Everyone in the place is staring at Jiang, knowing that this is a statue of a murderer. He is afraid that the goods will suddenly go crazy, which means that the emperor will become serious at this moment. He is very proud, but he is not brainless. He feels a dangerous atmosphere. He feels that Jiang is more dangerous than when he played against Coson Ning.

"Ginger! Ginger! My name is Jiang … Yes … I’m Jiang. I’m Shushan’s younger brother … and … Wan’er! "
Duguyuyun’s face changed dramatically. When he heard the word Wan’er, his heart sank because this name was the name of the fox demon woman who married Jiang in those days.
"Wan’er … are you you killed Wan’er you damn you all damn it! ……”
Sure enough, I was afraid of what came to me. As soon as I read the name Wan’er, ginger became furious in an instant. A terrible momentum emanated from him. Ginger was full of black hair and his eyes turned crimson in an instant. This is an obsession. His feet directly collapsed!
Chapter 555 Crazy devil
There was a loud noise like the sky were to fall. It was the collapse of the main peak of the whole Shu Mountain. Powerful momentum emanated from Jiang’s body and collapsed the mountain. Around him, a series of latosolic red firm but gentle blasters tore apart. The whole Shu Mountain collapsed, and more than half of the terrorists emanated from Jiang!
"Before! Sniff! ……”
A series of blood splashes in the sky, and there are two blood fogs, which shatter the blood and rain bones. Those are two big demons’ bodies, which are directly shattered in shape and spirit. Everyone doesn’t know how Jiang managed to see two latosolic red sword lights passing through the two big demons’ bodies, and then the two big demons are bones.
There are more than a dozen brothers of Shushan who directly smashed ginger in the first place, but his momentum is too horrible and his murder is fierce. At this level, an idea is enough to affect the reality. The most pure murder of ginger is the metaphysical means of war. Even ordinary monks of Yuan God will be affected by this fierce murder. What’s more, most of these brothers of Shushan are brothers of Yang Soul, and all of them in Shushan are still so close to Jiang recently. They have tragic ginger momentum. More than a dozen brothers of Shushan died directly!
Long eyebrows and Duguyuyun’s face also changed. The last thing they want to see is that Jiang has gone crazy, and his eyes have turned into crimson madness. At this time, Jiang Gen is a six-emotion denial, and two people quickly made moves to resist Jiang’s momentum for the first time, but there are still more than a dozen brothers who are dead.
"Wan’er … Wan’er is you are you killed Wan’er you all die … die! Die! ……”
Ginger is completely crazy, with black hair flying, and his eyes are bloodthirsty and reddish-red. He has a suffocating murder and bloody smell. At one moment, Ginger stepped out of the figure and disappeared directly.
A statue of a big demon who just escaped from the lock demon tower gave a piercing scream. His strength is good. All the big demons are first-class in level. Looking at the sky, they are the top experts overlooking the sentient beings. But at this moment, there is a frightened ginger figure in his eyes. After pointing out that the expression of the big demon is fixed, a crimson sword mans will pierce his eyebrows.
Kill this big demon ginger figure and disappear again!
"You all deserve to die!"
It makes the scalp numb, and the sound makes the ginger run away and turn into a demon. It completely turns into a killer. His figure is like a ghost and keeps disappearing, but every time it appears, it will be accompanied by screams. In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen big demons will come out of the lock demon tower and be beheaded.
"Don’t!" "poof!"
A scream, a crimson sword, and a mans sword directly dived into the void, cutting a void into two halves, and then a series of blood splashed out and a dead body was planted. It was a master who had secretly watched the war and was a martial arts avatar. I don’t know which influential person was hiding in the void, but Jiang found a sword and beheaded it …
"psst!" "Back off!" "He’s possessed!"
In the dark, some experts who used to hide in the virtual world think that their hearts are cold at this moment. They feel a cold air from the beginning to the soles of their feet. Jiang is too strong to suffocate. The martial arts avatar is as strong as an ant, and there is no room for struggle. This is a statue of killing God and has completely lost his mind. Whoever knows to kill and lock will die.
This is a big robbery, but also a love killing. Nearly 100 big demons escaped from the lock demon tower in the blink of an eye, and more than 40 of them died. Two unlucky people who had been hiding in the dark to observe the war in Shushan were also killed by Jiang.
"Ginger, don’t insult others too much … Ah!" "The lich king! ……”
There are two angry roars in the void, and then there are screams. One is the demon king of heaven, and the other is a big monk of Terran Yuan God. The demon king of heaven is locked by ginger, and his hair stands on his head in an instant. He finds a hidden monk watching the war, trying to attract ginger to fight for his escape. As a result, Jiang Jian falls away from the big monk of Terran and gives an angry roar, and his body is blown to pieces. Jiang continues to attack the demon king of heaven and cuts three swords in a row.
The Heavenly Demon King is very strong, and the long-established demon clan giant only resisted two swords, and the third sword was split in half by ginger.
Seeing this, several people’s hearts are chilled. Brush and brush to take some risks. People who watched the war from the virtual are also far away at this moment. This is a joke. This is the demon king demon clan giant, but Jiang’s hands can’t even meet the three swords. Now at least 50 big demons are dead. Jiang’s hands are the original ones who watched the war secretly. Three or four strong people are dead …
The Devil King and the Whistling Moon King both converged their momentum at this moment, and they all converged their breath into the void. They wished that they could be directly invisible and locked by Jiang. When they came out, they wanted to avenge the death of Shushan, but now this idea has long been thrown out of the cloud. I want to get away from this right and wrong and get away from Jiang!
Several demon kings, such as Dapeng King and Incarnate King, looked at the Emperor’s Day. At this time, they were relatively calm. After all, the Emperor’s Day was also extremely strong. They were not necessarily afraid of ginger when they really fought, but there were still some concerns in their eyes. Because ginger was really scary, white clothes were dyed blood red, and a pair of eyes were latosolic red, and the murderous look had formed around him. It could be seen that ginger’s head turned red …
Emperor Tian didn’t speak, but he didn’t start work and didn’t want to leave. He didn’t know what to think.
"Uncle Shi!"
Duguyuyun shouted to wake up a little ginger’s mind because ginger’s right hand and finger directly cut off a big sword light for them.
"poof! Poof! "