"There is a great father! Dad can’t do it. Ha ha ~ "He laughed.

"You …" Lin wanted to think and said in disbelief, "Can you activate Tianmen? But how? "
"Tianmen is just a string of numbers ~ numbers ~" The keypad area glows.
"You can activate Tianmen by entering the coordinates of Tianmen on the keyboard …" Lin Chong, of course, remembered that the string of numbers was about to try and felt dangerous. "Can there really be a door on the wall? What if this door shows up? What will happen if I walk in? "
"You don’t have to experiment for the time being, right? Now, you are better than that day. Go to the Luotian to play Bai ~" All quick.
The attitude of unification is suspicious
Lin Chong had to suspect that it was not … kindness to give him Tianmen?
So he thought about it.
"Suppose Tianmen leads to the star department of the Earth’s universe, and my monty pressure chooses to hit Tianmen and go in. At that time, I haven’t achieved anything higher than it …" Lin Chong’s expression changed and he stared at the system. "You were trying to kill me at that time!"
"Never this meaning! How could I possibly kill the traveler! This goes against our moral bottom line! " Unified call up the bump day bend.
Ah … Lin sneer at.
He wants to more white.
How can there be a process of "knocking on the door" and "walking in"?
Tianmen is the gateway to the star department.
The gravity of heaven can eliminate the attraction of Tianmen.
However, if the alien wall hits Tianmen, Tianmen will avoid the alien wall, and the entry and exit rules will directly affect Fang Linchong. There will even be a field.
"There is no celestial super-gravity environment in which the powerful mass of the star is likely to cause great suction and directly suck all the objects in 74, including me …
If monty comes to get rid of her, you promise that she will not let go of the only species, and you want to protect this species or prevent it from falling into other people’s hands, and your decision is …
Destroy it?
That is to kill me?
Once you kill me and destroy the wall and 74, can you choose another traveler from the earth to inherit my unfinished business?
And this traveler should be more obedient than me? "
In the face of Lin Chong’s questioning, the tone is hoarse. "Not me! I didn’t! I’m innocent! You can’t be innocent by polluting people … "
Lin chong he Ji nao
One of the most amazing things about this system is that how to chat always comes down to one idea and wants to kill it.
How important it is to have an invulnerable body.
Lin Chong still felt angry after the "confinement" was unified, and simply stuffed it into the bottom of the table to cushion the foot of the table.
Then Lin rushed 74 lights and lowered 74 to the depths of the ocean, while he entered the Luotian.
in a mess
The heaven, modeled after the Forbidden City, is in tatters. It seems that several giants have fought here, and there are still many colorful feathers in the battlefield of broken walls, which shows that Gao Qingluan left traces.
Before Gao Qingluan was trapped in Yue Luotian, she was stripped of more official history titles. Lin Chong left her a few more moments and poured a lot of history into her ear.
As a result, a Xiaoqing Luan with a triple honorific title and a history of fifteen robberies was split up, but in the process, Qingluan Gao Yue Luo Tianzhong turned into a prototype, and the huge jade bird played an exhaustive historical feather to almost poke a big hole in Yue Luotian.
That scene is almost the same as that of the Monkey King who made a scene in Heaven.
Fortunately, the more Luotian fairies have long been gathered up by Lin Chong, the chief engineer, because of their weak hands in front of them.
Did not cause fairy casualties
There are all kinds of automatic psionic weapons in a huge heaven, and there is a great fight between Qing Luan and Gao Dou.
These weapons are not enough to look at in front of a high hand dance history. The smashing is what Lin Chong looks like in front of him.
Envy is directing Qi Tianxian to renovate the heaven.
Of course, Lin Chong can also be covered by the history of Kunlun Fairy and Zong Zheng, but he is envious.
For ginseng fruit trees and flat peach trees, it’s not proper for them to have millions or tens of millions of years of official history in their hands, covering them at will and consuming five in three years.
However, Yue Luotian has a history of more than 100 years, and it is simply a bone-breaking experience to consume three years and five years.
Lin Chong gave the history of the positive boundary stripped from Gao Qingluan to "Human" and gave birth to the soaring Terran.
The envy is so tight that it has to be renovated slowly. It’s like the end of the war.
"Hard work" Lin Chong comforted envy.
"God knows it’s good to envy bitterness …" Envy is pathetic, eyes are red, and suddenly I have to see a scroll sent by Lin Chong. She was pleasantly surprised to take it, as if it had a weight of one hundred thousand years. "What is this? !”
"It has been a hundred years since the life of heaven was officially recorded in the discount of Yue Luo Tianqi." Lin Chong said that this consumption is really big. A robbery is equal to 120,000 years of integration into Yue Luo Tian, but it has shrunk to one thousandth in a hundred years.
But this is the orthodox price of Wei Kunlun.
If Lin Chong took over the official history of life heaven and established a new Sect when the life heaven was re-nirvana, then all the original history of life heaven could be stitched into that new Sect without any waves, just like his seventeen kingdoms.
But Lin Chong can’t give up Kunlun Xianzong.
The potential of the immortal Sect in Kunlun is far greater than that of a fallen celestial body.
And if we integrate the history of life, heaven and earth into "Man" and make it soar into the birth energy of human race, then the weight of history will shrink even more, that is, the weight of ten years. After all, Terrans are not family members of life and heaven.
This consumption is 10,000 copies, and 9,999 copies are removed, leaving one copy. The chief engineer of the institute sighed with the root fruit obtained by Lin Chong at that time and said,’ The consumption is too large’.
Now Lin Chong gives a piece of history to envy.
Even for more than a hundred years.
Also let envy moved to tears.
"It’s estimated that other countries will be trapped in the heaven before long. We have to strip off our honorific titles and subtract history. They will definitely resist the instability of the heaven, but we can’t." Lin Chong told him to envy.
Envy face smile didn’t appear, it was stiff for a long time before spitting out a word "… yes"
Lin Chong confessed to the envy of repairing the heaven, and then he came to the center of Luotian Pavilion, which was crushed. It used to be the place where all the immortals were placed. It was here to remove the garbage and reorganize the building. Seeing Lin Chong kneeling in succession, he said, "Meet the Vientiane Immortal Emperor!"