Let Tina blink and rush to the front of YanHao.

YanHao was caught off guard by such amazing speed.
Tina won’t be polite to YanHao when fighting. She raised her hand and punched YanHao directly.
The feeling be nasty Yan Hao put his arms up in front of him.
Tina’s fist is so powerful that she directly knocks YanHao off.
Tina didn’t stop, but immediately chased Yan Hao and launched a rainstorm attack.
Heavy fists bombarded Yan Hao one after another.
Da Yanhao couldn’t find a chance to fight back.
What’s even more frightening is that Tina’s psychic power is like asking for money.
She is very rude to the psychic, that is, to constantly activate her alien blood.
Tina, a half-blood, broke out with a physical quality that is more terrible than pure blood.
Looking at being severely suppressed by Tina, I ran away from Yan Hao.
The students were stunned.
Honey, are you sure this is an auxiliary animal bender and a combat animal bender, not two combat animal benders? ? ?
Yan Hao was severely suppressed by Tina several times, trying to find opportunities to fight back.
But he soon discovered that Tina’s fighting intuition was terrible.
Whenever I want to bring up my spiritual strength and exert my martial arts to force Tina back.
Tina is always able to attack him before him, so that he can’t play.
It is also such a situation that YanHao has been suppressed and has no chance to fight back.
And he can stick to it until now because of the’ Mang Li Huang’ nourishing and exercising a strong physical strength blessing.
But even with professional fighter Tina,
Yanhao finally revealed a flaw. Tina suddenly seized the opportunity to directly buckle Yanhao’s neck.
Tina shouted excitedly in YanHao’s painful expression.
"Give it to me!"
Tina jumped high with YanHao body, flipped several times, and then smashed the ground.
This hit immediately smashed a stone, and a lot of rubble and smoke rose from the sky.
A lot of smoke and gravel appeared, and Tina’s tall figure jumped out of the smoke in a second.
At the same time, a roar came out of the smoke
Tina looked not far after landing.
See YanHao a face of mess in the smoke a huge gigalith side.
【 Attribute soil and gold 】
"Grade Gold Four Stars"
Only then did the students know that Tina was going to jump out.
It turned out that Yan Hao couldn’t beat the release of pet animals!
It’s a shame that a combat animal bender can’t beat an auxiliary animal bender and is forced to release a pet animal.
And a face of mess YanHao at the moment also know that they release pet beast forced Tina move some shame.
He blushed and forcibly explained, "Ahem … an accident. Tina is not the same as the general assistant animal bender. She is a teacher. I’m a big teacher."
"This battle is not a case of Tina’s classmates. It is not representative."
"That, that … Tina, you go to the side and have a rest first."
"That what Liu Yuan students to limit the battle for you and me"
"Then I’ll show you what it’s like when a truly auxiliary animal bender meets an animal bender who fights hard."
Looking at Yan Hao’s forced explanation of the mess, the students spent a lot of time not laughing.
But Tina just got back to the team and laughed.
Everyone wondered and looked at Tina. Tina looked at YanHao with a ponder face.
This expression immediately let YanHao have a bad feeling.
What do you mean? Did I say something wrong again?
Just as Yan Hao was puzzled, he spoke to Liu Yuan opposite.
"Is Teacher Yan now fighting without restrictions?"
YanHao turned to Liu Yuan and found that Liu Yuan had released his three pet animals.
Looking at Liu Yuan’s silver and two bronze pet beasts, I feel relieved.
It’s okay, it’s okay. I can’t turn over if I pet animals like this!
Thinking of this, YanHao held his head high and once again posed as a teacher by example and said, "It’s Liu Yuan’s classmate who fought this battle … without limit."
Liu Yuan nodded and said, "Good, I understand."
Words fall from Lu Yuan and look at Tam at their feet.
They immediately got the message and rushed to gigalith.
In the face of these three low-level pet beasts challenging the gold level, gigalith is very disdainful to step out of the direct preparation for one enemy and three.
It can be seen that Yan Hao’s mood is not relaxed at this scene, and there is always a feeling of uneasiness.
Then YanHao wondering eyes he saw Liu Yuan slowly put his hand on his waist long dao.
When Lu Yuan’s hand touched the handle, a terrible momentum suddenly emanated from him.
This momentum is even frightening to YanHao.
Liu yuan looked up at YanHao to a face of shock.
Smile and say, "Teacher Yan, be careful …"
Words fall on Liu Yuan, and he suddenly turns into a body, and at an amazing speed, he rushes in the direction of Yanhao.
Purgatory breath, thunder type and thunder flash!
Yan Hao was shocked to see Liu Yuan’s horrible speed.
Damn it, how can you also play the hand of auxiliary cutting warrior …
Pit dad! ! !
Chapter 162 Rock teacher shocked