An old man with white hair was walking out of the face with a shining wand on a top gem and asked the orc man with a hint of heart, "Are you hurt?" Do you need to go back for a while? "

The orc man shook his head and refused, "It’s very difficult to meet the enemy this time. Although he is a [middle demon] according to the classification of those demons, he is very strong. I’m afraid he is stronger than many [demons]. The strongest blow to me is just like a joke, so I will directly start the subsequent cause."
After hearing his words, the old man’s eyebrows a wrinkly slightly analyzed.
"More difficult than many [a demon] to deal with [a demon]?
Genius among demons?
Our world power division, he should have at least touched the edge of the demigod. That kind of strong man is really beyond your ability to deal with. You are doing the right thing. It is a good thing that things can kill him. "
After the orc nodded, he looked at the wand that was still glowing and said, "Is the other party still resisting?" Do you need to do something else? "
The wand name [Earth Will] in the old man’s hand has been blessed by the Archbishop of the Earth God, which can mobilize the strength of the earth to deal with the enemy to a certain extent, and the jewel is shining, which means that the enemy still resists.
For him, the old man said, "You don’t need [the will of the earth] to impose the soil weight of two kilometers in Fiona Fang on a single target at most and automatically prevent the other party from getting rid of the shackles. This former demon, which has not yet become a [demon], is definitely bound to die. Although it still resists, it should be crushed into pieces soon."
After hearing his story, the orcs immediately felt relieved and wanted to turn around and help others deal with their opponents.
"Boom …"
But before he could act, a dull sound came into his ears from the ground.
It is still very weak and needs to be listened to carefully, but after a few seconds, the movement overwhelmed the nearby shouting and killing, followed by the ground shaking, and the stone was smashed off the ground.
Around are fighting each other, the indigenous demons have stopped moving their eyes and looked surprised at what happened to their little white hair.
Different from those unsuspecting guys, the old man’s face showed a little disbelief when he looked at the wand that was releasing unprecedented brilliance.
I immediately wanted to focus on manipulating it to suppress Olga.
However, in one second, Fiona Fang’s 2,000-kilometer land suddenly rose with a roar, and in a few seconds, it rose by hundreds of meters, making many of the original flat land immediately become cliffs.
When it rose for a full kilometer, people discovered that this piece of ground was actually a semi-circle with perfect radian, and it was rigidly condensed as a whole as the soil was confined to a certain area.
Looking at the semicircle of land, holding up the hundreds of millions of tons of land slowly flying out of the ground, the old man in Olga’s eyes has lost his confidence, and he looks scared and shouts, "How is this possible … how can he lift such a heavy thing!"
It’s not that we haven’t cracked the will of the earth in the past, but including the demigods and demons, all their methods are tricks, and no one has ever been able to deal with the will of the earth in the most violent way.
Ignoring each other’s fears, he has returned to his original shape and revealed his height of more than six meters. Olga is looking at the land above his head seriously.
He can clearly feel that a force is congealing the soil together and pressing his head hard.
If you don’t destroy the light, you just lift it, but you can solve the problem of overhead by throwing it away.
After a while of observation, his eyes finally saw the area formed by that force, accompanied by his slow breath, the most perfect posture of his body muscles, and his strength was adjusted to 100 points. His physical fitness was the first time in recent decades.
Left hand, single hand, raised the land above the head, and right hand closed at the waist.
Straight punch!
Like a missile explosion, he hit it with his right hand!
Great power directly penetrated the kilometer soil layer, scattered and entrenched in it, and turned the scattered soil into an unknown force as a whole, and spared no effort to clear up what happened. Many blows flew to hundreds of meters high, causing them instant casualties.
When the earth slowly fell off his head, he looked directly at the white-haired old man with a positive face due to the bursting of the wand cristobalite through the dissipation direction of that force.
There is a cruel smile on the corner of my mouth!
Without hesitation, his figure instantly changed into a ghosting image at a hundred times the speed of sound.
Every second, his fist reached the other side’s chest, which produced a huge impact at high temperature. The magic props of the old man’s body were shattered when the defensive technique did not play an instant.
Every cell of the precise and powerful old man has suffered the same amount of impact!
After a faint dust dissipates, his body, along with several meters of land around him, is directly beaten into a void, leaving a trace of residue!
Ignore the orc man who immediately sent him away after he realized that something was wrong.
Olga withdrew his fist, took a deep breath and said to himself with a smile on his face, "It’s really a good warm-up exercise …"
Chapter 1 Malice
In a fortress in the defense line
The exterior is covered with various guards, and they are in a huge closed room under close supervision for 24 hours.
Looking at the instant burst in front of him, he was responsible for guarding here. When the man’s face changed, he immediately looked at the "self-imprint" sign.
[The Parish of Aruna, the Church of the Powerful Earth]
[Name (age/sex/race) Kemussubrant is 239 years old/male/human]
[Strength-level priest-level wizard]
[Responsibility 75th Defence Zone 15th Support Group]