When I heard Fang Xiang say so bluntly, tens of thousands of dream friends around me suddenly realized this.

Alas? It seems that this time urk and Han Xuanxuan got angry because their wives were molested by family members in their games, and the whole urk turned around. Only then did these followers follow them to the scene of Songshan Mountain in Zhongyue, and everyone woke up when they heard Fang Xiang’s words, but … What do you wish for? Isn’t Han Xuanxuan married to that soup?
"I don’t think your brains really understand!"
"Although Han Xuanxuan and Shang Tang are congenial, they are not married yet."
"So what do you think you should do?"
Fang Xiang knocked on the keyboard directly without Han Xuanxuan’s consent. Although Fang Xiang is quite dull and simple at ordinary times, he can be dark at this time, which is also the time when Fang wants to say such a thing.
Han Xuanxuan consciousness to rob Fang Xiangnao.
"Lie trough! What are you talking about? "
Looking at Han Xuanxuan sample square can’t help but say
"Xuan Xuan elder brother, are you shy? But I think you should watch the current channel first. "
Han Xuanxuan turned his attention to the brain screen in front of him when he heard Fang Xiang.
At present, these dream friends finally know where the key points are after the channel is tried to be persuasive.
So one by one malicious dream friends began to boo up.
"Han Xuanxuan predecessors, do you think we have so many dream friends here? Should we invite our sister-in-law to come out? Get married at Yuelao, make a sedan chair, and then we’ll have a bridal chamber. What? "
"Yes, Han Xuanxuan’s predecessors, don’t disappoint everyone’s kindness!"
"Agree to deduct 1 from the bridal chamber!"
So the whole screen can see the word "11111"
Han Xuanxuan "…"
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Are you a man?
Brain screen
Dream westward journey
The Palace pk People’s Office has just finished a trip to the West that excites the whole fantasy Palace pk.
At this moment, when everyone around you is crazy to brush the word "111", two figures stand beside urk.
The first one is brother Xuan Xuan.
This is the account of urk, Han Xuanxuan trumpet and Zhongyue Songshan.
There is also a soup.
Class 69 bone elf girl
In the game before Tangtang, I saw that the audio channel was constantly brushing, and the world and current channels were all overwhelming. When urk wanted news about the Mi family palace, it had already arrived at the palace pk.
But she never thought that a good pk would lead to her own marriage with Han Xuanxuan in the end.
"You all don’t input ….."
Han Xuanxuan was about to cry. He stared at the side and thought that this guy was the first figurine of this incident, while Fang thought that it was a pair of things that were different from me. Han Xuanxuan smiled bitterly.
He didn’t know how Tang Tang felt about such a scene.
Maybe Tangtang, like the heroine in a movie, hopes that her Mr Right will be a hero wearing armor and stepping on seven-color clouds to marry herself, and just this time Han Xuanxuan did it. Although there is no such thing in reality, what can be more dazzling in the dream world in the game than the prefix urk?
What’s more, they also lost the Yuefu Weifu family in Songshan in two rounds before?
However, this is one of the possible reasons why Han Xuanxuan knows the soup house, and he is even more afraid that the soup has been congenial to himself. In the real world, he has accepted himself, but now there are so many people in the dream westward journey who are shy and refuse to marry themselves. So Han Xuanxuan is now entangled.
And the more tangled nature is soup.
Tang Tang looked at the picture displayed on the brain screen. After all the dream friends brushed the word "111", everyone shouted "Tang Tang Sao". Everyone hoped that she could marry Han Xuanxuan.
When she saw this, her eyes turned red unconsciously.
In the past two years, I have been remembering with Han Xuanxuan bit by bit. My chest is moved by the soup and my cheeks are red. This … How dare you?
It was also at this time that several other roommates around Tangtang discovered the abnormality of Tangtang and gathered around.
"Ah? Xiaotang, do you play fantasy westward journey? "
"I depend! Everyone calls your name in this game, huh? What? Get married? What? You want to get married? "
Looking at the current channel of the game, brush the words, even if those roommates have never been exposed to the fantasy westward journey, they can understand the Chinese characters, so doubts bombard the soup.
The soup face is as delicate and charming as a peach for a moment, and some words are incoherent with the wave.
"No, no, it’s not what you think."
Although this scene has been fantasized in Tang Tang’s mind, she still can’t take that step when it really happens
Marriage means marriage.
It means binding two people and a half generations together.
This is true both in reality and in understanding the game. Although Han Xuanxuan is the person she likes, she still can’t make this decision immediately.
And Tang Tang’s roommates have been with Tang Tang for so long that they know something about Tang Tang’s character. They know that if Tang Tang’s character can take the initiative to take this step, it will be a ghost!