-there must be a person who can win the trust of all schools and factions. It is only when Mrs. Yue Jianlu is revealed that experts from all walks of life can come to the rescue.

-help even if you can’t win the "heroic order of heaven", you can wait for him to be annihilated here to help the hero.
-The Huanhua Sword Sect that was attacked was a vain attempt to help the troops spend 17 days without attacking the sword house, and it was also a vain attempt to let Xiao Qiushui and others escape so as to call the heroes to the sky.
Then, when heroes from all walks of life rushed to the Huanhua Sword Sect, they stepped up their efforts to destroy Huanhua’s troops and then caught all the people who came.
-Xiao Qiushui came to Guilin Branch to inform Huanhua that Mrs. Yue was trapped, but Xiao Qiushui didn’t make it.
By mistake, he was beaten by Qu Hanshan, but he met Liang Dou, went to Danxia, made a big circle and came back to Chengdu.
-So who informed Guilin Branch?
Of course, it’s the Lijiang River that survived and gave birth to Tang’s brothers and chivalrous men.
-Then who informed all the schools to send flowers to help Huanhua?
"Ghost King" Yin Gonghua is equal to solving this doubt for Xiao Qiushui.
"Your second brother, Xiao Yan, collected the fourteen sects for us, such as Meng Xiang and Deng Yuping, and brought us Shaolin and Wudang, which saved us from fighting one mountain after another and another gang separately …"
Xiao Qiushui’s eyes contracted. "Where’s my second brother?"
"Ghost King" Yinxiao "Do you ask him?" He pointed to the words "Fengdu City"
Xiao colchicine spunk sound angry way "my eldest brother? !”
"Ghost King" laughs like a night owl.
Xiao Qiushui clenched his fists and was about to walk over.
The ancient deep Zen master said in a low tunnel, "The Ghost King and the Fire King alone can’t kill the fifteen masters of the nine factions. Don’t be impulsive. They must have greater strength to hide."
Qu Jianchi also said, "There are still four masters who are not here. Songshan Shaolin and Wudang are not strong enough for us to stay green …"
At this moment, his face suddenly distorted strangely.
This distortion even he doesn’t know.
Behind Qu Jianchi’s sisters, it is to break up for these two inexperienced girls.
Xiao Qiushui and Master Gu Shen’s pier Du Yueshan are impatient and close behind them.
The fog is thick, as if there is a faint dead air.
Xiao Qiushui and others are in a higher position. From the surface, Qu Jianchi’s face has become mysterious and terrible.
What is even more frightening is that Qu Jianchi doesn’t seem to know.
When he knew, there was no sound in his throat.
He fell down.
Ancient deep drink a way "poisonous fog! Cross the river! "
His robe flies, his hands fly, and he leaps over Huanhuaxi first!
Xiao Qiushui flashed up the song Twilight Frost Du Yueshan quickly grabbed the song and traced it and flew across the river.
The ancient Zen master wanted the way. He knew that the "Fire King" and the "Ghost King" would not miss this good opportunity to attack.
"Fire King" and "Ghost King" did not let go.
The battle was fast and short. When Du Yueshan and Xiao Qiushui rescued the Qujia sisters to the shore, Master Gu Shen’s life had left his body.
Master Gu Shen created his own "Immortal Finger" when he was a young Shaolin student and became an adult. When he first came out of Shaolin, people in Dharma Hall, Discipline Academy, Muren Lane and Room 36 stopped him from practicing martial arts.
When he flew over the other side, he paid special attention to the "ghost king"
He had a confrontation with the Ghost King, who was extremely feminine and the ice palm happened to be his nemesis.
But his "immortal finger" can also cover the "ice palm"
The so-called "one foot long and one foot high" depends on who is taller and who is lower.
He decided to recklessly "ghost king" a pair of palm knives and then rush into "fire king" fire attack until Du Yueshan and Xiao Qiushui arrived at the situation.
It’s not allowed to leave here full of toxic substances.
When he flew over, he was sure that the "Ghost King" had a palm.
This palm is tied.
However, others have suffered because of their efforts.
"Fire King" fire is not calling him.
The fire ball rolled to Master Gu Shen of Du Yueshan, but he jumped at it with the palm of the "Ghost King" and sent the fire ball to the other side with a roll of double sleeves.
Then he breathed again, and suddenly his figure swung like a tail in a torrent of fish and swam in another direction. Generally, even he himself was satisfied with this move.
Then suddenly a flash of sword light.
He didn’t expect a sword at this time and it was so fast!
Such a sword!
Xiao Qiushui and other toes touch the ground and look back.
At this time, Master Gu Shen has become two pieces-
Split two pieces by a sword and still fly to the other side with blood, intestines and dirt.
Fall back to the shore in two pieces
Two bodies, two eyes staring at the boss.
The ancient deep die unsatisfied.
This is waiting for a magic sword
And this sword holder really makes Xiao Qiushui’s eyes tear apart.
Qu Hanshan!
It’s the "sword king" again!
See the sword king again
Gu Shen died at the edge of Huanhuaxi before he issued his "immortal finger"
Today, it’s blood.
Xiao Qiushui couldn’t stand it any longer-he suddenly realized how these martial arts experts died. The big king here cooperated with assassination, sniping and poisoning. Even if these gang patriarchs’ martial arts were higher than the ancient deep Zen master, nothing would be killed or countered by these people.