although there is no rule that this kind of behavior is not allowed, this’ female’ voice is indeed a little louder, which has attracted people around her seat to look askance, even those sitting in a slightly selected place to listen to it.