Silver-white galactic water

Is rapidly trickling out of the water in the vast land and drowning everything …
But like a similar scene
At this moment
There have been many incidents in the universe at the same time.
Among the median witnesses
And a giant turtle deep in the North Sea was the most excited.
"I …"
Know something about [the setting of the wild]
He white this short moment.
There is bound to be a guy who has paid attention to his limbs.
I want to support the sky by myself and earn merit for them.
There was no hesitation at that moment.
He decided to commit suicide immediately.
And actively manipulate their limbs to act as temporary Tianzhu …
I can’t …
Since you can’t escape this robbery,
Then you might as well earn this merit yourself …
And many guys who witnessed his move immediately covered their heads and sighed.
I regret that I didn’t kill the giant turtle earlier since I knew about the phase setting …
Chapter 1245 is probably a "holy"?
A high mountain
Looking at the distance, it has successfully resisted a part of the "sky-falling area" and forcibly reduced the losses suffered by many giant tortoise limbs over there.
[Zuwu-Candle Nine Shades] Some Nai sighed.
"… or late step …"
"That old turtle committed suicide too decisively …"
"I didn’t even get any merit …"
After talking.
He couldn’t stop looking at a guy beside him.
And that kind of move is also very direct to ignite the explosive barrel.
Make that guy he was watching a little angry.
"What are you looking at?"
"It’s not like I knocked down this [not Island Mountain]! !”
With "Zuwu" and "Gonggong"
Directly denounced.
Not far from each other, [Zhu Rong] is also joking and quipped at the right time.
"Good good ….. how much something is not you bump also doesn’t affect maybe you can go to the scene to leave a name …"
"I …"
Listening to the heartless discussion of my relatives around me
Big Brother [Di Jiang]
Although look serious.
But my heart is also a little nai.
The scene of the collapse of "Buzhoushan Mountain", which evolved from "Pangu Spine", is of course a shocking scene.
Due to the vastness of the world,
That’s the impact on the vast land [witch clan].
Although a little out of the way
But it is not serious …
in like manner; in a similar way
The same is true of several other problem areas.
It is not difficult for [Wu clan] to avoid those areas because of its strong individual strength and profound background.
Although it can’t be said that it has no impact, the impact is certainly not great.
Moreover, the real leader of the world is the three major groups: birds, beasts, scales, phoenix, unicorn and real dragon!
Even if the sky falls, it must be the other side’s first resistance.
After being the second echelon group [witch clan], you can continue to play soy sauce and fool around ~
As a result,
The problem of the general trend of the day [Di Jiang] is very stable without panic
Will it be criticized to mix up like this?
That root is not important.
The law of the jungle is truth!
The strong helping the weak is nothing but a neurotic move.
[Di Jiang]’ s foreign attitude is that it’s not a matter of [not going to the mountain] but [working together] to bump into me [the witch family]! !
By comparison